Xone – The Ultimate 21st Century Electric Bike

The Xone e-bike by Rayvolt is a bike for the 21st century, with an integrated Android-powered touchscreen that will unlock the bike with face-recognition, a hidden battery pack molded within its sleek aluminum composite frame that has a range of 75km and takes just 4 hours to recharge.

This e-bike weighs in at 22 kilos or 48 pounds, which is damn light as far as electric bikes go, even with it’s built-in integrated LED lights at the front and rear, and even turn direction indicators for other road users.

There are many features that make this bike unique, one of which is the regenerative braking, which enables the battery to be charged, whilst the breaks are applied in motion. So not only does the battery charge as you ride, but also on downhill sections where you apply a little break to manage speed.

Currently, this bike is searching for backers in Indigogo, where it has hit almost 50% of its funding goal at the time of writing and the timeline for the first production is June 2020.

So, if you fancy one of these, you have 4 main color options, including Original Copper, Devil Black (our fave!), Urban Grey, and Neon Graphene. The backing options start at around $2,000 USD which will get the Xone Smart, with the additional upgrade options of the XL battery for a little extra.

Or why not go the whole hog and pick up a His and Her’ combo for around $3,600 and ride off into the sunset with this battery-assisted gem.