The Skarp Razor – Is it the future of Shaving?


The Skarp Razor is available in the market from March 2016 and already have so much hype out there. Is it the future of shaving? How long have we been shaving using the traditional way of manual razors? Probably three thousand years but now in the 21st century, they are going to change the shaving experience forever. It’s going to be the next innovative shaver.

What is The Skarp Razor?

Skarp razor is a new technology which is currently under development. The project is listed on KickStarter and already received over $470,000 in backing. It is powered by a small laser technology which cuts through hair and provide very close shave. I do think that it could have true value for people that struggling with regular blade shaving.

The Skarp Razor team has claimed that it is going to have all of the features listed below:

  • No scratches
  • No razor burn
  • No infection
  • No itch
  • No accidental cutting
  • No irritation
  • Effortless smooth stroke
  • No painful waxing or messy depilatory creams
  • Incredibly close & smooth shave
  • No expensive cartridges replacements
  • Little to no water usage

It can be used with water, so you will be able to use it under the shower. However, if you want a dry shaver you can go with it. I personally think that this is the Best Wet/Dry Shaver of 2022.

Design of this Shaver

Aluminum prototypes with the laser turned on

The design is very similar to the traditional razors yet completely different when it comes to technology and usage. The design is very advanced. looks like easy to hold and light. It is something I believe you will love using every day. It is built with the 6061 Aluminium and feel premium in the hands.

Everything else you have to know about it

The laser is built to last for 50,000 hours and it is very low power, to keep your eye safe. It is using a single AAA battery that will last for a month with a normal regular use.

It does not emit Ultra Violet (UV) rays. The power of this laser is too low to cause any damage and it does not enter the skin, just enters the hair. So, there is no risk at all. It doesn’t burn hairs so it doesn’t produce any smell. It will cut your hairs, there is no burning system at all.

The Skarp Razor is 100% waterproof and has Wet & Dry Technology, so you can use it with water or under the shower.

Wrapping it up – Final words

the-skarp-razorShaving with the Skarp Razor will be efficient, easy and fast. This is what I thought the future would be like while growing up: shaving with a laser! You must have to watch the video on the KickStarter once. Click here to watch the video on kick starter.
My biggest concern would be that what actually it does to skin. You simply can’t avoid the laser shining right on your skin. It is strong enough to cut hair, how come it can’t cause mutation in skin cells?
Anyway, let’s hope for the best and welcome this new technology.