Best Rated Treadmills for 2022 – Buyers Guide and Reviews

Choosing the best treadmill can be difficult with so many brands, makes and models to choose from it can be tough. To make it easier for you, we have researched the best treadmills available on the market today to bring you this complete buyers guide.

The Treadmill is a great piece of workout equipment which allows you to burn more calories when compared to other fitness equipment such as step machines and elliptical trainers, which is why many people love working out on treadmills from the comfort of their own home…well that and it also means you don’t have to run in the rain or drive to the gym!

Without further delay lets dive into the top treadmills this year as recommended by our running expert.

After continuous research spanning several months, we’ve finally completed our up-to-date list of the most impressive treadmills of 2020. As a result of our research and tests, we can provide you with reviews of the top treadmills out there, so that you can easily pick the right one for you.

I am sure you want to know which criteria were used in choosing these top treadmills right? Let me clear this up for you:

  • We researched each treadmill with the very best rating on the biggest online stores such as Amazon, Best Buy etc. We took a close look at the customer’s satisfaction scores and also what features that product specifically offers.
  • We compiled all reviews of the product, both negative and positive and wrote an honest review of each here in this article. It helps both the consumer to find the best treadmill out there and the manufacturers to gain trust among consumers.

So without further ado, let’s get right into the reviews.

The Best Treadmills Reviews of 2022

1. LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill

[amazon box=”B06XJFDM9V”]

If I was a consumer and out to buy a treadmill machine for my home workouts, I’d most definitely go for the Lifespan TR 1200I. This machine has a lot of features which is what we and other users love. The running surface of this machine is 20″ x 56″ that supports up to 300 pounds of weight of an individual.

This home treadmill has a lot of workout options which include saving exercise data, built-in speakers to allow you to listen to your favorite songs while working out, step counter and ample programming/tracking of your workouts.

What we like about the LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill

  • Ample Programming – It has 17 pre-installed programs and 2 heart rate-controlling programs. If you have the LifeSpan Fitness Club membership, you can download the customized workouts too.
  • Incline Levels – There are 15 incline levels available in this machine.
  • Belt Quality and Length – The belt of this machine is two-ply, which is more durable as compared to others. The length of the belt is 20″ x 56″ as I mentioned above. That much surface area will allow you to feel confident that you will not end up slipping off this machine.
  • Powerful motor with High speedLifeSpan is so proud of their technology that they provide Lifetime warranty of their 2.5 CHP motor. It doesn’t cause any stutters during the speed changes and the highest speed of this machine is 11 mph while most of the other treadmills end up at 10 mph.
  • Portable Data Storage – This is the best feature I found in this treadmill which makes it unique than others out there. It can store the data of your home workout like (Burned calories, Heart Rate, Steps Taken) into a USB drive. You can even check your daily workout reports on their online panel and get the customized workout plans.
  • Foldability and Warranty – You can fold this machine vertically to save space. When it comes to warranty, you will be amazed at what you get from LifeSpawn. They will give you the lifetime warranty for the frame and motor. Three years warranty for parts and one year of free labor services.

What we don’t like about this machine

  • No Pen Drive – The USB Pen drive isn’t included with the machine. It’s very cheap, but I think they should include it within the package.
  • LifeSpan Membership – The LifeSpan Data tracking service is only provided for 4 months with new LifeSpan treadmills. To continue with their Data Tracking service, you need to pay the subscription fee. I didn’t like it. However, the lifetime membership cost is rather cheap, but I still believe that they should provide you with the membership for free.
  • No Cooling Fans – Most of the latest treadmills are coming with fans while the LiftSpan TR 1200i doesn’t have any fans in it. So, either you required a separate fan or if it’s not an issue go on with it 🙂
  • Missing Lubricant – Not a single bottle of belt lubricant is included with the package. The manual recommends to apply the lubricant before the first use, but it was not there. You need to buy it separately. Well, a sample of the lubricant should be included.

This treadmill gets our Editors Choice award for the best treadmill of 2022. You can also read more reviews of this machine there on Amazon or on other reviews website such as Live Longer Running.

2. Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill

[amazon box=”B00O4A0AD4″]

Here we come to the second-best treadmill on our list, the Sole F80 Folding Treadmill. It is more expensive as compared to the previous LifeSpan TR 1200I, still, it couldn’t make it to the first position because it lacks some advanced features.

So, either you want to work on an incline to reduce the strain put on your joints or if you want to run a long-distance who like tweaking and mixing thing up, this treadmill will help you out and cover your needs. The surface area of 22″ x 60″ is a lot of space with which provide you the ease and confidence while running. It has 10 pre-installed programs and the design of the machine really is great.

What we like about the Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill

  • Motor and Speed – It comes with the 3.5 CHP motor which is powerful enough to handle the speed of 12 mph. That much speed handling makes it one of the best treadmill machines for professional athletes and runners. It can support an individual weight up to 375 pounds. The flywheels are all-steel and zinc-coated, which makes no noise at all. It’s very quiet.
  • Running Surface and the Belt Quality – The running surface is 22″ x 60″ and this is one of the largest treadmill surfaces out there, especially in width. It inclines by 15% which allows you to burn calories faster. It also has the CushionFlex technology which is proven to reduce the joint impact by up to 40%. The belt is made of four layers which include Rubber, Nylon, and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) to provide you with the best.
  • LCD Screen and Speakers – The soft blue alphanumeric screen display the helpful information to guide you better and the built-in speakers can help you to listen to your songs!
  • Warranty – Sole F80 is known as the best when it comes to warranty. They provide a lifetime warranty for motor and frame. Five-years of warranty for all of the other electronic parts and two years of labor is included in the warranty.

What we don’t like about the Sole F80

  • Limited Programs – It has a very limited number of programs in it. You can find six standard programs, two user-defined programs, and two heart-rate programs.
  • No Membership – Unlike LifeSpan it doesn’t provide any membership or USB data tracking. So you can’t install customized programs in it, neither you can follow your daily reports. That’s one of the biggest issues with this machine which takes it down to number 2.
  • More space coverage – It is a very large machine and required a lot of space even when it is folded. So make sure you have that much space in your home before purchasing it.

So, that was all about Sole F80, it is a great machine no doubt. Leading as the second-best treadmill in 2076 is not an easy job, but still, it is lacking some features which make it to the number 2. But if you have enough space, enough money, and the missing program customization feature is not an issue for you, you should go for it.

3. ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill

[amazon box=”B0068FVOMO”]

The ProForm PRO 2000 has a lot of great features and is built with the latest technology from ProForm. The features which make it the third-best treadmill to buy in 2022 are the iFit feature, the Amazing sound system and the running surface with both inclines and declines. This treadmill is only recommended for those who weigh less than 350 pounds.

ProForm builds some of the most expensive treadmills amongst their new PRO lineup due to their superior build quality, however, this one is available at a very low price compared to the others. The PRO 2000 treadmill has a lot to offer, but it is lacking an extensive electronics warranty which may prevent some consumers from buying this one.

What we like about the PRO-FORM 2000 Treadmill

  • Design and Display – The best thing about this machine is that it can be folded vertically and clear all of the space it was taking. It has an 8″ display which can be easily viewed. That makes it easy to choose any of the 24 pre-included programs or using iFit Live.
  • Motor Power – It is powered by a 2.25 CHP commercial motor. It can support up to 350-pounds of weight and guaranteed for the lifetime like all other brands.
  • Running Surface – The PRO 2000 has the running surface of 22″ x 60″ which can accommodate all wide and tall runners.
  • Built-in Programs – There are 24 built-in workout programs in this treadmill and those can be personalized as well. These programs focus on speed, incline, intensity, and calories burning. Most of the customers are drawn to the iFit training program.
  • iFit Live Training – The iFit training program works with an internet connection and allows exercisers to access additional workout plans, access to a personal trainer virtually, compete with Facebook friends, and even running along Google Maps trails.
  • Incline and Decline – This treadmill is combined with a 15% incline and 3% decline and speeds up to 12 mph. So, it helps in stimulating outdoor running conditions.
  • Speakers – This treadmill has 3.0 Intermix Acoustics Speakers, which are very impressive and good in sound quality. It also supports iPod and all of the other mp3 players.

What we don’t like about the ProForm PRO 2000

  • Warranty – The ProForm PRO 2000 offers the lifetime warranty for the frame and motor. Five years of warranty for the other parts of the machine and two years of labor warranty. Well, they do not offer any electronics warranty which is a big problem for consumers out there. Especially those who are willing to install iFit in their machine.
  • User Profiles – It is very useful to store your workout information as an individual user. But this machine doesn’t allow this at all. In households where multiple users use a single treadmill machine can’t make their own workout profile or can’t save their data unless they install the iFit program. Only if you install the iFit in your treadmill, then you can have this feature.

The ProFom PRO 2000 is our 3rd highest rated machine to buy this year. It doesn’t have all those fancy touch screens like the expensive treadmills in the same series, but it will allow you to get into shape with the built-in programs and iFit live compatibility. With a powerful motor, a long-running surface, and quality music this machine provides enough to motivate you for a long run.

4. Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill

[amazon box=”B07FPRYTSK”]

The Horizon Fitness series has all of the low-cost and entry-level treadmills. The T101 is the best of the budget treadmills out there, costing significantly less than most and is a great product by Horizon with a very good warranty. This treadmill is small and can be folded to clear floor space. The best features of this product are the incline setting, speaker system, and nine built-in programs.

The machine is very quiet at all speeds because of its 2.25 HP motor. It is Horizon’s bestseller and a low-end machine, but it’s worth the money as you will see below.

What we like about the Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill

  • Budget Treadmill – This machine is specially built for those of use on a low budget but still provide the best performance.
  • Light Motor – This machine is built for walkers and joggers but not for runners. So this machine is rocking with a 2.25 HP motor which supports the speed up to 10 mph. The machine is whisper-quiet because of this motor.
  • Built-in Programs – The machine has 9 built-in programs which are enough for a beginner. These programs are as Weight-Loss, Interval, User-defined or Manual Programs, Calories Burning and Time Distance.
  • Incline – The horizon’s T101-4 inclines up to 10% to provide the best calories burning workouts.
  • Lightweight and Portable – The machine is very light in weight and easy to move for a single user. It doesn’t take that much space because of short running surface and can be folded vertically to clear all of the space it takes. The machine can support the weight for up to 300 pounds.
  • Attached Gadgets – The machine has a Dual-Grip monitoring system, which can help you to monitor your heart-rate through your pulse. The attached speaker system is great and compatible with all of the mp3 players. Horizon console is very user-friendly. It has 3 data windows with soft-orange LED lighting and a cooling fan is included with the treadmill to keep you cool.
  • Warranty – Horizon is providing a lifetime warranty on frame and motor which is excellent at this price and 2 years of warranty for other parts.

What we don’t like about this treadmill

  • Running Surface – The running surface of this treadmill is of 20″ x 55″ which is not that much great. That running surface is not great for very tall people, however, we really can’t argue because this machine isn’t as expensive as most of the treadmills in this range.

Horizon T101-4

Well, this machine is completely worth the money. It has all of the advanced features and provides much more for your money when compared to the more expensive models, there is a lot to love about this machine.

There are a lot of treadmills out there which offer much more in the way of fancy features, but we have placed this machine at number 4 because of its great performance and customer satisfaction scored. It can also be connected to the “iFit Live” and your workout will be much better if you do so. Another great thing about this treadmill is you can take it out of the box and set it up within 30 minutes.

Click here for a full review of the Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill

5. ProForm Power 995i Folding Treadmill

[amazon box=”B009U7B4CM”]

If you prefer running other jogging or walking then you should have a look at ProForm Power 995i. It’s a solid machine with a generous tread belt and offers a lot of great features. So, that’s why it’s at number 5 in our Best Treadmills under $1,000 for 2022 list.

The ProForm power 995 uses an advanced technology which helps to increase resistance and shed those pounds. The motor, tread-belt, built-in programs, incline and everything else that this machine offers, is much more than the price warrants. Now let’s have a deep look into the advantages and disadvantages of this machine.

What is so good about the ProForm Power 995i Folding Treadmill

  • Powerful Motor – The treadmill is powered by a commercial 3.0 CHP motor which delivers incredible power for workouts like Speed Training, Intervals, and Endurance Run. The motor makes very little noise, but that’s not irritative at all. It helps the machine to speed up to 12 MPH which is incredible.
  • Incline – The machine can incline up to 15% which helps you in burning calories faster. There is no decline in this machine so inclining is from 0% to 15%.
  • ProShox Cushioning – The Power 995i is built with an innovative cushioning to reduce the impact on your joints by 28 percent and relieve tension throughout your body. It provides more efficiency towards running as compared to jogging or walking and that’s why it provides a more comfortable running surface to protect your knees, ankles, and back.
  • Running Surface and Tread Belt – The machine is providing a 20″ x 60″ large surface which is ideal for tall runners. It can support the weight for up to 350 pounds. Treadbelt of this machine is two-ply and solid enough, that according to the reviews on Amazon that belt is very strong as compared to the other two-ply belts.
  • Built-in Advanced Gadgets – Dual-Grip Heart rate monitor, which helps you to monitor your heart rate and stay focused throughout your workout. Built-in Advanced Gadgets – Dual-Grip Heart rate monitor, which helps you to monitor your heart rate and stay focused throughout your workout. A multi-window LED display helps you to easily check your speed, incline, distance traveled, time, calories burnt and pulse. The machine is also compatible with the iFit Live program, which helps you to choose a variety of programs powered by Google maps and training under the American toughest trainer, Jillian Michaels. There is much more in this “iFit live”. It also has the cooling fan with speed settings which you can adjust anytime.

Things we don’t like about the ProForm Power 995i

  • Hard to assemble – To be honest, it is really hard to assemble this machine once you receive it. The service of ProForm is not good enough to take care if you are in an emergency. Most of the consumers find it frustrating to assemble it.
  • Low-Quality Fans – This machine has cooling fans which are missing in the LifeSpan treadmill above, however, these fans are weak. It might be not a big issue for some.

It doesn’t matter what your target is, the ProForm Power 995i is our 5th best pick because of its great features and cost. It is comfortable for walking, jogging and even running. It doesn’t matter if you want to burn calories or are trying to prepare for a Marathon, this machine will help you to achieve your goals and then some.

Our Recommendation For The Best All-Round Treadmill

The Best Treadmills of 2017
So that was the complete list of our top-rated treadmills. We are confident that all of the treadmills above are THE best for Home Workouts.

Our first pick the LifeSpan TR 1200i is the stand out winner, due to it’s higher than average customer satisfaction rating over the various editions in the last 5 years.

Also, don’t forget to have a look at the comparison chart of all of the treadmills above, to compare features, belt length, and weight capacity.

A Buyers Guide To The Top Rated Treadmills of 2022

Treadmills are a great way to burn fat and get a good amount of physical exercise into your day. It’s been proven that treadmills can help you burn up to 900 calories per hour, and even just a gentle walk a day can make a big difference in your fitness level. They’re also incredibly good for various parts of your body, not just your cardiovascular fitness.

Naturally, since treadmills have been proven to be such effective exercise gear, plenty of brands and types have emerged over the years. In order to properly invest in a treadmill that offers value for money and will work well with you, you’ll need to be aware of a few things.

What To Look For in a Treadmill

1. Durability

When you make an investment for fitness, you want something that will last longer and can be used for its intended purchase without a wealth of issues accompanying it. As such, it’s important to purchase a strong and reliable product that will not break down easily. Steel-framed treadmills are often the strongest and best, as long as the materials are high quality.

Flywheels and rotation belts that are well-made and can withstand the test of time can add to the usability of a treadmill, making it smoother, more consistent, and safer.

A good treadmill should have a belt that doesn’t jerk or stop too suddenly, and the machine should not shake or shudder in any way, even when you’re going at very fast speeds. An unstable machine can be uncomfortable, noisy, or just plain dangerous.

On a similar note, a ton of noise coming from a machine can be a sign of a lack of durability, and a telltale that manufacturing wasn’t done quite right.

A machine with a powerful motor that can properly power its functions should not make too much noise. A few squeaks or whistles here and there are fine, especially if the machine needs oiling, but a lot of creaking and banging is a bad sign. With all that being said, it’s not unusual for a treadmill to need regular maintenance to keep up its quality.

Read the user manual and find out what the machine requires. A large majority will simply need regular lubrication or oiling, and there may be the need to tighten a few screws or bolts as they come loose. If you don’t have that much free time, opt for a treadmill that doesn’t require too much upkeep in order to function smoothly.

2. What is a Treadmill Motor Rating?

If you have never purchased a treadmill before, interpreting motor ratings may be a bit of a task. Luckily, the fact is that it is quite simple to figure them out! It is important to understand what the ratings mean, how to read them, and what to expect out of each one.

Essentially, motor ratings are measured in horsepower (HP), which is a unit used to describe motor energy. Depending on the type of exercise you will be getting on your treadmill, you may require a higher motor rating. With that being said, you need to be aware of the fact that motor energy has three different rating systems:

1. Peak Duty

This means that the horsepower of the treadmill advertised is the maximum that the treadmill can reach its highest point and that it can go no higher than that. Thus, this tends to be the weakest and least favorable of the ratings.

2. Continuous Duty

This is one that you want to keep an eye out for, as the horsepower stated is indicative of the power that is constant throughout an exercise session. What does this mean? The treadmill can go at this constant power for a long period of time, instead of simply reaching it occasionally.

3. Treadmill Duty

This lies between peak and continuous. You should still focus on finding continuous duty ratings instead.

Once you know to focus on continuous duty, you then need to make a purchase based on the motor rating best suited for your needs. A good treadmill for runners will need a horsepower of 3.0 and above, but if you only plan to walk using the treadmill, you can opt for a 2.0 HP motor.

Joggers, sitting in the middle of these two categories, should go for a minimum of 2.5 HP. Weight also plays a part in what motor rating is best for you.

If you weigh over 200 pounds, it is advisable to increase the previous horsepower requirements by 0.5 HP. Motor ratings aren’t the only thing to keep in mind when it comes to examining and comparing different motors. A motor that makes use of alternate current (AC) will be noisier than that which uses a direct current (DC).

So if you plan to watch TV or listen to music while exercising, an AC motor might drown out the sounds of the entertainment. Similarly, if you plan to use the treadmill on higher speed settings for running, you should lean towards DC motors unless you are okay with a lot of noise.

With that being said, it is important to keep in mind that although many treadmills will list similar motor ratings, the build of the motor itself will affect its overall performance.

A less expensive treadmill will likely consist of parts that are cheaply made, resulting in mediocre performance from a motor that claims to have a high horsepower rating. Cheaper treadmills may also face issues with the durability of their motors later on.

3. Track Size

What Is The Ideal Track Size For A Treadmill?

It is important that when you purchase a treadmill, it is at a size and length that makes your ordinary walking, jogging, and walking strides comfortable. If you have a small stride or are smaller in stature, then you will not need to put too much consideration into this factor, but it is still important to ensure that when you walk on the treadmill, your feet are not bumping into side rails.

If you have a small stride or are smaller in stature, then you will not need to put too much consideration into this factor, but it is still important to ensure that when you walk on the treadmill, your feet are not bumping into side rails.

A walking treadmill should have a track length of about 55” (although 50”-54” is also acceptable), and a treadmill for running should have a length that rests somewhere between 58” and 60”, although some even go up to 65”. Walking treadmills are also great for light exercise where joints and muscles are not at their strongest.

It is also important to note that many companies measure tread length by including the plastic covers on either side, which will not give you an accurate measurement. When in doubt, it is always safer to go bigger than smaller.

Meanwhile, the width of a track is typically 20” as this is the industry standard, though there are some with widths as tiny as 16”. However, wider treadmill tracks are becoming more commonplace, and you may find some that are 22” wide.

A walking treadmill would require, at the very least, an 18” width, and running belts need at least 20” to them. All things considered, base your purchase on your height and natural stride length.

There are other factors that you may want to consider regarding the tread belt and track that may play into areas such as durability. Treadmills that come with a thick track are often much more reliable than those with one-ply belts; some companies even manufacture these machines with four-ply! Opt for at least a two-ply tread when purchasing a treadmill.

On a similar note to tread length, you should also make sure that the treadmill is sized correctly for you in all aspects. The handrails and console should be within your grasp, especially if there are handrails with controls or that are designed to take your pulse or heart rate. There’s little point in purchasing a treadmill you can’t use!

4. Customization

Options are important for anyone wanting to start on a fitness journey. You’ll need to set your treadmill to settings that will work for your body and your needs, which is why all trainers need a level of customization to them.

First, you’ll want to take your own height into account. Can you adjust the handlebars of the treadmill to fit your height? How about the consoles, desk, or any other features? Many treadmills may not allow for handlebar adjustment, in which case you may have to resort to simply buying for your height.

The most basic thing to look out for in a treadmill is speed. How many speed settings does a treadmill have? Does it only have slower speeds for beginners, or can it get you up to a fast run?

If you’re aiming for interval training, you may also want to see how quickly the treadmill can switch between high and low speeds.

The incline is another important feature of treadmills. Often not available in lower price ranges, and incline can determine the intensity of a workout and can be very useful if you’re aiming to mimic outdoor training. Higher degrees of inclines mean that you can get more intense workouts done.

Some treadmills may even offer declines to imitate a downhill motion. Again, it’s a good idea to see how quickly the machine can switch from one incline to the next.

Lastly, it’s always recommended to check out what pre-set programs the treadmill may have built into its console. A wide variety of applications that target different goals can be useful if you don’t have the expertise to formulate your own workout plan, as many treadmills come with exercise programs that are designed by professionals – do make sure of that first, of course.

5. Progress Tracking

A great form of motivation for many users is when they can see their progress. Even if you don’t use that for inspiration, it’s useful for you to be able to see the statistics of your workout, at least for your own knowledge and to set better goals for yourself.

All treadmills should come with a form of an easily-visible console that allows you to easily see tracked data. This should include, at the very least, basics such as time, distance, speed, and calories burned but added features like a heart rate tracker or a step counter can be beneficial add-ons.

Some consoles come with a USB port or Bluetooth feature so that you can collect information regarding your progress onto a computer or mobile device. Some companies even have their own fitness applications, software, or websites that you can sync all your data to for ultimate progress tracking.

If the product you have your eye on is very budget-friendly, it may not have reliable progress tracking that displays accurate figures – or it just may not have any of that type of function available at all. In that case, it’s still a good idea for you to find a way to keep track of how far you’ve come.

It can add to a workout when you have a goal to work towards, and you can only form a realistic but challenging goal with progress data.

6. Features

Extra features can add convenience and fun to a workout. Budget-friendly treadmills may not have that many bells and whistles, but if there’s something specific that you’re searching for, you should know what features each machine may have available. Some common features that may be included are things like a sound system or a shelf for holding items. Sound systems in

Meanwhile, shelves can house tablets, phones, or magazines for you to keep yourself entertained while you exercise, and extra cup holders are always a bonus There are even treadmills that come with exercise fans to stop you from becoming too overheated during your run.

The ability to silence consoles, turn on alerts or alarms, or sign yourself up for workout programs are also features that can be very useful to any user.

While these aren’t necessary, they can certainly add to a workout experience and make life just a little bit easier. So if there’s a specific function that you want on a treadmill, go for it!

7. Warranty And Customer Service

If you’re paying for a mechanical object like a treadmill, you’ll need a guarantee that it will work as well as it claims, and that it will continue to work that way for a certain amount of time.

That’s what warranties are for. Generally, cheaper machines will have shorter warranties, or simply not have them at all, but a more expensive machine may even have a lifetime warranty on certain areas of its manufacturing.

Always be sure to properly read the warranty and guarantee details before making a purchase, and if you need to sign up for or set up a warranty, make sure you know exactly how to do that and who to contact and get it done before you even start to unpack or assemble your new treadmill.

While many products are well-made, there is always a chance that you’ve received a defective product, so be sure that you know your action plan if that turns out to be the case.

It’s also a good idea to get to know how the customer service of the company that sells you your treadmill works. Are they known for being helpful, or are they the kind who never respond to emails and seem to barely care at all?

Knowing what you’ll have to deal with if needed is important and should be taken into consideration when you’re buying from certain companies.

A company, especially one aimed at making good fitness products, should care about its customers.

What Is The Industry Standard For Treadmill Warranties?

When you make an investment that is as costly as that for a treadmill, you will want a guarantee that it will work for a long time – and that if it doesn’t, you will be able to get it fixed at minimal, or even no cost. That is why it is important to know what to expect from a treadmill warranty.

Ordinarily, treadmill warranties are divided into several different areas based on the perceived durability of that particular area. There are four parts that a treadmill’s warranty is typically split into, and each has its own acceptable degrees of longevity.

Here’s what to expect of each of them:

1. Frame

This encompasses a treadmill’s main body and build. A large majority of frames come with a lifetime warranty, even on less expensive models, so if you spot a machine that offers only a few years’ worth of warranty in this area, you should probably look the other way.

2. Motor

Much like frames, motors usually come with a lifetime warranty, although cheaper models with less durable motors may skip out of this area and provide 25-year warranties instead. Anything less than that period should have you questioning the machine’s quality!

3. Parts

Parts and electronics are an important part of your treadmill, which is why even though it is natural for them to wear out over time, the best quality treadmills come with a five-year parts

warranty. There are some that even offer a lifetime’s warranty for parts, which is a great indicator of durability. More inexpensive treadmills may provide a one or two-year warranty in this area, this is typically reserved for commercial grade treadmills, and the cheapest of the budget ones may only have a 90-day warranty – or none at all!

4. Labor

If you are purchasing a treadmill on a budget, then you may not receive any labor warranty at all. However, higher quality training machines may offer one or two-year warranties, which is helpful when you need assistance in fixing or setting up the machine.

But some labor warranty may depend on other factors, such as how far away you live from a dealer. If you are particularly handy and can fix any issues that arise on your own if provided the parts necessary, then you may decide that this area is not important.

At the end of the day, regardless of how long a warranty is, it is important that you also do your research regarding the manufacturing company themselves. Quality control must be held to a high standard, and customer service must be considered an important and integral part of the company.

As such, reading up on reviews regarding past customer experiences may give you some insight into how well the manufacturers are able to facilitate customer satisfaction.

You may want to steer clear of a company known for being difficult to reach or work with, and you definitely don’t want to purchase from manufacturers known for snitching on their warranties!