Ooni Karu Portable Pizza Oven

Cooking while camping presents a new set of challenges for those lacking food preparation skills. Likewise, this applies to people who love to prepare more than just the usual outdoor fare. Grilling meat or cooking a stew over a campfire evokes a feeling that taps into our more primitive side. But when you’re in the mood for crafting something fancy that needs an oven, an open fire just won’t do it. On the other hand, we’re glad that something like the Ooni Karu is on the way.

A lot of you will agree that one of the best comfort snacks enjoyed by a majority of people is pizza. However, unless you have an RV equipped with an oven or roughing it out somewhere accessible to a nearby pizza joint, it’s not an option. Ooni Karu is an awesome portable oven that uses wood or charcoal to cook various dishes that normally unavailable when camping.

Despite Ooni calling it a pizza oven, we can see ourselves cooking steaks, chicken, fish, and a whole lot more. The unique design of its ventilation and allows it to generate heat up to 500 degrees Celsius. This means a 12-inch pizza goes in and in just 60 seconds, you and your buddies can start digging in. Just imagine having a slice with your favorite beer fresh and frosty from the cooler. It’s like a dream come true for any man.

The Ooni Karu weighs only 12 kg and sports a removable chimney and folding legs. It flaunts a high-grade stainless steel body and is ready to start cooking in 15 minutes. The set comes with a cordierite baking board perfect for conducting heat. We’re seriously thinking of bringing one along on our next outdoor adventure. For the pizzas, we think the frozen ones are ideal for camping. Nonetheless, don’t let us stop you from bringing fresh ingredients to make one from scratch.