The 5 Best Natural Gas Grills on The Market

We would like to thank our readers who have taken the time to read and enjoy our buyer’s guides for gas grills. A lot of you might have noticed that we were focusing mainly on a certain type of equipment. Generally, when people talk about gas grills, what’s on their mind are those that use Propane gas tanks as the main fuel supply.

Now, we going to focus on models that can be hooked up to your home’s utility lines. While most gas grills that are configured for propane can be converted to support natural gas, there are versions that are equipped with the necessary receptacles for convenient installation. As such, we have rounded up five of the best natural gas grills you can get.

Unlike our previous guides which had a certain price range to consider, this new one is a little more flexible. Therefore, we’re assuming that interested buyers do not consider budget as a constraint for this list. So before we get to the good stuff let’s go through some of the important points to consider before you invest some money on a natural gas grill.

Why Should You Get a Natural Gas Grill?

As we have detailed before, grilling food is perhaps the most enjoyable experience one can have at home. Moreover, it can be an opportunity to bond with family and friends as you chill out with some refreshments and scarf down great tasting meals.

Hearing the sizzle as ingredients hit the hot surface, smelling the vaporized drippings, seeing bold grill marks on meats and vegetables is enough to make your mouth water. Owning a gas grill counts as a great way to entertain guests.

Being recognized as a master of your culinary craft is an achievement most men dream of. As long as you know the basics of food preparation, it will be easy to learn the proper ways to grilling to perfection.

Skill might be a crucial part of the equation but just be mindful that top-notch cooking equipment can make a difference. A natural gas variant is a good option for those who don’t plan on moving their gas grills around too much.

What To Look For When Choosing One?

As with any tool or gear that will be subject to a lot of abuse, quality should be on the top of your list. Never rush and pick out the ones that just look visually appealing. Although attractive aesthetics can be a great addition to its feature set, what matters the most is durability. Check the warranty coverage offered by the manufacturer to have an idea as to how long the natural gas grill can last.

Some natural gas grills come fully assembled or can be put together on the spot upon delivery. If you’re the type who wants to build it from the ground up, manufacturers often ship it out with comprehensive instructions to get the ball rolling. The assembly process is also a good way for you to spot problems with the build quality.

Take into account the dimensions of the item. The numbers are often provided by the company to give buyers a rough idea of how much space the natural gas grill will take. Since you will be setting it up close to your gas utility line, it’s essential that you are aware of the measurements so that everything fits properly.


Generally, natural gas grills are intended to sit outdoors. Unless it is positioned under a roof of some kind, chances are, it will be exposed to the elements. Therefore, a high-quality model will be crafted out of heavy-duty metal such as stainless steel. This reduces the chances of heat and moisture corroding the surface and components.

The sections that are in proximity of the heat source will likely wear out faster than the rest of the assembly. Hence, verify the type of coating, insulation, and thickness of its construction. Fireboxes house the burners, flame tamers, and cooking grids. Meanwhile, the durability of the lid should be on par since it will be subject to high temperatures when closed.

Some brands go the extra mile to coat the surfaces with porcelain enamel to boost its resistance to corrosion. While it does make the grill more durable there are certain maintenance procedures that can prolong its usage. Just be aware that improper cleaning procedures can cause the coating to chip off.

Powder-coated sections should be noted because underneath the paint is just average steel panels. Steer clear of models that cut corners by using this process. While thicker components present more advantages, the trade-off is that the weight will likewise double. Nevertheless, this should not be a problem since most natural gas grills are intended to stay in a place close to the fuel source.

Flavourizer Bars or Flame Tamers

Don’t you ever wonder where that mouth-watering aroma comes from when you’re grilling? Maybe your guests are blown away with the flavour-packed goodness of a steak, burger, sausage, and other ingredients that a freshly taken off the grill. Marinades and spice rubs are just a piece of the puzzle because drippings and juices that turn into vapour are the key to grilling goodness.

The liquids that fall down into the firebox can actually damage the burners if left continually exposed. Therefore, modern gas grills often utilize flame tamers or flavourizer bars for a two-fold approach. As the names imply, it primarily functions as cover that catches debris and liquids that fall off of the cooking grids.

It prevents flare-ups that can quickly burn food and efficiently distributes heat to the grill’s surface. Secondly, it vaporizes the juices and drippings, which rise back up to infuse with the ingredients. It’s best to keep the lid closed for certain periods during the cooking process to let the smoke circulate and permeate the treats sitting on the grill.

These are often fashioned out of stainless steel with some models using heat-resistant ceramics or a combination of the two. Without proper care, over time, this section might need to be replaced or serviced by the manufacturer.

Cooking Grids & Warming Racks

This is where most of the action takes place on a natural gas grill. Grill grates or cooking grids as others call it are the surfaces that come into contact with your good. Buyers should examine the thickness of the grates as well as the spacing. The thicker it is, the more heat retention and caramelization it will provide.

Go for the ones that have tighter spacing in between the grids, smaller food items will less likely drop into the flame tamers and burners below. Warming racks, on the other hand, are a handy feature to have on the grill. These allow you to keep food from getting cold on a plate and can also cook ingredients that might quickly burn on the primary cooking surface.

Based on what we pointed out beforehand, stainless steel is the ideal material for these components. Some cooking grids use cast iron with a porcelain coating for corrosion resistance. It’s preferable that you go for the former if you don’t want the headache of regularly ordering replacement grill grates when the warranty is up.

Burner Type and Quality

Next up are the parts of a gas grill that should withstand heat, corrosion, and ingress of various debris from the cooking surface. Burners are considered as the most crucial component of a gas grill and should be a priority when browsing through its features.

For superior performance, stainless steel is once again the best option for its material. However, you might encounter some tube-style burners that appear robust but are actually susceptible to damage due to the thickness of its construction.

Cast stainless steel variants should last longer former and are covered by a lengthy manufacturer’s warranty than other components. Don’t forget to inspect the flame tamers as well for added protection from debris and liquids.

Natural gas grills with more burners are the most versatile options out there. Owners can enjoy more temperature zones to cook different type of ingredients according to their respective heat requirements, as suggested by grilling experts.

Some models include infrared searing areas on the primary grilling area, side shelves, or at the cooking grid level. These are great add-on functions that will quickly get a nice caramelization on your good to lock in the juices.

Compatible Accessories

A great gas grill is the one that is adaptable to the owner’s cooking needs. Conventional offerings will often ship with basic functions but can accommodate accessories such as wireless thermometers, pizza stones, smoker boxes and more.

Another cool accessory to have is a motorized rotisserie attachment. You can easily spot a grill that can use one by the structure of the lid. These models sport a dedicated cutout on each side of the cover with a mounting bracket to hold spit rod.

Since we are talking about natural gas variants, it is likely that a power outlet is accessible within the fuel utility line area. Most rotisserie add-ons are motorized and will need to be plugged in. If you love cooking kebabs or prefer to grill your ingredients with a skewer, some brands offer special brackets

Then there are grill covers, which are often included for free by some brands. It is a simple yet effective solution to keep dust and moisture away from your gas grill you plan to keep it in storage for a while.

Lid Design

Depending on what you are planning to cook on your natural gas grill, it might be wise to check the specifications of the lid. The height from the grilling surface to the top of the lid when it’s closed will matter. You want enough clearance for bigger food items such as poultry for rotisseries, beer-can chicken, and more.

Some brands flaunt a tempered glass panel section on the lid, which an awesome bonus. This minimizes the need to open the cover to see what’s happening inside. Furthermore, this keeps the heat consistent throughout the cooking process.

Another common, but integral feature of a gas grill lid is the built-in thermometer which even lower-end models have. It is a convenient component for monitoring the temperature within the enclosure.

Extra Features

You’re probably eager to go out and get a brand new grill by now. According to some of the tips we have been highlighting above, having additional features will add value to your next purchase. Performance-wise some premium models will likely match others that are in the same range.

Therefore, to make it more interesting, our team is looking into some nifty functionalities that are not necessarily crucial. However, elements such as backlit control knobs, built-in lighting, bottle openers, tool hooks, flash tubes, and more will enhance the user’s experience.

Bear in mind that these extra perks are another criteria that will help us in our task to choose the best natural gas grill. So, let’s take a look at the top five brands and models we have narrowed down and select a winner at the end.

Review of The 5 Best Natural Gas Grills

1. Weber Summit E-670 – $2,799

[amazon box=”B003FZB8W6″]


  • Six 10,000-BTU burners
  • Rear-mounted infrared rotisseries burner
  • The integrated lighting system on the control knobs and lid handle
  • Tool hooks on each side shelf
  • Motorized rotisserie system included
  • Low-BTU burner with a smoker box
  • 9 mm diameter stainless-steel cooking grids
  • 10-year warranty


  • Expensive price point
  • Battery-powered rotisserie motor

Let’s start this guide off with a Weber gas grill. This is probably the first high-end model we will showcase the comes with almost all the bell and whistles one would want in premium natural gas grill. It is six-burner configuration, which hints at a wide primary cooking space and a broad number of temperature zones at our disposal.

To give you an idea of the space you need to accommodate this monster, we’re going to look at the dimensions provided by the manufacturer. It stands 50.5 inches high, 74.1 inches wide, and 26.5 inches deep. You’re looking at 624 square inches for the main grilling area and a 145-square inch warming rack. Overall, buyers get to enjoy approximately 769 of cooking space.

Each of the burners under the firebox is rated at 10,000 BTU for a grand total of 60,000 BTU of heating performance. The sear station burner is rated at 10,600 BTU, while the side burner clocks in at 12,000 BTU. Then there’s the stainless-steel smoker box with its own dedicated burner at 6,000 BTU and finally the rear-mounted infrared rotisserie burner with 10,600 BTU

As you can see, with the Summit E-670, you’re getting insane versatility that you won’t find on regular gas grills below the price range. The control panel even features backlit control knobs for low-light use, which combined with the integrated lighting system on the lid handle makes nighttime grilling even more enjoyable.

Earlier, we talked about accessories and this gas grill is peppered with them. There’s the smoker box that will smoulder wood chips with its low-BTU burners for that intense smoked flavour. Then here comes the star of the show, which is the motorized rotisserie system to grill poultry and other food items to perfection. When not in use, just flip down the motor and store the rotisserie accessories.

The 9 mm solid stainless-steel rods of the cooking grids are arranged with excellent spacing with multiple stainless steel flavourizer bars shielding the burners below them. For added corrosion-resistance, the lid is coated with porcelain enamel to provide a layer of durability at the same time.

Each of the stainless-steel side shelves are armed with three front-mounted tool hooks for convenience. With covers for the rotisserie motor and side burner that sit flush when closed. This gives users an additional meal-prep area which is always welcome when grilling for a lot of people.

This freestanding natural gas grill comes with a two-door storage cabinet below to store your grilling tools and accessories. The four swivel casters are there to help with mobility and two have locking mechanisms for stability.

2. Blaze Professional On Cart – $4,399.98

[amazon box=”B00KCK58CS”]


  • Thick commercial-grade heavy-duty steel components
  • 12-mm hexagonal stainless-steel rods on cooking grids
  • 54,000-BTU output from three burners
  • 304 Cast stainless-steel H burners
  • Rotisserie attachment included with rear-mounted infrared burner and waterproof motor
  • Removable warming rack
  • Double-lined lid
  • Illuminated control knobs
  • Flame-thrower ignition system integrated into the knob-turn motion
  • Hybrid configuration for freestanding or built-in setups
  • Interior lighting system
  • Lifetime warranty for most components with only a few exceptions
  • Convertible to propane gas


  • Expensive price
  • No side burners
  • No tool hooks

Somewhere at the beginning of this buyer’s guide, we specified that price is not a factor for the natural gas grills we have included. With that disclaimer out of the way, check out the Blaze Professional On Cart. You might have noticed that the name is somewhat odd, but it describes this cooking equipment perfectly.

You see, this model features a firebox that can be removed from its freestanding cart accessory for those who want to build it in. This alone could not justify the high cost of ownership for this item, but the manufacturer gladly reveals why it’s asking for a pretty penny.

Blaze claims that it uses commercial-grade heavy-duty stainless-steel components. On top of protection from corrosion, the thickness of the metal panels it uses far surpasses that of other natural gas grills in its range. In fact, the company states that except for lighting, ignition, and the electronic systems, it will honour a lifetime warranty for its product.

Although it is not indicated, we can already speculate that the weight will make it difficult to shift around. Nevertheless, being a natural gas grill, owners normally keep it stationary unless it’s absolutely necessary to move it somewhere else.

Take control of your grilling needs with three 304 cast stainless-steel H burners. The number might be lower than other brands, but each can output up to 18,000 BTU. Combined, buyers have 54,000 BTUs at their fingertips with 816 square inches of cooking space available. Just in case the push-and-turn flame-thrower ignition system fails, each burner comes with a dedicated flash tube for a manual start-up.

In addition to the main grilling functions, the 10,000-BTU infrared burner combined with the detachable rotisserie kit is likewise included. Plus, Blaze confirms that the motor is waterproof for extra reliability. The cooking grids sports 12-mm stainless-steel hexagon rods with a removable warming rack attachment.

Each flank of the grill features a tuck-away side shelf, but no side burners. This might be a dealbreaker for others so just keep it in mind for now. The double-lining of the lid is an excellent two-fold solution to keep the heat in and prevent discolouration to the outer surface. The control panel houses four illuminated control knobs for low-light visibility in tandem with the interior lighting system of the primary grilling space.

Finally, the cart attachment is likewise crafted from stainless steel and features two drawers with a single cabinet door, plus four industrial-grade casters for mobility. With a compatible conversion kit, owners can keep the propane tank within to protect it from the elements.

3. MHP WNK 4 – $1,129

[amazon box=”B003G79M58″]


  • 40,000 BTU output
  • FlavorMaster porcelain briquettes
  • Modular nature of the grill
  • Folding stainless-steel side shelves
  • High-profile lid enough to hold large food items for grilling


  • Two burners only
  • Missing functionalities for its price
  • Additional upgrades will make it more expensive than the competition
  • Cast aluminium cookbox not as durable as stainless steel

Most of the natural gas grills we have been featuring now and on the previous buyer’s guides we’ve uploaded appear to have one thing in common. Most of the freestanding models that have graced our pages are equipped with casters for added mobility. However, WNK 4 from MHP is somewhat unique because it is intended to be bolted down in place.

This is nothing to worry about because the manufacturer also offers various mounting solutions if ever you change your mind late on. Going back to our topic, this here is for owners who want to secure their cooking equipment in place. It is probably for aesthetic purposes or space constraints, but as long as it performs according to what the manufacturer promises, it should be good enough to recommend to our readers.

Its firebox features a total of 642 square inches of grilling space – 433.50 inches for the primary cooking surface with an additional 208.50 inches for the secondary section. Instead of the usual stainless-steel flame tamers, the WNK 4 comes with FlavorMaster porcelain briquettes. These are held in place with stainless-steel brackets. When not in use, the stainless-steel side shelves can fold down

There are only two stainless-steel dual-burners with a patented “H” design, but both are rated at 20,000 BTU each for a total of 40,000 BTU. This is an impressive number for a natural gas grill with only two burners. Owners can start the grill using its electronic ignition. The high-profile lid has cutouts and a bracket for an optional rotisserie system and enough space large cuts of meat or poultry.

For the price, it seems that this natural gas grill is missing some functionalities. Nevertheless, it seems MHP is marketing is as a modular model. Buyers have the option of decking it out according to their needs. Despite its shortcomings, we have intentionally included this natural gas grill to remind our readers that not all expensive grills offer the best value for consumers.

4. Broil King Regal XLS Pro – $1,669.99

[amazon box=”B01MRUDCKS”]


  • Six burners divided across two cookboxes
  • Control knob lighting system
  • Flav-R-Wave flame tamers
  • 1,000-square inch grilling area
  • Warming racks
  • Motorized rotisserie system with rear-mounted burner
  • Commercial-grade side burner
  • Aluminium condiment holders with tool hooks
  • Level Q leg-leveller mechanism for stability
  • 9mm stainless-steel grill grates


  • No infrared burners
  • Cast iron cooking grids have no enamel coating
  • Zinc-coated steel components susceptible to wear
  • No interior lighting

This is by far one of the biggest gas grills we have featured on our list and we are excited to see what it brings to the table. Upon looking at the design of this massive grilling machine, we can see two separate cooking areas with their own respective lids. Each of the covers is equipped with their own integrated Deluxe Accu-Temp temperature gauges for curated cooking performance.

Talking about size, the Regal XLS Pro stands 49.2 inches high, 24.8 inches deep, and a remarkable 70 inches wide. As expected, this behemoth of a gas grill clocks in at 255 pounds, but mobility won’t be an issue with the four 3-inch locking casters on each of its legs. Moreover, the Level Q leg leveller mechanism should keep it stable once it where you need it to be.

There are a total of six heavy-duty, stainless-steel, dual-tube burners with a patented design, that are backed by a 10-year warranty for outstanding durability. Four are allocated for the larger grilling section, while another two service the secondary firebox. Each one is capable of 10,000 BTU to deliver up to 60,000 BTU in total for the main burners.

The cooking grids on the primary cookbox flaunt 9mm stainless-steel rods, while the secondary cookbox uses heavy-duty cast-iron grill grates. Stainless-steel Flav-R-Wave flame tamers are available on both sides to distribute heat and send the drippings upward as a flavourful vapour to infuse your meals.

In the meantime, the commercial-grade 10,000-BTU side burner is within reach for sauces and other stuff you need to cook in a pan or pot. Another welcome feature is the motorized rotisserie assembly that is accompanied by a 15,000-BTU rear-mounted burner.

Turkey, chicken, and other food items can be spit roasted with ease. Overall, owners are looking at about 1,000 square inches of grilling space including the two porcelain-coated warming racks. Owners who regularly have large groups of people dropping by will have no problem grilling up grub to keep guests happy.

Batteries power the Sure-Lite electronic ignition system as well as the control knob lighting system. The stainless-steel side shelves feature cast aluminium condiment holders with tool hooks. These lets you use the surfaces for prep work before cooking and serving meals.

5. Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 – $1,952.49

[amazon box=”B07MBLQ3M7″]


  • Heavy-gauge stainless steel construction
  • Comprehensive warranty coverage
  • 80,000-BTU grilling performance
  • RGB Spectrum Night Light system
  • SafetyGlow system
  • Integrated ice bucket
  • Built-in bottle opener
  • Motorized rotisserie function with rear-mounted infrared burner
  • Infrared Sizzle Zone burner
  • Dual-layer stainless-steel flame tamers
  • Interior grill lights
  • Tool hooks


  • Four burners only
  • Electronic functions require the grill to be plugged in
  • Not convertible to propane gas

Napoleon might not be as renowned as Weber, but for those who are shopping on the high-end spectrum, the Prestige Pro 500 touts a multitude of features that you would want on your new gas grill. To check if this model can fit your intended cooking space, the structure measures 51.75 inches tall, 25.50 inches deep, and 66.50 inches wide.

A natural gas grill of its size should be adequate enough to cook up to 31 burgers at the same time thanks to 900 square inches available on the primary cooking space. Drippings, sauces, and juices are instantly vaporized by the stainless-steel sear plates, which are arranged in a dual-level setup for superior heat distribution and burner protection. Meanwhile, the 9.5 mm stainless-steel Wave grill grates impart signature marks on your food.

Don’t be confused by the number of control knobs, because this bad boy is only equipped with four stainless-steel burners. However, each is capable of producing up to 20,000 BTU for a total of 80,000 BTU of heating performance. The instant Jetfire ignition system ensures a quick start-up so owners can spend more time grilling than getting the fire started.

Furthermore, Napoleon gives you an Infrared Sizzle Zone that can quickly heat up to 1,800F within 30 seconds on the left side shelf. If that’s not enough, just assemble the Rotisserie attachment and fire up the rear infrared burner to spit roast whatever you desire.

Never let the dark ruin your fun as the Prestige Pro 500 features an RGB Spectrum Night Light system, which allows you to customize the lighting of the control knobs. Moreover, the SafetyGlow functionality gives you a visual cue when the knob is activated for added security.

Another awesome feature is the proximity lighting that automatically activates once you’re nearby. Equally notable are the interior grill lights that improve visibility in low-light conditions.

We know grilling good food and a cold brew of your choice goes hand-in-hand, which is why this grill comes with an integrated ice bucket found on the right side shelf. Pop open the cabinet doors to find a built-in bottle opener that just within reach. The space normally occupied by the tank in the propane model becomes extra storage space for your favourite tools and accessories.

The company understands that a natural gas grill is an investment. Therefore, most of the components are crafted our of heavy-gauge stainless steel and are backed by a lifetime warranty, while the others that are subject to wear from normal usage are assigned a 10, 5, and 2-year coverage with an additional 50 per cent discount for replacement parts. This model is shaping up to be one of our favourites already.


It will be difficult to pick out a winner from the models we featured on this buyer’s guide if the price was a factor. The insane number of features available on high-end brands can easily put those we previously reviewed to shame. Nevertheless, we found that among the possible candidates for the best natural gas grills, the Blaze Professional On Cart is a solid purchase.

The performance it can deliver proves that as long as the equipment matches the features that will benefit the user, the money you pay will be worth it. Outstanding durability will make maintenance practically effortless. On top of its build quality, this grill can start off as a freestanding model but can be removed from the cart if ever the owner decides to build in.

Even the rotisserie attachment is designed for superior reliability thanks to the waterproof motor and stainless-steel components. Other stuff we love about it is the interior lighting system and illuminated control knobs, which are cool add-on features for grilling well into the night.

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