Exerpeutic Inversion Table Review

Millions of people suffer every day with back and neck pain and are always looking for a new method that may provide them with some relief. Going to physical therapy or the chiropractor regularly can be very costly and it may not always provide you with the help that you want, leaving you still in pain and with a lot less money.

Many people today are looking for alternatives for help with their back pain and are turning to inversion therapy and buying their own inversion tables for home use. There are many inversion tables on the market today, but if you want a good quality table at a good price, you should check out the Exerpeutic Inversion Table as an option.

Relief & support

The Exerpeutic Inversion Table offers quality relief and support for your back and neck pain with great comfort. Best of all, this table provides just what you need at a price that is hard to be. Tables can be found for just over one hundred dollars and sometimes even less, making these a great bargain for you when you want relief from pain but are on a tighter budget.

Assembly of the table is very easy and all the tools needed are provided for you, along with easy to follow instructions, so you can have the table ready to use in just over thirty minutes.

Just because you pay less for a table does not mean you need to sacrifice quality and safety. Exerpeutic provides it all for you with their table that is made of top construction and support to give you just what you need.

While the design and frame may look very simple at first glance, the simplicity easily supports a person up to 300 pounds and is height adjustable so it accommodates nearly anyone who may want to use it. The thick steel frame design works very well in providing stability and the backrest for the table is made of comfortable and durable foam to provide you with comfort when you are lying down on the table. The ankle supports are also padded and the rollers are cushioned for extra comfort and support.

Easy to adjust

The Exerpeutic Inversion Table is very easy to use and adjust, requiring just the use of the safety tether straps to adjust the angle and the looped handlebars make it easy for you to return to your original position when you are done.

The only drawbacks seen to this particular table come with moving and storage. The table is heavy and bulky, so it is not easy to move by yourself. Also, in order to fold up the table, you need to remove the backrest, which can be a task for some people.

When you want to find an affordable and reliable inversion table in the marketplace today, the Exerpeutic Inversion Table provides a great option for you. The price point makes it ideal for many people who want to help get rid of their chronic back and neck pain without spending a lot of money and the table itself does the job with comfort and safety.

If you are looking for a good table to help you with your back, the Exerpeutic Inversion Table can be a great choice for you.