New Innovative Shavers List 2022


It is really hard to choose a single product when you have so many options to choose from. You are probably looking for a list of the best electric shavers which are suitable for your skin type and facial hairs.

We know how hard it is when your friends recommend you an electric shaver and your family recommend you any other shaver. Probably you are confused which one you have to go for, Right? So why not research online? Well, who got that much time in this busy life.

So, we did that job for you. We have researched and tested advanced electric shavers personally and after trying about 30+ electric shavers we have made the list of these 5 new and innovative shavers, which have all you want from your shaver.

All of the shavers in this list are advanced, Wet&Dry, high-end, expensive and efficient. For a quick note, these 5 electric shavers are:

So let’s get started with our list.

Braun Series 9 9095CC

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Braun 9095 is currently the latest model. The only difference in the Braun 9095CC and the earliest model 9090CC is of Wet&Dry technology. 9090CC is not a Wet/Dry shaver and the price difference is relatively low. Other than that both are identical and have same features.


It has all of the latest features from Braun including SyncroSonic Technology, Direct&Cut, HyperLift and the Intelligent Sonic Technology. The shaver produces 40,000 micro vibrations per minute which help the shaver to catch more and more hairs and provide the closest and smooth shave.

The trimmer inside the foils, help to align the hairs which grow in different directions and then cut those hairs. A blue trimmer is also placed there, which help to cut down the flat hairs.

Things you must know before buying this shaver:

  • You can’t use it while charging, not at all.
  • It is way more expensive and there is not that much difference in this Braun Series 9 and Braun series 7, so I will recommend you to save your pocket and go for the Braun Series 7 799CC.

Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc 5

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This shaver has all of the features you want, but I would recommend you to go for this shaver if you have thick beard only. If you have a normal light beard than Arc 4 or any other shaver which is low in price can satisfy you. It has the world’s fastest Linear Motor which has the speed of 14,000 CPM. It has all of the features you required, Wet&Dry, ActiveLift, Lift-Tech and a Multi-Flex pivoting head.


If you have really thick beard, then only this shaver can provide you the best close shaving. It has 5 blade cutting system which helps you get the closest shave in the first time.

The head of this shaver is independent and can move in any direction, so that can stick to your skin and provide you smooth and clean shave. It is a comfortable, fast, close and efficient electric shaver which provides the luxurious shaving experience. It is one of the Best Panasonic Shaver.

People who should not buy Panasonic Arc 5:

  • If you have light beard than I prefer to buy Panasonic Arc 4, which is half in price as to compare to Arc 5. That will provide you close shave you desire and will not create a hole in your pocket.
  • People with sensitive skin, well this shaver provide the best close shave but I found it a bit irritative. People with sensitive skin should ignore this shaver.

Braun Series 7 799CC

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Braun 799CC was the last model in the series 7. Braun series 7 have so much hype in the social community. In fact, the most sold advanced electric shaver on Amazon is from the series 7, Braun series 7 790CC.


The difference between 790CC and 799CC is of Wet&Dry technology. 799CC do have it while the previous 790CC doesn’t have that technology and the price difference is quite small. So why don’t you want that amazing technology when you can get it at almost the same price?

Braun series 7 799CC have all of the features of Braun series 9 except the Direct&Cut trimmer in the head. Also, the series 7 shaver produce 10,000 micro vibrations per minute whereas the series 9 creates 40,000 micro vibrations. This is probably the Best Electric shaver. I couldn’t find a single negative point in this shaver to share. It also has 3 modes to choose from, which are Normal, Extra Sensitive, and Intensive mode. I think this is the electric shaver you should choose from this list 🙂

Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D 1250X/40

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Philips Norelco 1250X/40 is one of the best Rotary shaver ever built by Philips. It is an advanced electric shaver and have amazing features such like GyroFlex 3d Contouring, Super Lift&Cut, Ultra track shaving head and Wet&Dry Technology.


Well if you prefer Rotary shaver over foil shavers, you should have a look at the Philips Electric Shavers.

The head of the shaver have 3 independent parts which can flex and move into any direction, up and down, right and left, which is really useful to provide you the better, close and smooth shave. Even that is really good for shaving head. Very very comfortable shaver and even better for those people who have sensitive skin. The 3 trackers on the head of the shaver have trimmers and blades installed to catch flat lying hairs, hairs that grow in the different direction, stubbles, and even long hairs.

Still there are some flaws in this shaver, you must know before buying it:

  • The shaver is complete plastic, it looks so premium but when you hold it, you will find out it is plastic and rubber nothing else.
  • The battery of this shaver is not replaceable, so if the battery of the shaver gone dead after the warranty period, you will have no choice except buying a new one.
  • Replacement  parts of this shaver are very expensive (That’s a major issue, you must keep in mind)

Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc 4

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Here we come to the last one Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc 4, one of the most sold electric shaver from Panasonic.

It has all of the features you can find in the arc 5 except an extra blade. This shaver has 4 blades and other than that it also have the world’s fast linear motor 14,000 CPM.


It is available in the market at very affordable price, about 40% of Arc 5. So, it will not burn a hole in your pocket 🙂 and will provide you the same results as arc 5. Just the thing to note is that it is not a good shaver for people with the thick beard. No shaver can beat the legendary Arc 5 when it comes to thick beard.

Provides close shaving if you have a normal beard, very smooth and have all of the features you want. It is an advanced high-end shaver which is available at very low price in the market. It has the Wet&Dry technology, so you can either shave with gel foam or go for dry shaving, the choice is yours.

What are your thoughts?

So that was our complete list of 5 advanced innovative shavers currently present in the market. Hope you will find it out as a useful information and share it with your friends on social media.

If you have any question, do let us know via commenting below. One of our team members will reply as soon as possible for us. Please share your experience with us, which shaver you using and how good is that working for you. Now you have only 2 things left to do.

  • Buy the best electric shaver from the list above, now you know the features and flaws of each of the shaver above.
  • Pat your back, you have just read a 1200 word article 🙂