The Campervan of The Future #VanLife Just Got Better

The ground-breaking new BASF, Mercedes-Benz concept camper vehicle, VisionVenture campervan redefines what design, sufficiency, and lightweight construction in the motorhome industry can look like.

The VisionVenture Concept Campervan: A Glimpse of the Future

This gorgeous campervan concept is just a glimpse of what sort of vehicles could be on the road (or more likely OFF the road – allowing their drivers to enjoy nature) by as soon as 2025. A whole new category of motorhomes is born with the birth of the VisionVenture. A category that promotes sleek contours with seamless construction connecting cab and body.

The vehicle itself is four-wheel drive (off-road-ready) and sits on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis. Even more impressive, Hymer used more than 20 new and innovative materials and compositions on the VisionVenture to create such a diverse and futuristic design.

In addition to the Mercedes-Benz chassis cowl, the original doors, headlights, and radiator with grille are also unchanged with this new design. However, the windscreen, bonnet, rooflight, and other significant features are all new.

A Fully Customizable Campervan

The VisionVenture team and Studio SYN designers came up with a beautiful and dynamic open floor plan for the vehicle. The smart floor plan allows for several customizations, allowing you to personalize your vehicle as you see fit.

The exterior of the campervan itself is consists of 3D-printed parts to ensure a perfect fit. It’s dark green infrared-reflecting paint consisting of energy-efficient Chromacool technology. The exterior reduces temperatures 20°C on the outside and 4°C on the interior.

The wheel arch panels and a number of other parts are also a by-product of 3D-printing. So, more or less, the entire exterior of the campervan consists of materials with strong rubber-like qualities. Durability is an understatement.

The vehicle comes with two patios, one on the roof and one on the rear. It also comes with a pneumatic pop-top roof that allows even more space. A BBQ also comes with the van.