The 10 Best Home Office Desks – Work From Home In Comfort

Finding the perfect home office desk for you is a very personal decision. Maybe you work from home and need a durable, spacious desk to work at, or maybe you just need a budget desk as you won’t use it too often. If you’re a gamer, you’ll know the importance of having a suitable gaming desk, that’s for sure. Or maybe you have limited space and you’re looking to maximize it with the perfect desk.

Whatever your reason for looking for the best home office desk, we’ve come up with a range of options for you to choose from, ranging from budget-friendly to pricier options with extra features. There’s a little something for everyone.

Best Desk For Working From Home

If you work from home, you know how important it is to have a comfortable and functional workspace. Nothing inhibits productivity like lounging around in your bed with your laptop on your knees rather than sitting at a comfortable desk. Let’s take a look at some awesome desk options for those of you that work at home.

1. Teraves Reversible L Shaped Desk

[amazon box=”B07VYJMDHT”]

Quick Facts

Type: L-shaped

Size: 68.9 x 53.15 x 29.53”

Storage: 2 shelves

Material: Metal and particleboard

Color(s): Black Oak, Dark Teak

The Teraves L Shaped Desk is an ideal office desk if you’re working from home. Firstly, it’s stylish and they’ve opted for a black oak finish or dark teak which are both refreshingly different to the usual white or pine colors.

As it’s reversible you can decide exactly where you want your desk to go and adapt it to suit you. They’ve even rounded the corner so it can be placed in the middle of a room without worrying about the sharp corner.

Another great thing about this desk is the large work surface. The longer side is almost 70” and the shorter side is 53” so you’ve got plenty of space for multiple monitors, documents, a laptop, writing space, and anything else you might need.

There’s also extra storage space underneath in the form of two open shelves. Just to top it off, Teraves have included a hole for a monitor mount at the back of the desk and they’re throwing in a free CPU stand!

2. TOPSKY Rustic Computer Desk

[amazon box=”B07RGLW1CW”]

Quick Facts

Type: Flat

Size: 55 x 23.6”

Storage: 1 shelf

Material: Metal and CARB P2 Class Board

Color(s): Industrial/Rustic Brown, Natural, Oak Brown

TOPSKY is a relatively young brand with a vision. And yes, that vision includes beautiful office spaces across the country with stylish, practical, and unique office furniture. If you prefer a simpler office desk for working from home, you need to check out the TOPSKY Rustic Computer Desk.

It has that industrial, rustic look with sturdy metal legs and a dark brown wood style top. Sometimes simplicity is key, and this desk proves that. With a 55 x 23.6” workspace, there’s plenty of space for a monitor or two as well as your other work supplies.

Underneath the desk, running the entire length is a shelf. It’s tucked at the back so it’s ideal for storing your headphones, documents, or things you want to keep out of the way. The shelf is 8.46” deep and 11.4” high, so it’s just large enough for tucking your electricals and router out of the way. Ultimately, a very stylish desk that would fit right into any contemporary office space.

3. Monarch Specialties Corner Office Desk

[amazon box=”B07G827CSX”]

Quick Facts

Type: L-shaped

Size: 60 x 47.2 x 29”

Storage: 5 shelves & 3 drawers

Material: Wood

Color(s): Brown, Grey, Taupe

Monarch Specialties have created a beautiful office desk that would be ideal for anyone working from home. It offers more storage than the other desks we’ve featured so if this is high on your priority list this could be the ideal desk for you. There are two side drawers as well as a filing cabinet drawer so you can keep all your work documents handy and organized. There are also three small cube shelves, ideal for books or storage boxes, and then two long shelves which are ample room for your other items.

There’s also plenty of space on the desk-top with about 60” of length one way and 47” the other way. That’s enough space for multiple monitors or whatever set up you would like. The desk can be set up with left or right configuration so you can get it just the way you want.

With a stylish and attractive reclaimed wood look, this desk would really complement any office space and you can choose from brown, grey, or taupe.

Best Desk For Gaming

For those gamers out there, this section is just for you. You need a little something special when you’re purchasing a gaming desk; it can’t just be any old thing. If you’re anything like me, then you’ll be spending many (possibly too many) hours at this desk, and therefore getting the right one is all the more important. Let’s see what options are out there.

4. EUREKA Ergonomic Z60 Gaming Desk

[amazon box=”B07KQV6YML”]

Quick Facts

Type: Flat

Size: 60.2 x 23.8 x 30.9”

Storage: None

Material: Metal

Color(s): Black/Red

EUREKA is a well-known name in the gaming desk department and for good reason. They’re mad about gaming, just like you, and they want their desks to be the most practical and stylish as possible. The Z60 is evidence of this with a super cool Z-frame and RGB mood lighting. There are 6 colors and you can choose from a single color or multi-color light show.

It’s not all style though, manufactured with strong and durable metal, this desk is practical too, with a weight limit of 220lbs. That’s very reassuring as your valuable and loved gaming equipment is going to be on this desk and we all know it can get heavy. EUREKA has also opted for a carbon-fiber textured desk top that’s EPA certified and shielded against damage.

Although this desk doesn’t offer much in the way of storage, EUREKA does have multiple bundles and add-ons you can purchase including a gear rack bundle that’ll hold your controllers, headphones, and a cup.

5. YIGOBUY Computer Gaming Desk

[amazon box=”B07RYCVQ3K”]

Quick Facts

Type: Flat

Size: 45.3 x 27.6 x 30”

Storage: Cup holder, headphone hook

Material: Metal

Color(s): Black/Blue

The YIGOBUY Gaming Desk is very similar in style to the EUREKA, with a Z-frame and cool, stylish design. This option however is much more budget-friendly so you do miss out on the RGB light feature that the EUREKA has. On the other hand, this desk does include a cup holder and headphone hook.

The carbon fiber desktop is elegant-looking and practical too. It’s waterproof and scratch proof so your desk will be kept in tip-top condition for as long as possible. The simple design means you can use this as a gaming desk or a regular office desk.

6. AmazonBasics Gaming Computer Desk

[amazon box=”B07QX2BYDH”]

Quick Facts

Type: Flat

Size: 51 x 23.4 x 35.8”

Storage: Cup holder, headphone hook, games rack, charging station, speaker and controller storage

Material: Metal

Color(s): Black, Black/Red, Black/Blue

If you really want a dedicated gaming desk you might be put off by some higher than ideal price tags. That’s why Amazon has created this totally functional gaming desk for a very reasonable price. It’s a very simple black design and looks similar to a regular office desk, just with some added gaming features.

For example, there’s storage for headphones, a drink cup, speakers, and controllers! That’s not all though, there’s also an under-desk basket, games storage rack, and a charging station for your devices.

When you’re gaming for long hours you might experience some neck pain from looking down slightly at the monitor. This can be alleviated with the monitor stand fitted to this desk that’ll accommodate a screen up to 32 inches. This desk also comes as black with red trim and monitor stand or the same but with blue.

Best Space Saving Desk

When it comes to choosing a new home office desk, sometimes size is the deciding factor. If you’ve only got a small space you don’t want to overcrowd it with a huge, imposing work desk. Sometimes the best things come in small packages and that saying rings true when it comes to these space-saving desks.

7. Yoleo Computer Desk with Shelves

[amazon box=”B07YYB4GN9″]

Quick Facts

Type: Flat

Size: 53.54 x 23.62 x 43.7”

Storage: 4 shelves

Material: Steel and composite board

Color(s): Walnut, Black

Yoleo has manufactured this super simple and elegant computer desk that wouldn’t look out of place in any stylish office. It features sleek black legs and a walnut or black desktop. With just under 42” on desktop space, this isn’t the largest desk but it’s still ample space for a computer monitor and other office supplies.

When it comes to saving space, it’s not all about finding a desk with the smallest footprint but one that maximizes the footprint that it does have. This desk is actually 53.54” long because there’s also a shelving unit on the side with 4 open shelves. That’s not all; there’s a shelf that runs along the entire length of the desk underneath. This will save you space because you won’t need a separate shelving unit in your office too.

8. South Shore Axes Desk

[amazon box=”B07QQH8423″]

Quick Facts

Type: Flat

Size: 19 x 41 x 37.8”

Storage: 3 shelves, 1 drawer

Material: Not specified

Color(s): Weathered oak

South Shore is committed to manufacturing high-quality, affordable, and stylish furniture. Their Axes Desk has a stylish weathered oak finish which would fit well into almost any decor. This compact desk is your ultimate space saving office desk, with a small footprint, just 41 x 19”.

Not only is it compact but it has a bunch of handy storage features. There’s a 6” deep shelf that runs the entire way along the desk, with two cubby holes underneath for organizing your workspace. Then there’s the keyboard tray, 1 desk drawer, and 2 adjustable shelves.

It really combines all the storage you expect from a huge workstation and puts it into a compact, functional design. Although it’s on the small size there’s still enough room for a laptop or monitor as well as some papers or stationary. The shelf that is above the desk could even double up as a monitor stand to give you extra room on the desk.

Best Budget-Friendly Desk

Unfortunately, sometimes money can be a deciding factor when figuring out which home office desk you want. Some luxury desks can cost upwards of $1000! But don’t worry; we’ve found some totally awesome desks that come in at under $100.

9. VASAGLE Rustic Computer Desk

[amazon box=”B0823B125H”]

Type: Flat

Size: 39.4 x 19.7 x 29.5”

Storage: None

Material: Steel, Particleboard

Color(s): Black/Rustic brown

VASAGLE has a huge collection of stylish furniture. They all have the same rustic brown/industrial look to them, including their Rustic Computer Desk. It has a very simple design with no extra storage but the simplicity means it’ll fit effortlessly into any room in the house.

It’s also versatile. It can be a computer desk, writing desk, make-up station, dining table, or sideboard just to name a few. It wouldn’t be out of place in an office, living room, bedroom, teenage room, garden, or kitchen! It’s only 39.4” long so it won’t overpower a room and can fit into most small rooms. And all of this style and versatility for under a hundred bucks!

10. Furinno Econ Multipurpose Computer Desk

[amazon box=”B00E3V3YX2″]

Type: Flat

Size: 39.4 x 34.1 x 15.75”

Storage: 2 shelves, 1 storage box

Material: Composite wood

Color(s): Black, Colombia Walnut, Dark Walnut, French Oak Grey, Sonoma Oak, White

Furinno has created this awesome budget-friendly computer desk that doesn’t skimp on storage. The desk features a shelf that is slightly raised from the desk so it can be used for office supplies or as a monitor stand. Underneath this is a very tall shelf that you would have no problem storing large folders on. Going down another level, there’s a non-woven storage box.

All of these awesome storage features are packed into a tiny footprint, just 39.4 x 15.75”! If you are a little environmentally conscious then you’ll be pleased to know the composite wood that this desk is made from comes from Malaysia and made from 95-100% recycled materials! And yes, this desk comes in at under $100!

So, Which Desk Should I Buy?

Well, that is entirely up to you but hopefully, we’ve given you some food for thought. Prioritize what is most important to you (budget, size, purpose, etc) and then go from there. Either way, there are some truly awesome brands featured here that all strive to make useful, durable, and stylish home office desks so check out more options from them if you’re still undecided!

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