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New Land Rover Defender

Over 70 years of designing, manufacturing, testing, and improvements have gone into the all-new Land Rover Defender 90 & 110. The first Defender to hit the North American market since 1997, this rugged all well drive icon is looking beastlier than ever.

But enough hype, let’s get straight to all the juicy details about the Land Rover Defender 90 & 110 below:


The all-new all-wheel drive Defender from Land Rover accelerates from 0 to 60mph in 7.7 seconds flat. These trucks come with a twin-turbocharged four-cylinder capable of putting out 300hp. The P400 hybrid-version, however, is a twin-turbocharged six-cylinder with an electric motor pump and cranks out an extra 100hp (400hp).

Engineered to hold-up against the most extreme off-road terrains and weather conditions, these trucks can get-up-and-go all while taking a real beating. Even more, torque is balanced between the front and rear wheels when driving on low-traction surfaces like snow, ice, and loose gravel allowing superior control of the vehicle and promoting better stability.

Design and Durability

Where to start with the design of this big beautiful monster? The interior consists of a full walk-through cabin, allowing passengers to move freely from front to back. The truck’s walk-through design also allows massive amounts of od stowaway storage space. There’s also a center console with a refrigerator.

The front seats include a jump seat right in the middle. When it’s not in use by a third front passenger, it converts to armrests and cupholders for front-passenger one and two. Even more, the Defender is customizable so you can choose from five or six seats with up to two extra seats.

The Defender is designed with optimal durability in mind. Furthermore, Land Rover used its toughest materials to date on the Defender. And then they tested the hell out of them.

Jungle, desert, frozen tundra, urban roads, and off-road trails alike, the Defender was made to handle it.
Bottom line? This truck is built to last, period.

Technology and Materials

The Defender is a true example of 21st-century technology in the automotive industry. From the futurist materials on the exterior of the vehicle to the rubber flooring inside (with a satin protective film option) and large robust tires to the 40mm electronic air suspension, electronic active differential, built-in Wi-Fi, and software updates, these trucks put the competition to shame.

20GB of 4GB Wi-Fi and unlimited data plans are available with Defender. A remote app comes with the truck as well. Easily control your locks, climate, location, and more straight from your phone or watch with the app.


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