The Top 10 Bourbons You Need To Try [The Whiskey Buck List]

Bourbon, an American-Whiskey largely associated with the state of Kentucky is a fantastic drink especially if you’re having a lazy night in and after some dinner. The stakes are upped with you have a fat cigar as well, but this isn’t a requirement.

So, to help you out in your bourbon buying escapades lets take a look at the top 10 bourbons on the market today. The price ranges vary but on the whole the more expensive, the older and the smoother. This doesn’t necessarily mean the better, it depends on your preferences such as spice, sting, flavor, and aroma.

1. Pappy Van Winkle’s 20-Year

pappy van winkles 20 year bourbon

The granddaddy of all bourbons, Pappy Van Winkle’s is up there with the more expensive, coming in at around $240 dollars, but well worth that cash.

Pappy has three bottles in the range and each is as good as the other, but today I’ll focus on the 20-year-old, just tipping the 15-year and 23-year for the top spot. Entirely soft, sweet and bitter at the same time, this bourbon is perfectly balanced and a true joy to drink.

An array of spices and oak flavors float your taste buds, and it always goes down smooth.

2. Woodford Reserve

woodford reserve bourbon

Woodford, as the name suggests, is a reserved bourbon with little heat.

Quite mellow and doesn’t sting the throat, a complaint many bourbon haters exhume. A slight caramel taste and a perfect bourbon for folks who don’t like bourbon (I’ve never met any).

This bourbon is great for relaxing and having something to drink while you watch TV and have something on the next day – and don’t want a particularly strong hangover.

3. George T Stagg Kentucky Straight

George T Stagg Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Stagg is aged for 16 years and comes unfiltered.

More fruity than most bourbons, it also has aromas of oak and berries. Tastes even better with a couple of drops of water to open up the flavours, this bourbon is great for an injection of energy.

4. Old Forester Birthday Bourbon

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon

A unique bourbon in the sense that each bottle is from the same day of production, making each bottle unique. A great bourbon when drank with a cigar and is brewed with various strengths depending on the year of production, so you’re sure to get a different surprise in each bottle you drink.

5. Old Crow Reserve 4-Year

Old Crow Reserve 4 Year

A classic value bourbon, this is a great addition if tightening the belt a bit. A slight sting at it goes down, this bourbon is filled with vanilla, a touch of corn and caramel.

A good cheap bourbon for those with a sweet tooth. “Sour Mash” is displayed on the label, and the taste definitely lives up to that. Cinnamon flavors flow and works perfectly with Coke.

6. Evan Williams Black Label

Evan Williams Black Label Bourbon

Very drinkable, a strong caramel taste and a true keeper. Evans’ Black label has a sweet side, especially when going down and a favorite among the working men. On the cheaper side, the black label will be tempting you back for more and more, and with no alcohol burn, a true winner.

7. Old Grand-Dad

old grand-dad bourbon

A value bourbon, but don’t let that put you off. An absolute classic in it’s own right. Quite spicy, with a touch of flowers, strong after taste, and slightly leafy if having on the rocks.

Because of the price, it’s not as smooth as some other bourbons on the list, but it does the job in offering great taste along with value. A very popular choice in its range, and comes with a slightly tangy after taste.

8. Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit

wild turkey kentucky spirit bourbon

A single-barrelled blend, Turkey has a leathery smell and taste and is better drank either in a clean glass or if you’re man enough, out of the bottle.

A very orangey and slight caramel taste, Turkey adds bite when going down which compliments the taste.

9. Maker’s 46

Makers 46 bourbon

A newer bourbon from a classic distillery, Maker’s 46 is distilled with French Oaks in the barrel which adds to the oak taste and smell. Sweet and a little spicy aroma, it’s well balanced, and the aroma goes well with the taste.

Warm caramel floods the mouth and has a nice consistency which isn’t too oily or watery. Because of this Maker’s 46 can also be used for an array of cocktails.

10. Bulliet 10-Year Old

Bulliet 10 Year Old Bourbon

A favorite of mine, well priced and covers all bases, Bulliet comes very smooth and adds in oak, dried fruit and some spice for good measure.

Very light on the tongue with hardly any bite, and is also very smoother on the throat.

A better taste when drank with a little water because it softens the flavors. It can also be used with cocktails too… but better straight with a touch of water.

Do you have a favorite bourbon you’d like to share with the Modern Gent crowd? Let us know in the comments below!