Shaving Head with the Skull Shaver


So I can expect that you want to go bald. That’s the only reason you are here, Right? You might be tired with the daily hair styling and now want to avoid all of that hair maintenance But before going bald, you must know that you would be required to shave your head every single day, or at least after every 2 days, isn’t it? Having a clean shaven head is not easy at all!

Oh, wait! Ever heard about Skull Shaver? The technology is getting advanced day by day, and introducing new gadgets on the daily basis. This electric razor can help you in getting a clean head under 2 minutes. Skull shaver is specially designed for shaving head. The contours of our head change from the facial contours, so other shavers fail to clean the head. Today am going to review the Skull Shaver, best electric shaver designed especially for head shaving.

What makes it the Best Electric Shaver for Head?


Shaving Head with the Skull Shaver

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SkullShaver is currently the Best shaver for the head in the market. The shaver is very easy to hold and provide the perfect head shave. It’s not only good for head shaving but also good for shaving face and neck. Of course, it is not the Best Electric Razor for face, but it can also be used for the facial shave. Most of the reviews on Amazon shows that it is better than most of the mid-range electric when it comes to shaving the face.

Skull Shaver makes it really easy to shave the head within 2 minutes without looking into the mirror. All you have to do is to move the shaver in the circular directions with your palm opened. It is very easy to hold because of the finger marks created on the razor. A regular shaver like Philips Norelco 1280x/42 is not really perfect for head shaving, but Skull Shaver will make it easy for you.

Skull Shaver Unique Features

shaved-headSkull Shaver have 5 independent trimmers on its head which rotate independently and easily stick to the contours of your head to provide smooth and clean bald head. It can pivot, move freely upward and downward, left and right easily. The machine of this shaver is very powerful which can handle 5 trimmers at the same time. You will not even have to press the shaver hard on your head, all you have to do is to put the shaver into your palm and move it gently on your skin. Results will blow you up, that how easily you got a clean head without any irritation.

The shaver head is detachable. So if you required to clean it out or replace the trimmers, that will be easy for you. If you have a very sensitive skin, you can use this shaver to avoid razor burns and irritation. The replacement parts are not that much expensive, that’s a plus! You can replace the complete head of this shaver and you can also buy the accessories of this shaver like the clipper, ear trimmer, nose trimmer which makes it a versatile shaver. The maintenance is that easy of this shaver.

Drawbacks of this shaver

There is several I don’t like about this shaver, you can’t use it with the cord. It can only be used when it is charged and the cord is unplugged. If you are one like me who use the shaver and charge it at the same time, you should have a look at the Best of the Philips Rotary Shavers.

Battery timing is also not good enough. It provides only 30 minutes of shaving when it is fully charged and it takes a minimum of 3 hours to get fully charge which is annoying!

Wrapping it up

skrull-shaver-buy-nowIf you want to go bald and want to shave your head clean than just go for Skull Shaver. It is the Best Electric shaver for the head. Trust me you can even shave your head without looking into the mirror. The design can stick to the contour of your head which will make it easy for you to clean it. There are only two issues I have found and discussed above, it can’t be used with the cord plugged in and it have very low battery life. But if you are going to shave the head only, you don’t have to take these issues seriously.