Level Lock: The Invisible Smart Lock

The Level Lock is perhaps the sleekest smart lock we have seen on the market. Most of the others available normally take up a lot of space. As technology evolves to make our lives better, manufacturers are exploring new ways to integrate these into our homes without standing out too much. As such, after installation, this innovative product remains inconspicuous until you unlock the door wirelessly.

Modern homes are now equipped with smart-enabled devices that can be controlled remotely. Personal security is another important facet people should look into when upgrading their homes. Hence smart-ready solutions such as cameras and locks are now essential pieces of the package

Level Lock is probably a perfect example of how designers and engineers can craft an exceptional product. Not only does it blend with almost any aesthetic, but the installation is likewise effortless. It will fit like your standard deadbolt, which makes it easy to replace the traditional ones you might have at home.

The level of craftsmanship that went into this is impressive as the battery sits within the bolt itself. This makes it simple to replace and does not require owners to disassemble anything. Using a 6-stage stainless steel gearbox, it is capable of operating for more than a year on a single CR2 battery. Additionally, the manufacturer assures users that the Level Lock is robust and reliable.

Enjoy keyless entry using your smartphone and share access with family and friends. So far, the only caveat we’ve noticed regarding the Level Lock is that some of its features are limited to Apple devices. However, that could change in a future update.