Remington F5-5800 – Low Price, Efficient and Affordable Remington Razor

Remington F5 5800

Before starting to write good about this shaver, I want to tell you that this is not the best electric shaver if you have thick beard. So it might be better to jump directly to Braun series 9 or Panasonic Arc 5 to save your time.

Remington F5-5800 Foil shaver is basically an entry level Foil shaver which have everything a consumer required from a shaver. It provides close shave, of course not so close like the other high-end shavers but still close enough and smooth shave if you have a light beard.

The shaver foil can flex independently on your skin, so you can have close and exceptionally comfortable shaving experience. The shaver is very easy to clean, you can simply put it under running water to clean it after each shave. The battery of the shaver is simply amazing, you can have 60 minutes of shaving in 1 full charge. 60 minutes are enough to get 12 shaves. This is actually a life saver for those who have light beard and that is why I have included it in the Best Remington Electric shavers.

Things I like about F5-5800

remington f55800

F5-5800 have 3 Stage cutting system which contains 2 flexing steel foils and a trimmer align between those foils. That cutting system will provide you close shave. The shaver head can stick to your skin and will pivot around your face to provide you the comfort you desire. That flexible head will make it easy for you to shave neck and chin.

To keep this shaver for a long run, you will have to clean it after every shave. Cleaning this shaver is very easy, you can simply put it under the running water or you can remove the head of the shaver and than clean it. Attaching and detaching the shaver head cover is very easy.

Well to be honest, I have found this shaver to be irritation free. Even among those high-end shavers, I would go for this one if I have to choose an irritation free shaver. It might be because of the stainless steel foils but I had no irritation at all with this shaver. If you have a sensitive skin like mine and you get irritated with every other shaver, than trust me this is the guy you looking for. Philips AT830 is also an irritation free shaver, you might want to have a look at it.

The shaver have an integrated trimmer which is really nice to have some side burns. I have already talked above about the battery. It provides 60 minutes of shaving in 1 full charge, so you can have 12 shaves in that much time. Shaver itself is very easy to hold and light in weight

Some negative points of this shaver

  • The shaver is made of plastic, all plastic and it looks cheap in front of other high end shavers.
  • It do provide close shaving but not as much close as some other shavers do. Braun 3 Series is a low budget shaver and provide better closeness than this one.
  • According to the instructions by Remington, you need to replace the screen and blade after every 6 months which may cost you additional money every year.
  • That shavers makes a lot of noise which is really irritative.

Final thoughts and our opinion

remington f55800 foil shaverF5-5800 is very very affordable and provide really smooth and close shave. A lot of customers are already satisfied with this shaver according to the reviews on Amazon. Rating of this shaver on Amazon is 4.3, which is really great.

Remington is in the market from last 76 years and still considered in the top 4 brands, so definitely this shaver won’t disappoint you and the best thing is you can get on a budget. If you are the one who have light beard, who like the foil shavers and who doesn’t want to have a burn the money on shavers, than this shaver is for you.