11 Christmas Gift Ideas For Girlfriend For Serious Brownie Points

Choosing the perfect gift this Christmas for your Girlfriend can be difficult, get it wrong and it could mean the difference between seeing in the new year together…or being alone!

To make sure that doesn’t happen, we’ve got 10 awesome ideas your Girl is sure to love (and earn you some serious brownie points).

1. Fitbit Versa 2

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Maybe it’s time that we considered that some women have a preference for tech. instead of giving a traditional watch, consider getting a stylish fitness-tracking smartwatch instead. The Fitbit Versa 2 is a great option to help your girlfriend monitor her health metrics and look fashionable at the same time.

This second-generation model is now compatible with Amazon’s Alexa so she can make voice commands. It boasts a solid construction with an aluminum body and an always-on OLED screen protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 lens.

Fitbit is a brand known for sleep tracking and the Versa 2 does this reliably. Battery life is rated to last up to six days, which is better than other smartwatches in the market. The best part is the compatibility with both iOS and Android devices.

2. AirPods Pro

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The first and second-generation AirPods were actually great Bluetooth audio devices. However, the duo was lacking some functionalities that could have made them even better. With the AirPods Pro, Apple intendeds to establish a hold on the true-wireless earphones market and went all out.

Interchangeable silicone tips offer a more secure hold, which is perfect for users with an active lifestyle. Furthermore, the new design is not only more compact, but the internal components are now protected against moisture. Unlike its predecessors, users can now use it for workouts and other activities.

Features such as Adaptive EQ and active noise cancellation are now on board for outstanding audio reproduction. The package includes a wireless charging case that can extend the 4.5-hour battery life up to 24 hours.

3. Adidas Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

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Anyone will agree with you that women love shoes. However, most of the time, other than for training or sports, their footwear of choice is not exactly built for comfort. Therefore, show that you care with a reliable pair of sneakers. The Adidas Cloudfoam pure is available in various colors and promises comfort and performance.

Despite what the name implies, the pair are not actually built for hardcore running. Instead, these are designed for casual comfort. For a secure fit, the upper is made of flexible mesh material with laces to adjust for a snug fit. Additionally, it also provides a breathable layer to keep her feet ventilated.

Equally notable is the superior cushioning effect delivered by the Cloudfoam sole and the memory foam sock liner. Overall, these are great kicks to wear while going out for a stroll or maybe on a date. Trust us, she’ll thank you for it.

4. Black + Decker 2-Litre Air Fryer

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Happy couples often get so comfortable with each other that physical fitness no longer becomes an issue. All those times pigging out with junk food and other similar stuff can add pounds when you least expect it. Fried food is normally the culprit behind weight gain, but you can nip the problem in the bud early on with the Black + Decker air fryer.

The 2-lite capacity should be enough to fit bigger items that need frying minus the oil. It is easy to operate and uses a dual-fan convection system to quickly cook your meals. Get the same results as you would with a regular frying pan and oil, but minus the guilt.

The non-stick surfaces inside the frying chamber make it easy to clean. Help her craft great-tasting meals that will not require a workout at the end of the day. Try using it to make crispy French fries and chicken that are surprisingly not as greasy as before.

5. Kobo Aura H2O Edition 2

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If she loves reading books, it likely that she will love an e-book reader for a Christmas present. Amazon might have a monopoly over the market with its popular Kindle series, but if you don’t want to rely on the online retailer’s platform the Kobo Aura H2O Edition 2 is the way to go.

The name gives it away as a durable device for consuming reading digital reading material. The company claims its HZO Protection technology makes it practically waterproof. Let her enjoy reading by the pool, at the beach, or even in the tub.

Reading in the dark won’t be a problem thanks to the ComfortLight PRO, which reduces blue-light exposure. The brightness is adjustable so that it does not disturb your partner who might be asleep. Battery life lasts up to weeks on a single charge to make it an ideal travel companion for long-haul trips.

6. Polaroid Originals OneStep+ Instant Film Camera

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When taking photos are her thing, you might want to look for a Christmas gift that fits her fancy. She might already own a decent camera for her hobby, but digital copies cannot compare with an actual photograph that you can hold. The Polaroid Originals OneStep+ mixes some old-school charm with high-tech wizardry.

Let her enjoy the traditional experience of framing her shots carefully before clicking the button. Just be prepared to give her a steady supply of film unless you ruin the fun. Switch from portrait to standard lenses with a quick toggle and check the viewfinder to confirm the settings.

Unlike digital cameras or smartphones, there are practically no do-overs with this device. Finally, the Bluetooth connectivity lets her remotely take the shot after making the necessary exposure adjustments via the companion app. Polaroid promises compatibility with Android or iOS smartphones and attaches to standard tripods as well.

7. Nintendo Switch Lite

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If you are one of the lucky few whose girlfriend loves to play video games then this would make a great Christmas gift for her. After the overwhelming success of the Nintendo Switch, the company eventually releases two new models of the hybrid consoles. On one hand is the new version of the original game system with improved battery life, while the other is the Switch Lite.

The latter is what you might want to box up and hand over as a gift this holiday. What’s great about the Lite model is the size. Not only is it smaller, but it also comes in three eye-catching colors as well. There’s yellow, Gray, and our personal favorite, Turquoise. All of these come with white buttons, analog sticks, and d-pad.

Another key difference with the Lite is its now purely a handheld device, which is great for gaming on the go. However, the caveat is that the controllers are no longer detachable like the original. Nevertheless, you can still use the regular Joy-Cons with it and it supports all games that can be played in handheld mode. Just imagine spending time with your girl playing video games. It seems like a match made in heaven.

8. Oster Cordless Wine Opener With Chiller

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Sharing a good bottle of wine with the one you love is a great way to chill and relax when together. Moreover, a little more than the usual normally leads to something even better later on. Hence, if your girl fancies having a glass or two every now and then, then we have a cool suggestion for you. The Oster cordless wine opener is something she will love and use for a long time.

It even comes with an elegant thermal stainless-steel wine cooler with double-wall insulation to keep things chilled to ideal serving temperature. The device itself flaunts a sleek and striking design with soft-grip surfaces to prevent it from slipping. Even when not in use, it looks stylish sitting on the charging base.

To use, take the included foil cutter to remove the seal. Then place the Oster cordless wine opener on top of the cork. Simply press the button and let the motor do all the work. A single charge can open up to 30 bottles, which is more than enough even for a big party.

9. CatGenie Automated Self-Washing Cat Box

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Most women love to have pets around for companionship, so we’ve combed through some awesome stuff to help you out. When she owns a feline buddy at home the CatGenie is perhaps the most useful and thoughtful present you can give her. Nobody loves cleaning up the litter box, which is why this automated self-washing cat box so impressive.

Despite the convenience it offers, there is a small catch at the start. This where you come in to help out and set up the CatGenie. Since it needs to be connected to a water supply, the bathroom or laundry room should do nicely. Just hook it up according to the instructions and she will love you for it. Meanwhile, if the cat fancies some privacy, the optional GenieDome will get the job done.

After her pet does their business, the sensor will activate and the cleanup process with commence. The reusable and washable granules get a scrub down while a sieve collects all solid waste and flushes it down the drainpipe. Finally, the drier system kicks in toe remove the remaining moisture. This leaves everyone clean and happy.

10. Amazon Echo Dot 3

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Does your girlfriend love to boss you around? Does she love to pester you with questions that can be answered by a quick search on the internet? If your answer is yes, then you, my friend, need to get her an Echo Dot 3 for Christmas. Among all of the available virtual assistants out there, Amazon’s Alexa is perhaps the most dynamic and versatile in the market.

Therefore, her new smart speaker should keep her happy and entertained. The latest version sports an integrated digital LED clock, which is a nifty addition to an already feature-packed device. It comes in four colours: Charcoal, Sandstone, Heather Gray, and Plum. Get her the latter if she loves the shades of pink or purple.

Not only does the built-in display show the time, but it can likewise show the temperature or a countdown timer. Everything that makes the previous generation model so remarkable is on board. She can command Alexa to interact with other smart devices, control music playback, read messages, and so much more. Just remember to remind her who gave the gift in the first place.

11. Pure Daily Care Ultimate Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

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Scient has proven that certain scents can trigger a response from our bodies. Hence, aromatherapy is becoming a popular way for people to unwind during their free time. Give her the Pure Daily Car ultrasonic diffuser to help her achieve ultimate relaxation at home. This device practically exudes a zen vibe with the soft glow of its LED lighting and the wood grain finish on the BPA-free plastic body.

It can cycle between 14 different colors with seven ambient light modes. Users can likewise adjust the intensity of the glow so that it will not disturb those who are sleeping. It has a 300 ml capacity and relies on advanced wave diffusion technology to quickly fill the room with a relaxing aroma. The automatic shut-off feature detects the water level and powers down when the contents are gone.

Additionally, there’s is a timer function to give you more control over its operation. The Pure Daily Care Ultimate Aromatherapy diffuser even bundles 10 essential oils to get you started. There’s lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, lemongrass, jasmine, clove, nutmeg, orange, tea tree, and spearmint each in 10 ml bottles.

We hope these ideas have got you closer to choosing that perfect gift for your girl this Xmas.