Why Braun Series 7 799CC or 790CC have so much hype in the market?

Braun Series 7 790CCBraun series 7 has so much hype in the social community I also used to call Braun the king of Electric shavers and no doubt, that still holds true. In the past, when electric shavers were newly introduced and were so expensive, then Braun was the first one who came with the amazing series of advanced shavers that changed the people minds about Electric shavers. Now today I am going to review one of the best and most sold Braun Series 7.

No doubt that the 99% buyers of this shaver are very pleased with it. Read the reviews from all of the Buyers.

The only difference between Braun 790CC and Braun 799CC is that the 799CC have the Wet&Dry Technology whereas the 790CC doesn’t have it and the price difference is very small. Well, there is one more thing I want to share that the Braun series 7, 790CC is the most sold advanced Electric shaver ever on Amazon. It provides not only efficient and fast shave but also provides the very close shaving experience.

Comparison of the different Variants of Braun series 7

In the table below, I have included all of the difference between different models of Braun series 7. Braun Series 7 790CC is one of the most sold shaver ever.

Braun 799CC Braun 790CC Braun 760CC
Fast Cleaning Yes Yes No
Automatic Program Selection Yes Yes No
Battery Indicator LCD 6 Levels LCD 6 Levels LED 6 Levels
Wet&Dry Technology Yes No No
Current Price

Why should you choose Braun Series 7?

The thing every man wants from his shaver is the closeness. If a shaver can’t provide you the close shaving, it will have no worth for you, Right? You would probably get back to the manual razor if you don’t get the close shave from your shaver. But hey! Braun will not let you go back to those old traditional Manual Razors. So the Braun series 7 790CC is one of the most advanced shavers and provide smooth and close shave you required. The only shaver which can beat Braun in the matter of closeness is Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc 5. There is no any other shaver exist on this planet to beat Braun series 7 or Braun series 9.

braun_series_7_headNow I want to confess that Braun series 7 is far different from any other shaver in the market. The OptiFoil helps the shaver to cover more and more hairs in fewer strokes and thus it helps us a lot in saving time. The shaver has Pulsonic Technology which creates vibrations in the Shaver’s head, it produces about 10,000 micro vibrations per minute.

Braun never failed to provide their users the comfortable shaving experience. Braun electric shavers are amazingly comfortable and this one is probably the most comfortable shaver they ever built.

It have the faster Linear motor just like Panasonic Arc 5 which is famous to provide the close shaving in less time. In the matter of comfortability, no one can beat Braun series 7. It is easy to hold and if you have a sensitive skin, you will definitely like this shaver.

Features that makes Braun Series 7 the Best

The Pivoting head, which can cover all of the areas of your face easily. The most important feature of this shaver is the pivoting head which makes the shaving smooth and it will easily adapt the contours of face or neck. The head of this shaver is really flexible and provide maximum facial contour coverage. You would not really need to repeatedly shave the same area.

The best Cleaning and Charging dock out there in the market. When Braun provides the best in the market, then it also provide you with the tool to keep it safe. Cleaning the shaver after every shave is good enough for a long run. Braun provides you the dock which automatically clean your shaver for you. That is actually alcohol based cleaning dock which doesn’t only clean the shaver for you buy also kills 99% of the germs and leaves a lemon scent. It automatically clean, dry and scent your shaver by pressing a single button.

Personalization modes which are very helpful for choosing our preferences. We all have different hairs and different skins. So definitely, we required different shavers according to our skin and hair type. But it is hard to find the shaver which is exact to our requirements. However Braun is here to take care of it. Braun series 7 790CC offers 3 personalization modes which help us to set up the shaver to over skin and beard type. The 3 modes which are available in this shaver are Normal, Extra Sensitive and Intensive.

Final Thoughts about Braun series 7

Best Electric Shaver for MenBraun series 7 is one of my personal favourite series and also the Best Electric Shaver confirmed by the 13 Professional Barbers. The only issue I had with this series was it doesn’t have Wet&Dry technology in their shaver, but Braun series 7 latest 799CC does have that technology also.

So it is not missing any feature at all. You will reject this shaver for a single reason only which might be you prefer Rotary Shaver over Foil. Well if you like Rotary shavers, I would recommend you to have a look at the Best Philips Electric Shavers.

Braun Series 7 799cc-6 Wet & Dry Shaver System

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