ZiiLock Smart Bike Lock

As smart technology gradually becomes mainstream we’re seeing it spread to other gadgets beyond the household. One of the more useful applications of the system is on smart locks. Check out the ZiiLock, which is exactly what we want in a modern bike lock. Perhaps its time to stop using traditional security options such as U locks and the old-school chain locks to secure our two-wheeled rides.

What this innovative gadget offers is versatility in three ways. Users can toggle the locking mechanism via fingerprint, Bluetooth, or a spare key, which is handy in some certain situations. We particularly love how you can rely on biometrics to unlock it just like a smartphone. The manufacturer claims, it just takes less than a second for the scanner to read and verify your fingerprint.

Moreover, the keyless option is an impressive hands-free method to disengage the ZiiLock for ultimate convenience. All wireless communications between your smartphone and the smart lock go through an AES 256 military-grade security encryption. This should make hackers think twice about intercepting and hacking the signals.

Don’t let its compact form factor fool you, because it touts a tempered steel construction. Testing shows that it can even withstand an attack from a 12-ton hydraulic cutter. on top of its rugged nature, the ZiiLock enjoys an IP67 rating to keep it safe from the elements. Motion sensors inside can detect attempts to tamper with the device. This triggers the system to sends a notification alert to the user’s smartphone.

Meanwhile, just like a regular smart lock, owners can use the companion app on their mobile device to share access. This is handy if you want to lend your ride to a friend or family member. With location services activated on your phone, the ZiiLock app automatically logs where you parked your bike after locking it in place. You can grab this awesome device in Armour Grey or Hero Red colourways.