Braun 3 Series 340S-4 – Branded, Efficient and Affordable Wet/Dry Shaver

Everyone knows that Braun is the World’s no 1 Foil Shaver Brand. It will be great if you can still get a shaver from this Top company at very low price. Today am going to review one of the most efficient and affordable shaver ever built by Braun.

Braun Series 3 380S-4

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Braun 3 Series, 340S-4 is an efficient, affordable and Wet&Dry shaver. So that is something really useful that you can get the Wet&Dry technology and a shaver from Braun for an affordable price.

Basically this is an advanced Entry-Level Electric foil Shaver. Still there are a lot of features in this shaver which are similar to some high-end shavers like Philips 3D 1280X/42. So if this is the shaver which can cover all of your requirements, why would you pay more to get a high-end shaver?

Features I found useful in Braun 3 Series 340S-4

  • In a low budget, this is the best close shaver you can get from Braun. It can also handle a thick beard but might take more than 1 revisions. It will be perfect if you shave daily in the early morning. If you have a thin beard, it will work great for 3 day beard.
  • This shave provides both wet and dry shaving experience. So if you want a smooth shave using gel, It will serve you even better.
  • The only series which have very cheap replacement parts. Not cheap in the matter of quality but cheap in price. You can get a a new set of shaver head for a cheap price.
  • It is not so expensive and available in the market for a budget price. So I recommend you to grab this shaver. It is basically an entry-level but have lot of features of high-end shavers.
  • The battery is long lasting so you can use this shaver for travelling as well. It can get you about 6-8 shaves in a 1 full charge.

It have all of the features that you required. Not as advanced as the high-end shavers, but at that price, you cannot expect more than that. It have Triple Action cutting system, which works on both short and long hairs. Braun had introduced SensoFoil Technology in this shaver which is similar to the Direct&Cut Technology from the latest Braun Series 9. It align the hairs and than cut those hairs with the ease.

This shaver might be not for you, Reasons

You got a really thick beard? Well in that case you have to fill up your pockets with some extra cash. The best shaver for a very thick beard is Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc 5, this shaver will not help with a thick beard at all. For a very thick beard it is hard to find a shaver in low-end category. I think the shavers for thick beard can only be found in high-end category. The Panasonic Arc 5, contains 5 razors which are perfect for a thick beard and work like a charm.

The other reason to not to go for this shaver is sensitive skin. If your skin is sensitive or you have some acne problem or anything like that, I recommend to go for a Rotary shaver. You can have a look at the Best Philips Shavers. Philips is the only company which makes the best rotary shavers.

Final Thoughts and Overall Experience

Braun 3 Series 340S-4 was launched back in 2013 and it is still one of the best Electric shaver in the entry-level category. It is fast efficient and very affordable. Most of the new entry-level users are still going for this one as a start up. So I recommend, If you are low on budget and want a shaver from one the World’s no 1 company, than you can’t go for any other shaver. Braun 3 Series 340S-4 is the best choice for you.