The Ultimate Guide to Male Anal Bleaching

The act of male grooming has launched into the spotlight in recent years, with excess hair disposed of, man-buns running rampant and intricate beard trimming that puts a girl’s ‘up-do’ to shame.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that booties have come under intense scrutiny, to “sexify” the “hole” package, resulting in many looking for the ultimate guide to male anal bleaching.

What’s male anal bleaching all about anyway?

Male anal bleaching, simply put, refers to whitening the dark bits around your anus. It’s called bleaching, however, it’s not the same as dying your hair to fit in with the latest merman trend, aka Jared Leto.

It’s all about reducing the amount of melanin in your skin, to create a lighter color. Melanin is a naturally occurring chemical produced by your body, which darkens the skin to protect it from sunlight. The darker your skin, the more melanin you’ll produce.

There are other reasons for dark discoloration though and it’s a perfectly natural occurrence for both men and women. When we age, are subject to scarring, sweat excessively, or have a poor diet, the dark color can be amplified.

It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you, or the color for that matter. But, if you prefer a lighter tone because it makes you feel good – it’s male anal bleaching to the rescue.

When you use skin whitening products, combined with exfoliating, dead skin cells are removed. As you get rid of old skin cells, you produce new ones quickly and the layers beneath the surface, containing less melanin. The result? Lighter skin pigmentation and, over time, a brand new-looking butt hole.

Isn’t this kind of thing just for women?

Just like waxing, skincare products, hair-dressing appointments, and manicures, anal bleaching has firmly entered the realm of grooming procedures guys are embracing. Men are much more concerned about their looks than 20 years ago, with beauty trends, cosmetic surgery, and the quest for sex appeal on the rise.

It’s not just the gay community or porn stars jumping on the bandwagon either, with men wanting to spice up their sex lives via new and improved nether regions. There’s no harm in wanting to look your best from behind, after all. Plus, if you’ve got a perfectly waxed back and butt, you might as well go the whole way towards unleashing your inner sex god.

What are the options for male whitening?

If this is your first foray into male anal bleaching, you might be shocked to know there are a ton of ways to achieve the lightened-up look. Movie stars, dancers, and porn kings have been doing it for years, which means the market has seriously expanded for those who want to spruce up their rears.

Make a trip to the salon

Doors to salons are wide open for men, so don’t be scared to book an appointment and pop in for your first whitening experience – especially if you think you’ll end up bleaching the wrong bits when doing it yourself. You can expect to be there for about half an hour, whereby the area will be waxed free of hair, to make way for the whitening cream.

It’s rubbed in and left to absorb, so don’t go if you’re not prepared for a stranger prodding your privates. Be willing to pay a fairly hefty fee for the service, which might take a number of appointments to see the results you’re looking for.

Head over to your local cosmetic surgeon

Some people prefer to go the whole way and get surgery for a more immediate result. You could try laser resurfacing, by which a precision laser removes the dark spots, however, this works mainly for those with naturally light skin. Another option is cryosurgery, which uses liquid nitrogen to freeze skin cells. When they die, the new cells that form are much lighter. Be aware that most surgeries require the use of local anesthesia.

Do it yourself anal bleaching products

Anal bleaching products let you whiten your anus yourself, by using a bleaching serum via a set of instructions. Similar to a salon treatment, you have to prepare the area beforehand. This is an easy process of exfoliating to get rid of dead skin and waxing if you want to.

If someone’s happy to do it for you, you don’t have to worry about the application, all you do is rub it in gently until it’s fully absorbed. After that, you keep repeating the process until you hit the goal of a whiter hole.

Which male whitening option should you choose?

Chances are, you’re not going to want to have surgery just to brighten up your butt. Plus, it can be extremely unfriendly to your wallet and there are the normal risks involved as with all surgeries. However, if the option appeals to you, make sure you seek out a few opinions, get the facts straight, and fully research the procedures.

While you really have to make sure you choose a salon with a good reputation, having a professional beauty therapist do it for you is a great choice for newbie “bleachers”, with a bout of nerves about getting it right.

The all-important tip here is to do your research on the salon, as incorrect procedures and unhygienic environments might lead to issues that only belong in nightmares. These include strictures, tearing, burning, infections, and severe irritation – all of which aren’t worth it for a non-permanent, expensive procedure, let alone a cosmetic one.

Most men, and women for that matter, are opting for anal bleaching products, so you can bleach away in the comfort of your own home. It’s a much cheaper option, you’ll avoid someone poking around your butt and it’s so simple a monkey could do it – providing they took as much notice of butts as the human race does.

Again, there are risks involved, but not if you use the right products. Those with all-natural ingredients are proven to be safe and effective, so it’s all about finding the right one for you and jumping right in with the easy process.

So, if you’ve made you’re decision and want to flow with popular opinion, here’s what you need to know about anal bleaching products for men.

Are they safe for men to use?

Anal bleaching products work in the same way for men and women, so there’s no need to search for a specific product for your man bits. What you do need to look out for though, are chemicals that can actually burn or scar your skin. After all, you’ve only got one anus, and chances are you want to keep it intact.

All products are definitely not made the same, so up your game with research and only use serums with all-natural ingredients. You need to totally avoid long lists of chemical ingredients, including a substance that’s already banned in some countries, called hydroquinone. It’s used in a number of skin whitening products and can cause irritation, allergic reactions, burning, scarring and it’s even been linked to cancer.

Other synthetic ingredients, like steroids and mercury, might also cause side effects, including inflammation, peeling, bleeding, strange discoloration, and rashes. Obviously, these symptoms are a fairly clear indication to stop using a product and seek medical advice, for the good of your behind. Or, just avoid them altogether in the first place.

What are the safe ingredients for anal bleaching?

It’s a common misconception that chemicals are required, for any process to work – but history shows us otherwise. Natural ingredients have been used for hundreds of years to lighten the skin safely, especially within Chinese and Japanese herbal treatments.  It’s also pretty easy to prove it for yourself.

If you juice fruits that are rich in vitamin C, like oranges and lemons, and apply them to your hair, skin, or even teeth, you’ll be able to observe the mild lightening effect in a matter of weeks. Just leave the juice on your skin for about 30 minutes each day, clean it off with warm water, and wait to see the results. The only adverse one may be dryness, but you can use papaya for moisturizing, hydrating, and exfoliating dead skin cells.

While those fruits by themselves may not be enough to lighten your anus, a blend of natural ingredients in anal bleaching serum, most certainly will. For example, mulberry leaf extract can slow the production of melanin, which is the cause of dark pigmentation.

Kojic acid, from the koji mushroom, has long been used in Asia to whiten the skin and is found in many cosmetic products, as it can lighten the skin by up to three shades. When you combine these natural lightening agents with extracts that moisturize, restore the fibrillin in the skin, reduce free radicals and minimize blocked follicles or ingrown hairs, you’ve got a product that not only works but also helps (rather than scars) your skin.

How do you buy anal bleaching products?

You don’t have to worry about going to the chemist and asking for the cream to bleach your behind. Products are sold online, so you can purchase them anonymously and have them delivered discreetly. Read product reviews from trusted sources, to make sure you’re getting an all-natural, safe anal bleaching serum. It’s best to buy direct from the manufacturer, so you can ensure you’re getting a quality product, made in a country with strict regulations for product ingredients.

How do you apply skin lightening serum for men?

Once you have your serum, it’s time to get to work on beautifying that butt! Always carefully read the instructions provided and you shouldn’t have any issues with the procedure. Here’s a step-by-step guide, to help you on your way.

Step 1: Do a patch test

Before you use any type of treatment cream, it’s important to make sure you won’t have a reaction to any of the ingredients, especially when you’re dealing with sensitive areas. All you need to do is put a small amount of serum behind your ear or on the inside of your arm. Rub it in thoroughly and wait for 24 hours to observe the results.

If you notice any symptoms other than mild tinglings, such as redness, itchiness, or rashes, you probably don’t want to put it anywhere near your favorite appendage. If nothing happens, you’re reading for whitening.

Step 2: Wax or shave the area

When you wax or shave around your anus, you’ll make way for the cream to completely cover the area evenly. It’s best to do this a day or two before applying the cream, because your skin will be more sensitive than usual, in order to avoid any irritation.

Step 3: Exfoliate to remove dead skin

To speed up the process, you need to first exfoliate to remove dead skin cells. All you need is an exfoliating scrub or a loofah. Rub the area very gently, because you don’t want to risk breaking the skin. If you do, wait a few days for it to heal, before applying your cream.

Step 4 – Apply the whitening serum

Applying the whitening serum is actually the easy part, as long as you remember the products are for topical use only, so don’t get any inside your anus or on the head of your penis. Squeeze the directed amount onto your fingertips and rub it in gently, using circular motions, until it’s thoroughly absorbed.

There’s only so much cream your skin can absorb, so don’t be tempted to go overboard for faster results. If you do, the cream will simply sit on the top of your skin and you’ll risk it spreading it – right where you don’t want it to go.

When will you see results?

Results depend entirely on the tone of your skin. If it’s quite dark, you’ll need to do more applications, over time. When you’re using a good anal bleaching product, you should see a difference anywhere from two to six weeks. The key is to apply it every day and keep it up consistently.

When you do achieve the right tone, make sure you stop using it to avoid skin that’s even lighter than the rest of your body. It’s not a permanent solution, so you’ll need to follow up treatments to maintain the perfect color. This is a good thing though, so you can perfect the process!

Ready to give it a go? If it’ll boost your confidence, make you feel clean, groomed, and spice up your sex life, why the hell not?

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