Remington XR1370 – An affordable and Powerful Rotary Shaver

Remington XR1370Remington has always built affordable and powerful shavers. This is one of the rotary shaver which is even good for a thick beard. The Remington XR1370 is available in the market for a low, competitive price, and have a lot of features to compete with even high-end shaver.

Lots of new users prefer this shaver over any other top brand, because of it’s features and design. It have an amazing look and it feels premium when you hold it into your hands. It fits in any type of hands either you have short hands or long hands, doesn’t matter. Remington have researched pretty well before designing the head of this shaver, and the numeric display is also great!

Remington designed top notch products from last 76 years. Their trimmers are top quality but they never amazed me with any of their shavers until they introduced Remington XR1370. Remington electric shavers are always affordable but when it comes to efficiency and comfortability, they always failed. But this one amazed me, that’s why I have included it in the Best Remington Electric Shavers list. Remington have claimed that This is a superior Quality Rotary shaver from any other shaver ever built by Remington.

Hyper-Series – What’s new in it?


Remington XR1370 is designed to tackle thick hairs without causing any skin irritation. It is actually a skin friendly electric shaver. As I mentioned above, this is the only Rotary shaver which is built to handle all types of hairs. Even it is so good for a thick beard. If you are a fond of Rotary electric shavers and you are very low on budget and want a shaver which have all of the advanced features, you can’t deny this one.

The latest HyperFlex Technology allows the head of this shaver to adjust at any angle on the face for a close shave without any skin irritation. The enhanced ActiveContour design helps the head to make a close contact with skin which helps the user to cover the hard areas such as neck and chin easily.

Battery of this shaver is amazing. The average usage time after a full charge is about 60 minutes. That is really great, you can get about 15 shaves in that much battery. So you can take this shaver on a tour of 2 weeks or less without charger. The battery time of 60 minutes is really great.

It also have the Wet&Dry technology, which makes it really great. You can either use this shaver under shower with gel to get clean and smooth shave or you can use this shaver on your dry skin to save your time. The Dual PrecisionPlus technology helps to get a comfortable shaving experience with both long hairs and short hairs with ease.

Final thoughts and Overall Experience

Remington XR1370 ReviewRemington XR1370 may not provide you the best ever shaving experience like the other high-end shavers e.g. Philips Norelco 1280X/42. But this is one of the best Rotary shave you can get for a budget price. This is one of the best rotary shaver for sensitive skin and provides irritation free shaving experience. Any of you who is looking for a an excellent shaver, I would recommend to go for this one. Else if you are looking for a foil shaver in the same budget, I recommend to have a look at Braun 3 Series 340S-4.

This shaver can handle all type of hairs, however if your beard is very very thick and this shaver couldn’t work for you or you don’t want to take a risk by buying this one, I would recommend you to go for Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV81-K. That is the best of best shaver for very thick beards.