Remington: The best of both worlds

In a world sharply divided into lovers of foil and lovers of rotary, the Remington Company bucks the trend and offers users the chance to buy both electric razor styles within their product line-ups.

They also have something of a reputation as a company offering mid-range budget purchases that over perform on expectation.

However, some do penalise them as lacking some of the precision cutting technology of other razor brands.

Below, we take a comprehensive look at how they interact with the market and some of their most customer-approved product lines.

Who are Remington?

When you think of ‘big name’ razor brands, Remington don’t come to mind quite as easily as some other brands. It’s rather unfair, as they are producers of some brilliant mid-range razors and also one of the few big-name manufacturers to offer both foil and rotary razors.’

Remington firearms and typewriters once dominated the company’s catalogue, although they’ve even dabbled in farming equipment and sewing machines.

Perhaps one of their most notable feats is being involved in the advent of the QWERTY keyboard layout that we still use today.

While from their 1816 founding right through to the 1930’s they dabbled in heavy machinery of all sorts, they didn’t begin to add personal care products to the line-up until 1937- and that was an electric razor.

Remington actually have a long history with the electric razor, producing their first in 1937. Their ‘Close Shaver’ had the foil screen, allowing a closer and more comfortable shave than ever before. 1940 also saw the release of their first dual-head razor.

The company itself was the victim of several buyouts and changes of ownership over the years, but the Remington shaver brand has always continued as is regardless of what owner was pulling the reigns.

They also in turn purchased Clairol’s personal care products line. They are currently owned by Spectrum brands.

Remington have also been pioneers in the arena of affordable, rechargeable and battery driven razors. They were offering early cordless models from the 1960’s.

Dedicated to innovation and style, it’s hardly surprising they have been living up to their reputation of ‘helping the world get ready’ with the electric razor for close to a century.

Why foil and rotary?

Wether to specialise or go broad-spectrum is always a debate. While many brands, such as Phillip’s, are known for one particular razor style, Remington opted to offer both styles to it’s consumer base.

This hasn’t actually resulted in a ‘Jack of all trades master of none’ scenario, as both rotary and foil Remington razors are enjoyed worldwide, and it appears to have been a profitable move for them.

Foil razors have a reputation for closer shaves and less irritation to sensitive skin. Rotary razors work best for stubborn hair, and also are easier to use over the curving planes of the face.

The arguments for and against each style are manifold, of course, but in the end it boils down to the personal preference of the man using it. If one style of electric razor is not working for you, it is always worth investigating the other.

It’s also worth switching up shaving styles from dry to wet, as dry shaving [whilst convenient] can cause issues for some skin types.

If you are prone to ingrown hairs and/or have a sensitive skin, you may find that a wet/dry razor you can use in the shower or with a shaving gel will help you get the electric convenience you need without the irritation and pain.

Whatever the driving reason for Remington opting to offer both styles, it’s been a popular marketing decision for them

The Most Popular Remington Electric Shavers

Remington are fairly unique in the shaver market in that they offer both rotary and foil heads- many companies offer only one, specialising in a type.

This can make Remington a great arena to try out both styles for a price that won’t break the budget. Below, we look at some of the best foil razors and the best rotary razors currently offered by Remington, to allow you to make the decision as to which will suit your needs best.

Remington’s best rotary razors

1. R4 5150A Rotary Razor

[amazon box=”B007GZ72X0″]
No frills, no fuss and three rotary heads- what more could you want in your rotary electric razor? Here’s the low down on this simple Remington offering.


  • Gentler on skin
  • Pivot head to move with the planes of the face
  • Bargain pricing for a rotary shaver


  • Underperforms on tough beards
  • Heads warm during use
  • Some feel it is underpowered

You likely won’t be blown out the water by the R4 52150A rotary razor, but nor will you be disappointed. While it’s not the best choice for those with really wiry beards, it doesn’t’ nick or pull and provides a decent close shave. It’s a great entry to mid-range model.


2. PR 1235 R3 rotary razor

[amazon box=”B00IMNLD4Y”]
Another simple rotary razor, the PR 1235 looks particularly interesting for those starting out in the world of electric rotary razors and shaving


  • Twin track blades offer maximum skin contact
  • Pop up trimmer
  • Pivoting heads
  • Comfortable on the skin


  • Severely limited battery time of 30 min full charge with long charge time
  • Drive posts can wear easily

While a long-lasting razor, this rotary razor doesn’t have the longevity of some other brands. Fortunately, neither does it have the price tag.

It’s a great way to get started in the world of rotary shaving.
Rotary shavers don’t provide as close a shave as foil shavers on certain beard types. Which you favour, however, is usually a matter of preference.

Remington’s best foil razors

If you’d rather try foil technology- a straight cutting blade under a foil guard- here are some of Remington’s best foil razors.

3. PF7500 P5 Comfort Razor

[amazon box=”B00U8FEG0M”]
This is a simple looking, stylish Remington foil razor that will appeal to a wide demographic. But razors are not built by looks- let’s look at how it performs.


  • Intercept Shave Technology to trap longer hairs for consistent shave
  • Detail Trimmer
  • Flexible head screen makes contour issues non-existent
  • Quiet


  • No option to lock pivot head
  • Replacement parts not available at good cost

The PF7500 foil razor is Remington’s simple, no frills budget-friendly offering. While a lack of ability to get replacement parts at less than the cost of the razor does hamper users, it’s also a decent enough deal to simply replace, and makes a good entry-level foil razor.

4. Remington F5 5800 foil razor

[amazon box=”B00R8FL69Y”]
Another simple, no-nonsense foil razor from Remington, the F5 5800 represent a mid-range beard taming purchase.


  • Can be used cordless and corded
  • Washable
  • Built in intercept technology trims long hairs to ‘stubble’ before final shave
  • Sturdy build
  • Powerful and cuts most hair well
  • Cons:
  • Noisy compared to similar razors
  • Can cause ingrown hairs in those prone to them
  • Rough on skin

The F5 5800 is a sturdy go-to model for those looking for power and not finesse from their foil razor. It may not suit all skin types.

Whether you opt for foil or rotary, Remington offers some solid, budget-friendly entry- and mid-range offerings for you to choose from.

Remington’s Wet&Dry electric shavers- our favourites

If you’re looking to take your electric razor adventures a little further, you may want to look into a wet and dry technology razor to allow you a more versatile range of shaving options.

Wet shaving with an electric razor can also be less harsh on the skin, so it’s often a recommended option for those with sensitive skins.

It is slower, however, and the modern trend of using a waterproof razor in the shower does mean you are sometimes working without the benefit of a mirror and have to work by sense alone.

Here’s some of Remington’s best wet and dry razors.

5. Remington XR1430 Hyperflex Wet/Dry Razor

[amazon box=”B01CNQTC0W”]
Part of their Hyper series, the Hyperflex wet/dry is 100% waterproof as well as offering a dry shave option. It’s a rotary style shaver


  • Fits to facial contours with tilting neck
  • Anti-microbial additive to curb bacterial growth
  • Many users find little to no razor burn and a mild shave
  • 21 cutters per head



  • Many don’t like the interaction of razor with charger, feeling it to be flimsy
  • Head tricky to remove and reattach after cleaning
  • Doesn’t fit traditional shaver socket [may be a plus for you]

The Hyperflex XR1430 Remington Wet/Dry razor provides a close shave with the added benefit of inhibiting bacterial growth- always an issue with wet/dry razors.

While it may not be the most exciting wet/dry razor ever designer, it’s a solid choice for anyone looking for a dependable electric rotary razor.

6. Remington WDF5030 Ladies Wet/Dry Razor

[amazon box=”B01CNQTALI”]
Where would we be without giving the ladies some consideration too? After all, a woman is actually even more likely than a man to want a razor capable of holding up in wet conditions, given the different shaving requirements of each gender.

A rather neutral purple and white, the WDF5030 looks an attractive purchase, but let’s see how it stacks up.


  • SmoothGlide allows for shaving gel/hair to glide into the foils easily
  • Soothing oil strip included
  • Particularly close shave for a lady’s razor


  • Slow charging
  • Head attachments can be tricky to clip and unclip
  • Underperforms on some hair types

Overall, the Remington WDF5030 Wet/Dry is a nice simple razor for women [and men who like purple, this isn’t an overly feminine razor and could easily be used by either gender] that gives a closer shave then most electric razors and gets the job done.

7. Remington PG 6250 Wet and Dry WetTech Razor

[amazon box=”B00D8S8SGE”]
This Wet/Dry Remington razor is, in fact, part of an 8 piece, whole body grooming kit.


  • Non-slip rubber grip
  • Versatile range of functions with personal trimmers and groomers included
  • Rechargeable and cordless use


  • Small trimmer head
  • Some build quality issues- this will not be a long lasting razor
  • Some find it works better dry than wet, dependant on hair type

Overall, this Remington wet/dry razor may be trying to be a few more things then it should. It seems popular enough that users will return to it even after the unit fails, but will not be a long-lasting purchase if durability is top for you.

What about Remington’s best epilators?

The epilator offers women [and brave men] the best of both worlds between waxing and shaving. They work by ripping hair out at the roots via a set of tweezer heads, not unlike the foil razor technology.

This delivers longer results and makes hair grow back finer, neither of which can be established with an electric razor, so they’re a popular grooming product. Here’s the best epilators that Remington offer on the market currently.

8. Remington EP7010 total coverage epilator

[amazon box=”B00CX9EXOA”]
Ah, pink. The need to dye everything aimed at a female demographic pink does make us somewhat want to tear up the screen, but aesthetics aside it’s the performance that matters most in an epilator. Let’s see how this unit stacks up against the competition.


  • Ergonomic design with angled heads
  • 2 speed settings
  • Efficient action with smooth results


  • Corded use only
  • Not as efficient on large areas
  • No pain-minimisation features

The EP7010 is a reliable, consistent epilator that users appreciate.

9. Remington EP1050CDN facial epilator

[amazon box=”B00935AXAU”]
It’s no secret that epilation can be a painful way to remove hair, albeit successful. It is for this reason that users are generally recommended not to try facial and bikini line epilation unless using a unit specifically designed for it. This is Remington’s facial epilator offering.


  • 6 tweezer system
  • Effective results on fine hair
  • Doesn’t nip skin


  • Uses normal alkaline batteries
  • Detachable safety cap can get lost
  • No pain-minimisation feature

This is a great little gadget to keep facial and bikini hair at bay.

10. EP7030 Deluxe Epilator

[amazon box=”B00BKMIMAC”]
Billed as the upgrade to their standard range epilator, does the deluxe edition live up to its promises? We put it to the test to see how this slightly more expensive epilator stood up to its cheaper counterpart.


  • Light to help you find hairs
  • Rechargeable
  • Dual Speed
  • Pivoting head


  • Loud
  • Head pops off easily
  • No pain-minimisation features


The Remington EP7030 is a good and efficient epilator, although probably doesn’t differentiate itself from the entry level range quite enough for the price increase.

All the same, many users enjoy this product, and it does match well with several of Remington’s shavers for the woman who likes to stay coordinated.

Remington’s most popular beard trimmers

Ah…the beard. A source of contention for men’s grooming for many years. For those who want a baby-bottom smooth shave, a beard trimmer sounds horrifying, but despite loving their beards many modern men don’t want to walk around sporting Navy-style bush.

A beard trimmer is a fabulous option to keep your facial locks trim and tidy, while also enabling a lot of freedom of expression for the user. Here’s some of Remington’s top offerings in the class.

11. Remington Stubble and Beard Groomer

[amazon box=”B00BB5YHEI”]
For a popular look, stubble is surprisingly under-represented in the world of beard trimmers, which tend to imply you either shave clean or sport facial hair, so the name of this one immediately took our attention. Let’s see how it stacks up to other Remington beard trimmers in its class.


  • Self-sharpening blades
  • Incredibly budget friendly
  • Solid guard that works well
  • No accessories to lose


  • Limited length settings at only 6
  • Uses batteries, not rechargeable
  • Many right-handed users find the power switch non-intuitive

While it has no bells and whistles, the Remington stubble and beard groomer is a solid and budget friendly purchase.

12. Remington PG6170 ‘The Crafter: Beard Boss’

[amazon box=”B005K9CDQ0″]
Now there’s a name to live up to! Everything about this particular Remington Beard trimmer is designed to appeal to the new, up and coming market who want to take beard care and sculpting back into the spotlight. Naturally, we had to check into how it stacks up to the competition in this arena.


  • Clearly in the same family-but substantially improved- from earlier Remington trimmers
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable with long battery time
  • Turbo boost for thicker hairs
  • Cuts down to very small mm


  • For a device boasting of tackling thick hair, some users find it underpowered
  • Hair tends to clog rather than fall
  • Number of attachments may be irritating- some will love it however

It’s clear a few of our reviewers felt this package had a little more bark then bite. It’s great for accessory lovers, and offers a wide, versatile number of stylings, but under-delivers a little where it counts. All the same, it’s a popular choice of Remington beard trimmer, so it’s doing something right.

13. Remington MB4040 Beard trimmer

[amazon box=”B005PUZZR8″]
If you were looking at the Beard Boss, and then at the MB4040, you’d be forgiven for noticing a certain similarity. The MB4040 is the skeleton device for the Beard Boss, and since it’s cheaper too, we of course had to give it a whirl and see how it stacks up for those looking for a simpler beard grooming experience.


  • 3 heads- beard, stubble and goatee
  • Rechargeable and cordless
  • Solid, non-plastic guard
  • Long battery life.


  • Strictly NOT for use with water
  • 9 length settings only
  • Some issues with trimming evenly
  • Blade must be removed to clean.

Overall, the Remington MB4040 Beard trimmer is a solid mid-range trimmer with a few issues that Remington need to look into.

Remington’s best wet shavers

The art of the wet shave- steaming, preparing the skin, a slow shave with a dangerous razor…there’s a kind of romance to it that whirring electric razors can’t match.

It also is well known to be just about the closet shave you can possibly get, provided you are sufficiently skilled with a single blade razor.

While Remington only product electric razors and not traditional straight blades, however, they do have the perfect offering for the man who wants to combine some of the luxury of a good old fashioned wet shave with some of the best electric razor technology money can buy.

14. Remington XR 1410 Verso Kit

[amazon box=”B01EJGY6RI”]
The Verso Kit looks a promising buy for the man in your life who still enjoys a full-length wet shave. Below, we take a look at this rather nifty approach to the wet/dry electric razor in a little more detail.


  • Ships with custom designed wet-shave brushes
  • 3 Brush types- everyday, charcoal/deep cleaning, pre-shave to lift hairs
  • Also features precision trimmer
  • Hyperflex neck to adjust to facial contours
  • Triple head rotary blades


  • Won’t provide as close a shave as a traditional wet shave
  • Plenty of swapping of heads if you want to use all features
  • Small- some find this a very positive feature though

The verso certainly seems to offer something as close to a traditional wet shave as Remington can. Most users deeply appreciate this razor, and enjoy the extra skin care it comes with.

Regular use of the brush range also helps clear up some common skin issues for men, particularly ingrown hairs.
Remington fill a gap in the market by providing both foil and rotary razors, unlike some of the other razor houses.

They’re well-loved for offering decent build quality and higher end features, often for less than other traditional razor houses.

With a wide product offering of proven merchandise, there’s little wonder they remain a popular choice for men and women.