Best Electric Shavers [UPDATED 2022] – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Choosing the best electric shaver for 2022 is not an easy task, especially when there are hundreds of options out there and all manner of features. There are a select few, however, that are proven to provide a great close shave, are comfortable to use and won’t irritate your skin.

Editors Pick

Braun Series 7

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The Stand Out Shaver of 2022

If we were to pick just one electronic shaver to buy, It would be Braun Series 7 799cc, even the professional barbers agree with us and you can read more about their thoughts here – 13 Professionals Reveal their Best Electric Razor

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There is also the consideration of battery life, whether it offers Wet&Dry technology and of course the accessories. Today, we’re going to break all of that down for you and reveal our top electric shaver and you will find everything you need to know in our Electric Shaver Buyers Guide which was compiled with the help of 13 industry professionals.

Below is a table that compares the top 6 electric shavers. Each and every product is chosen by our professionals.

Without further delay, let’s jump in and reveal the best electric razor to buy in 2022.

Best Electric Shaver 2016

After countless hours of research and testing, we understand why the 799cc is the best electric razor in 2022. It has been rocking the market since 2010 and will continue to do so for a good few years to come.

Before continuing this review, it’s important to point out something that was shared with us by professional barber Steve Kithe from Premium Barbershop:

Electric shavers are intended to to provide a comfortable and fast shave for todays modern man.

So, their first job is to provide comfort while shaving, which is why Braun is leads the market with the World’s most comfortable electric shaver.

Review: Braun Series 7 799cc

Braun Series 7 799ccThe Braun Series 7 799cc has all of the features of an advanced electric shaver with very few cons. The head of the razor is shaped to reach every area of your face, including the neck and jaw-line.

The blades are very sharp that provide you the closest possible shave of any electric razor. When it comes to comfort, no other brand can compete with Braun.

It produces 10,000 micro vibrations per minute, which means it produces tiny waves that prop up the hairs, which are then cut instantly.

This shaver has 3 modes to choose from according to your skin type. Those 3 modes are:

  • Normal
  • Extra Sensitive
  • Intensive

What About Battery Life?

The battery life of this shaver is great and you can easily get 65-75 minutes of usage on a single charge as show from real-life tests. However, the Braun does state that it provides up to 50 minutes of usage from a single charge, so you can see that this is a very conservative estimate and it certainly over delivers on battery life, which is where so many electric shavers fall short.

One of the primary features you should consider when buying a shaver is the warranty, which is often overlooked, and the 799cc comes with 2-year warranty with the option to extend that with a personal care protection plan, which is a smart move when investing in a quality razor.

You can read the full review of Series 7 here.

There is only one drawback with this electric shaver and that it is quite loud. Well, considering that all of the foil razors on the market are louder than their rotary counterparts. The only problem you are going to face with the loud noise is that it means it is not suitable for use in a library 😀

Braun 799cc vs 9095cc

Braun Series 7 vs Braun Series 9

First of all, before moving on with the Pros and Cons of both of these models, let’s have a look at Comparison Chart Below.

We have picked the latest models of both of the series and compared them side-by-side. We have picked the 799cc and 9095cc from the Braun Series 9.

Braun Series 7 Braun Series 9
Quadruple Action Cutting System No Yes
Personalization Modes Yes No
Pivoting Shaving Head Yes Yes
Trimmers inside Head Has sonic technology which works with the Triple action cutting system. It has both HyperLift & Cut and Direct & Cut
Wet&Dry Technology Yes Yes
Corded Shaving Yes No
Micro Vibrations per minute 10,000 40,000
Current price in the Market

Now you can see the difference in both of these series very clearly. Only a few drawbacks in the series 7 while there are still some features missing in the series 9.

The Braun series 9 shaver delivers 40,000 vibrations per minute however, you really won’t notice the difference. 10,000 vibrations are enough to provide you with a very close shave.

If you have a really thick beard, then you may need to consider a razor with 40,000 vibrations /minute. If that is the case, then you should go for the Panasonic Arc 5 and not the Braun.

The Series 9 contains 2 trimmers in the head of the shaver whereas the old series 7 contains only 1. These 2 trimmers are known as HyperLift&Cut and Direct&Cut.

  • The HyperLift&Cut trimmer catches the flat-lying hairs by lifting them before cutting
  • The Direct&Cut trimmer catches the hairs which grow in different directions

Only the Series 7 has got the ActiveLift trimmer, which essentially does the same job as HyperLift.

The latest series 9 model, the 9095cc can’t be used with the cord plugged in. Which is one of the biggest issues with this model and that’s why it is continuously overlooked in favor of the series 7, as that can be used with the cord plugged in.

The series 7 also has the personalization modes. Which means you can choose the mode of shaving that is suitable for your skin type, another feature that is missing in the latest series 9.

Here are a few other reasons you should buy Braun Series 7 799cc:

  • It is recommended by 13 Professional Barbers
  • It has all of the features you want and it is cheaper to the less desirable Series 9.
  • The Series 7 790cc is the most popular electric razor, even though it is missing the Wet&Dry Technology.
  • It is one of the most recommended on Shaving Forums.
  • Replacement parts for the series 7 are cheaper when compared to the Series 9.

How we picked the Best Electric Shaver 2022?

As a consumer, you are probably overwhelmed with the sheer number of shavers on the market today, which is why we decided to break them down into our tried and tested top 5 and reveal the ONE razor which can beat all of the others.

Still, you might be thinking how we came to choose the Series 7 as the best electric razor? Well, we’ve certainly done our research, we have personally checked each feature and compared the top products to declare the Braun Series 7 799cc as the Best Electric Razor to buy in 2022.

What’s more, we pulled in 13 Professional Barbers to give us their opinion.

Here’s what we asked them:

If you could buy just 1 electric razor, which one would it be and why?

Let’s take a look at the results…

  • Braun Series 7 790cc – 5 votes
  • Panasonic Arc 4 – 3 votes
  • Philips Norelco 8900 – 2 votes
  • Panasonic Arc 5 – 2 votes
  • Fade Master – 1 vote

Continue reading to discover why the Braun Series 7 is the professional’s favorite.

Winner: Braun Series 7 – The Best Electric Razor

Braun Series 7 799CC

799CC is currently the latest model released by Braun in the series 7 and now proved as one of the most favorite electric shavers of the Professionals. Even listed in the Best of Braun electric razors.  It has much more plus points as compared to the negative points. Braun series 7 was launched back in 2010 and still rocking the market.

According to Braun, it provides 50 minutes of shaving from a single charge, but according to Amazon Reviews and our tests you can easily get 60 – 65 minutes of shaving per charge. 10,000 micro vibrations and the ActiveLift trimmer will provide you the best shaving experience.

Wet&Dry Technology allows you to shave under shower using gel foam or Dry. It’s 100% waterproof, so don’t you worry using it under the shower. Easy to clean with the Alcoholic cleaning system.

Our Top 6 Electric Shavers Reviewed

1. Braun Series 7 790cc

[amazon box=”B003YJAZZ4″]

This is universally considered one of the best shavers in the world and for good reason. The innovative design and great functionality make this an amazing investment for any man who loves a close shave and wants to take good care of their skin.

Although this one is on the pricier side, you really get what you pay for in terms of durability and performance quality. It is so good, it is even highly revered by professional barbers and hairstylists.

This is a foil shaver that really contours to your face and neck to reach every hair. It has multiple cutting technologies that sit on the top, so they move and adjust as you shave to ensure that your skin is smooth with no nicks or bumps.

It has two layers of Braun’s OptiFoil technology, which is what provides the flexibility and comfort as you shave. In the middle is a layer of ActiveLift trimmers. These cut any hairs that are laying flat or growing in a different direction than the rest of your beard, which is a feature that many other popular shavers do not have. The razor can also cut hair as short as 0.05 mm.

This is also a smart shaver that can sense denser areas of hair and will increase power as necessary in order to attack it head on. In fact, it can use up to 10,000 micro vibrations per minute.

Because it is so powerful, it can be quite loud, which is a drawback for some but is generally considered a small price to pay for a great quality shave.

The Braun 790 also offers personalization with three different shaving modes. They range in sensitivity, going from insensitive to normal to extra sensitive. This allows you to choose what kind of shave you want depending on your own personal needs, and also to switch between modes for different parts of your face and neck if you need to. With the different modes, you can really customize your shaving experience in a way that just isn’t possible with other products.

Finally, the Braun 790 is very easy to clean and charge. It comes with a personalized cleaning and charging station that is designed specifically for the razor. To use, all you have to do is insert the head of the shaver into the cleaner and select the settings you want.

It uses five steps to completely clean the blades and remove hair, plus it lubricates the razor for a more comfortable shave next time. Once it’s done the cleaning, it also dries the razor for you to keep the metal in great condition and save you time.

You can then flip the razor over to charge it. The battery life on this razor is incredible, lasting well over an hour off of just one charge. Overall, the product is very durable and will last you a long time, continuing to provide great quality shaves over and over again.

Additionally, the product comes with a standout 2-year warranty and an optional protection plan to ensure that if your razor is damaged, you will be able to replace it.

2. Braun Series 9 9095cc

[amazon box=”B012DITQYM”]

This is another very reliable razor from the Braun company that many people love. It has many of the features of the series 7 but also has several differences.

Although it is not quite as well-loved as the series 7 version, it is still a very good heavy-duty razor for the man who needs a consistently strong shave every time. The biggest difference between this and the series 7 is the price – this one costs almost twice as much.

However, it is stronger, with 40,000 micro vibrations per minute. Although 10,000 vibrations per minute is very powerful, this option might be preferable for someone who needs an extremely close shave. The other major difference between the series 9 and the series 7 is the lack of the personalized shaving modes on the series 9.

The series 7 has three different settings for various levels of sensitivity, while the series 9 does not.

This is an extremely aesthetically pleasing product, with a beautiful chrome finish and a design that is easy to hold as you shave. The charging station also looks very nice sitting in your bathroom, which is an added plus.

The charging and cleaning station is very efficient and has the same technology that the series 7 does to clean the shaver completely, dry it, and lubricate it for a close and comfortable shave next time.

It is an alcohol based charging station, so it ensures that the razor is completely hygienic. It also has an incredibly powerful battery life, just like the series 7, and charges very quickly.

The series 9 has the same two flexible foils on either side of the shaving end to contour to your face and ensure that your shave is close and comfortable with no nicks or bumps. However, unlike the series 7, it has two trimmers instead of one.

The first is called the Hyper-Lift & Cut trimmer, which lifts any hairs that lay flat in order to trim them evenly and close to the skin. The second is called the Direct & Cut trimmer, and it pushes all the hairs in the same direction before cutting them to ensure a smooth, close shave.

This technology ensures that there are no stray hairs left behind. It also comes with a pop-up trimmer, which helps you trim hair manually as needed.

This is a great choice for someone who needs the absolute closest shave out there and is willing to splurge on it. However, the customer should be aware that there are a few drawbacks when compared to the series 7 and some other Braun models.

It cannot be used while it is plugged into the wall, which means that you have to wait for it to finish charging before you can use it. It also does not have the personalized shaving modes, which are a big selling point for many people.

However, if you don’t mind these differences, then this one is likely a great fit for you.

3. Panasonic Arc 5

[amazon box=”B005GNL5G4″]

Panasonic is another brand that is highly respected among barbers for their great quality shavers. The Arc 5 is one of Panasonic’s best models. It is very high powered and is designed for amazing performance. In particular, this shaver is known for giving a very intensely close shave with a smooth finish.

This is because this shaver has five blades, which makes it virtually impossible for it to miss a hair. They are angled at 30 degrees and are some of the sharpest on the market, so they will take hair right off at a very comfortable angle.

The foils on the Arc 5 conforms the contours of the face, so you will feel very comfortable using it for many different purposes. It also has a pivoting head, which makes it even more flexible and easy to use. The motor works at 14,000 cuts per minute, which is extremely powerful and is perfect for cutting through a dense beard.

When you use this shaver, you won’t feel any weird pounding, pulling, or scraping, you’ll just feel your hair gently coming off for smooth, gorgeous skin. There are three different types of foils on this shaver. One is a trimmer, which cuts flat hair and ingrown hair.

There are then three traditional foils that cut through longer, dense hair. Finally, the finishing foil cuts through everything else to make sure that no hairs are missed. If you need to touch anything up manually, there is a side trimmer that pops out as well.

The Panasonic Arc 5 comes with a cleaning and charging dock that works quickly and efficiently. The razor has a display that tells you exactly how much charge you have left on the machine, so you know exactly when to charge it, but it maintains the highest level of power up until the end of the charge.

The cleaning station is not as advanced as the one for the Braun shavers, however, the shaver itself does clean very easily when placed under running water.

The biggest disadvantage of this shaver is that it can be a little bit too powerful on sensitive skin or thinner beards, causing irritation. Although it will leave you feeling smooth afterward, some customers have said that they have an itchy sensation when using the shaver.

To prevent this, it is important to use a good, moisturizing aftershave that will keep your face feeling very healthy.

If you do have a very dense beard that is difficult to shave, this is definitely the product for you. It is extremely powerful and can remove full sections of hair without leaving any trace behind. The shave is very close and smooth as well due to the five different foils.

It also works very fast, which is a huge plus for anyone with a dense beard or thick hair. When using this shaver with thick hair, it is very important to clean it regularly so that it does not get clogged up and lose any of its performance quality.

4. Panasonic Arc 4

[amazon box=”B002N5MHLU”]

This model is in the same family as the Arc 5, and it provides many of the same benefits that that shaver offers. However, it comes with a much more affordable price tag, which makes it a good choice for customers who want the benefits of the Arc 5 but are looking to save a bit of money on a high-quality shaver.

The biggest difference between this model and the Arc 5 is that this one only has four blades. However, the blades are still very sharp and angled for a close shave, perfect for thick or coarse hair.

It has the same dual motor that offers 14,000 cuts per minute for a fast, efficient shave that will get rid of hair quickly and efficiently, without having to go back over the same areas twice. The dual-motor technology lifts the hair up from the skin, making it much easier to cut smoothly.

The dual-motor technology lifts the hair up from the skin, making it much easier to cut smoothly.

The foils on this shaver are comfortable and can contour to your face, which minimizes pain or irritation. However, because it is so powerful, it still may be a bit much for those who have sensitive skin – a problem that was also seen with the Arc 5.

The head also pivots to adjust to the contours of the face and neck, just like the Arc 4. It comes with a pop-up trimmer on the side to tackle small, pesky hairs, and it also works both in and out of the shower.

The other big difference between this shaver and the Arc 5 is that it does not come with the same charging dock. You have to buy a charging dock separately from Panasonic. The model you buy will affect the battery life, as some chargers last much longer than others.

This also means that the shaver needs to be cleaned manually with water, which may be a downside for some people. However, the shaver does still have the same visual indicator that the Arc 5 has, so you can see exactly how much battery is left before you need to charge it.

Just as with the Arc 5, this shaver is great for those who have very thick or dense beards but need a close shave quickly. It does not work as well for those who have sensitive skin or thinner hair, as it might cause some irritation.

This is a great affordable option for those who don’t want to splurge and spend hundreds of dollars but still want a shaver that works well and is durable and reliable.

5. Wahl 8061

[amazon box=”B000FJ2I2O”]

If you want the best shaving option on a budget, then the Wahl 8061 is definitely your best bet. Although it is a fraction of the price of many of the other shavers on this list, it still provides a great quality shave.

It is particularly good for anyone who has sensitive skin and cannot use anything too powerful that might cause redness, irritation, or cuts. The Wahl 8061 has two coated hypoallergenic foils.

This is great for those with sensitive skin or allergies because it is designed specifically not to cause irritation. The coating is also antimicrobial, so bacteria will not build up in the shaver and transfer onto the skin.

This shaver is also very small, travel-friendly, and easy to use, which is perfect for someone who needs to bring their shaver on the go with them. The foils work well on many different areas on the face, and because of its small size, the shaver is easy to maneuver to get a close shave anywhere.

This may take a bit of practice at first if you are used to working with a larger shaver, but over time you will find that the Wahl is very convenient. It works very fast and does not require multiple passes to get a close shave.

In addition to the foils, it has a pop-up trimmer on the side that makes it very easy to clean up any hairs that may be left behind after shaving. Although it is made of plastic, it is designed to be durable and easy to grip.

If you like, you can also add two or three-year protection for the product for a very small price, which can extend the life of the shaver even more in case it does incur any damage. Its lightweight also makes it very convenient for travel.

You can use it with and without the cord as well, so you can shave while you are charging the product.

Consumers who have sensitive skin and have experienced problems with other shavers love this option because it is designed with comfort in mind.

Because it does not have any of the same pulling actions that other shavers use, you do not get ingrown hairs, bumps, or redness. However, this shaver may not work for users who have extremely thick beards, as it is not designed to cut long hair.

You need to have the hair already trimmed close to the skin for this shaver to remove it. You will also need to be careful about cleaning this shaver to make sure that it does not get clogged up, as it does not come with a cleaning station the way that some other, more expensive models do.

The shaver is also known for getting hot very quickly and also for vibrating while it shaves, which may be a disadvantage for some.

The other major con that is often cited with this shaver is the charger. Because it is less expensive than many other shavers on the market, the charger is not as high tech as many other, similar options, and therefore does not last as long.

However, Wahl customer service is very good, and you may be able to get the broken parts replaced for free if this does happen. You can also repurchase parts of the razor, such as the foils or the cord, to help it last even longer. Because the shaver is so inexpensive, to begin with, you really get good bang for your buck this way.

Overall, this shaver works very well for many different uses. It is one of the best travel shavers on the market because of its small size and lightweight. It also works very well for those with sensitive skin because of its gentle but effective foils and hypoallergenic coating.

Finally, it is ideal for those who need to shave often because it is designed for stubble-length hair. If you are on a budget or looking for a new razor that fits these descriptions, this is likely the perfect choice for you.

6. Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D

[amazon box=”B003V37ZDS”]

This shaver is slightly different from the others on this list in that it is a rotary shaver instead of a foil shaver. Because of this, it works well for tackling large areas like the head and neck as well as the face.

Rotary shavers are very comfortable and flexible and can cover a large area of skin much more quickly than a foil shaver. This shaver works both wet or dry, as is standard for most electric shavers, and it has AquaTec technology, which makes it very comfortable to shave either way.

It has a low friction, slightly lubricated seal that makes it very comfortable to shave dry, but it also works well with water or shaving cream without getting clogged.

This shaver has three rotary heads, each of which has three shaving tracks with different functions to remove all of the desired hair. The heads can flex and tilt to adjust to the curve of your face as necessary, and they can also pivot around hard surfaces like the jaw area.

Since they are so large, they also catch a huge amount of hair that other shavers would miss. The three shaving tracks on each head are designed to catch hairs of several different lengths and thicknesses, and move them all in the same direction so that you get a nice, even shave.

This shaver also comes with Philips’ Lift & Cut dual-blade system. This is similar to the technology that Braun and Panasonic have with their shavers. It lifts up any hairs that are lying flat before cutting them for a more even result.

Because of this, you’ll experience fewer ingrown hairs or instances of an irritation than you would with knockoff shaver brands that don’t have this technology. Like many other shavers, this product also has a pop-up trimmer on the side of the product to help shape facial hair as needed.

The sleek design of this shaver also is a great selling point. It looks very appealing with a dark chrome finish and ergonomic design that makes it very easy to hold as you shave.

Although it has a long handle, it is still very light, which makes it ideal for travel. It works both with and without the cord, so you can take it with you on the go or use it while you are charging it.

Another very unique feature is that it automatically adjusts voltages depending on where you are in the world, so you can use it internationally without worrying about destroying the product. It has a solid battery life at 50 minutes – not as amazing as some of the other shavers on this list, but definitely well above average.

It also charges relatively quickly, in one hour, and has a quick charge option that will power you up for one shave if you need it in a hurry. It has a touch control display that is very simple and comfortable to use and will inform you of exactly how much battery is left on the shaver.

Overall, this is a great shaving product for anyone, but it works particularly well for those with a lot of facial hair or those who like to shave their heads.

It is extremely comfortable for shaving your entire head, especially when compared to many of the other shavers on this list that simply cannot contour in the same way that this shaver can.

The only major con is that the battery is not replaceable, and the shaver as a whole is difficult to replace. This means you need to take very good care of it, as you will have to completely buy a new one if it becomes damaged.

The price of the shaver is in the moderate price range, but you can add product protection for an additional fee.

Replies of the Professional Barbers

Now let’s have a deep look at their responses. All of the responses are in order. The 13 Professional barbers and blogs who answered to my question are:

  • 1) Allen from Ben’s Barbers
  • 2) Billy from Belmont Barber Shop
  • 3) Chris from The Professional Barber Shop
  • 4) Frank from Frank’s Barber Shop
  • 9) Mark from The Barber Shop
  • 13) Tyler from Joe’s Barber Shop

Bens-Barber1) Allen – Ben’s Barbers

Well, it is really hard to choose a shaver which can satisfy all of my needs. But if I had to live with just 1 shaver, it would be the Philips Norelco 8900.

This is a rotary shaver which is good to shave heads, beards and other areas of the body. I have found it to be a really a good shaver. However, I personally prefer manual razors over electric shavers, no electric shaver can beat the closeness of manual razor.

2) Belmont BarbershopBilly – Belmont Barbershop

Braun Series 7 – Braun provide the most comfortable shave over any other brand. So I would recommend you any electric shaver from Braun. Expensive? Yes and No. The latest series 9 from Braun is and you can buy that one if you can afford it.

But I really think the series 7 provide ample power and functionality. You will get the same razor and foils in that model.

You know Braun is just like Apple, every time they release very similar products and just make a slight design, name and price tweak. So if I had to buy an electric shaver, I would do myself a favor and go for the Series 7.

With that said, I still shave with razors, I don’t use electric shavers at all. But if ever I would buy one it would be Braun.

Professional Barber Shop

3) Chris – Professional Barber Shop

With the blink of an eye, I would choose Panasonic Arc 4.

  • I have found this one to be great for novice and professionals alike. You will not have to worry about it being too fiddly at all.
  • This is ‘skin irritation-free’ electric shaver.
  • It makes less noise as compared to the other top brands.
  • You have 4 blades which can be useful when shaving your beard, a thick beard or any type of beard for that matter.

Frank Barbershop

4) Frank – Frank’s Barber Shop

A simple answer, you get what you pay for with electric shavers. The best company by far is Braun. They are simply the best brand, which provides a comfortable, smooth and fast shave.

Of course, you are also looking for speed and convenience, right? Which is why are you looking for an electric shaver…So, I would buy the Braun 7 Series, this is a happy medium in that it’s not going to cost me too much and delivers as much if not more than the more expensive options out there.

GroomNStyle5) Men Grooming Blog – GroomNStyle

Panasonic ES-LV81 ARC 5 came out trumps in our in-house testing and we vouch for it.
Having said that, Braun has really upped their game since the release of 799cc.
This can only be good for the consumer!

But if I have to choose only one, I would go for the Arc 5.

Stag Barbershop6) Jess Stern – Stag Barber Shop

I prefer Braun Shavers over any other brand. Braun has built a lot of great Trimmers and razors over the years and I am a big fan of the company as a whole.

In addition, my boyfriend loves traveling and the model I recommended to him back in 2013 was the Braun 790CC, which he has and is still going strong. For a more up-to-date suggestion, I believe the latest model now is the Braun Series 7 799CC.

barber room 3067) Joey Maksumov – Barber Room 306

If I were buying an electric shaver, I’d get latest in the Braun 7 Series. Because for me, it’s Braun or nothing. Go for the latest model, however, I bought the 790CC back in 2011 and it is still working like a charm.

Braun is the king of shaves in America, just go for the Braun Series 7.

Elegant Barbershop Inc8) Maksim Khon – Elegant Barber Shop Inc

Panasonic Arc 4.
Just go for it. It will not disappoint you. In fact, it will make your life easy.

It’s the best electric razor for men, good for thick beards, neck hair, and all of the other body parts. I recommend Panasonic Arc 4 for sure.

The Barber Shop9) Mark – The Barber Shop

First off, choosing just one electric shaver is a hard decision! Shaving is so dynamic because a single shaver is not good for the head, beard, and other body parts.

I would require more tools, but if you want me to choose only one then I would choose a Panasonic Arc 5. It has 5 blades and that will suffice for most types of shaving.

State Street Barbers10) Mike Malik – State Street Barbers

I personally use a Braun 790CC. Yes, I am a professional barber certified from ‘The American Barber Academy and I don’t shave with a manual razor because I find it irritates my skin far too much.

My skin is very sensitive and the Braun offers a nice alternative. I recommend you give the Braun 799CC a try as it is the latest/most affordable wet/dry shaver on the market.

Slavic Arunov11) Slavic Aronov – Bedford Barbers

It actually depends on a number of things…are you shaving your head, beard, back or just trimming a mustache? They all require a different approach.

But if I have to choose only 1, then I would definitely go for the Fade Master.

It’s actually a hair clipper so it’s perfect for us barbers…but if you can get the guards with it, that is a plus and you can have a close shave with it.

premium barber shop12) Steve Kithe – Premium Barber Shop

Electric shavers were introduced to provide a comfortable and fast shave. Still, there are a lot of brands out there making selling a large number of products without providing a good experience. Which is why I still recommend manual razors.

However, to suggest an electric shaver then I would recommend the Philips 8900.

joe's barber shop13) Tyler – Joe’s Barber Shop Chicago

Panasonic has built a number of great electric shavers. Their latest Arc 4 and Arc 5 are best for close shaving.

Well, a single extra blade in the Panasonic Arc 5 won’t make much of a difference to you. The Arc 4 is enough to take care of a complete body shave. It’s easy to clean and easy to shave. One of the most comfortable and irritation-free shaving products.

So, if I had to rely on a single electric shaver only, I would buy the Panasonic Arc 4, do yourself a favor and get the best.

Professionals Recommendation

After speaking with around 13 Professional barbers and asking them a simple question.

“If you could buy only one Electric shaver, which one would it be?”

The clear winner was the Braun Series 7 799cc, which received 5 votes and beat all of the others hands down. I have written a complete article on it which can be found here. Our Expert Barbers like Billy from Belmont Barbershop and Frank from Frank’s Barber Shop vouched for Braun Series 7.

Who else recommends the Braun Series 7?

This is a very technologically advanced razor designed to give a close shave, even when hairs aren’t standing up using their Pulsonic micro-vibration technology. They have put in significant engineering effort to get the most out of a foil shaver, and you won’t be disappointed.

This is the best foil razor on the market. If you’ve been thinking about buying a foil razor, just buy a Braun Series 7. They are so good that they’re hard to critique! – Russell C, Pauper’s Dime

During several test shaves I felt not a pull, tug, or even the suggestion of pain while trimming down my face. What was most notable compared to other electric shavers I’ve tried in the past was the 790cc didn’t require multiple drive-bys to finish off all the hairs; most sections required no more than two passes, including those annoying flat hairs on the neck, to leave what felt like a nearly-razor shave smooth finish. – Steven Leckart, Apartment Therapy

This one has micro-vibrations (10,000 strong) and a special function that captures-matted down hair while the head adjusts to the contours of your face. Also, it’s easy to clean and charges up fully in just five minutes.Matthew Bell, Esquire – Matthew Bell, Esquire

Braun advertises up to 50 minutes per charge from this foil shaver, but we regularly got more than 75. Although the three-head business end boasts a relatively small surface area, the oscillating middle head delivers 10,000 vibrations per minute. – Steven Leckart, Wired

Final Words – Wrapping it up

Best Electric Shaver for MenNo doubt you are searching for the Best Electric Shaver, and hopefully, your search ends here. The Braun Series 7 is deemed the best for close shaving, provides the most comfortable shave and is good for any type of beard, thick, light and everything in between. It

It has 3 modes (Normal, Extra Sensitive, Intensive) and has the much sought after Wet/Dry technology. Give it a try,  you will find it the best shave you’ve ever had…as we did.

Electric Razor Buyers Guide

When buying an electric shaver, there are a few things you need to think about before you make a final purchase, regardless of which model you end up going for.

Whether you purchase online or in-store, you should run through this checklist prior to making any purchase to ensure that you end up with the perfect shaver for you.

Here’s what is most important to consider when purchasing an electric shaver.


You want to make sure you buy a razor that can adequately cut through the type of hair that you are trying to shave. Most electric shavers will mention in their product description exactly how many cuts per minute they can make. The level of power will also determine how fast the shaver works.

Number of foils/blades

Most electric shavers have more than one foil, each with a different purpose that is designed to manage different types of hair. Some of the shavers on this list have as many as five different foils. If you have particularly coarse or difficult hair, you may need more foils than someone with normal to thin hair.


The comfort level of a razor is very specific to the person using it, but there are certain features that can make a razor more comfortable to use than others. You should always look for flexible foils that are designed to contour to the face as you move. If you are particularly sensitive to razor burn, look for coated hypoallergenic blades that will prevent bacteria from building up after each shave.

Battery life

If you plan on traveling with your shaver, then this is a particularly important factor when choosing a model. The longer the battery life of the shaver, the better. You will also want to read up on exactly how long it takes to charge the shaver and ensure that the shaver has a display that tells you how much power is left for convenience.

The materials that your shaver is constructed from are very important to consider as well. A shaver that has a replaceable battery and is made from metal parts is going to be much more durable than something that is made completely of plastic. Even though you may have to pay more for a shaver that is more durable, it will end up working out in the long run because you won’t have to pay to replace it.


Before deciding on an electric shaver, you will need to decide exactly how much you are willing to pay for it. There are great shavers available for every budget, however, you should be aware that you often have to pay more to get truly amazing quality.

Foil Shaver over Rotary Shaver?

Foil Shavers vs Rotary Shavers
Rotary shavers are those which contains multiple circular trimmers in their head. Those are good for people with sensitive skin and also good for shaving head. Foil Shavers have straight razor bars that move smoothly on your skin surface and provide the more close shave than Rotary Shaver.

Foil shavers make more a lot more noise than rotary shavers because they contain a powerful motor, so that’s not a big issue. You want the closest possible shave with the desired comfortability and as long as you are getting that, the noise wouldn’t be an issue for you. But, if you prefer Rotary shaver, then I will suggest you to stop reading it and have a look at the Best Rotary Shavers by Philips.

Corded and Cordless Shavers

All of the advanced electric shavers are chargeable and cordless. They come with the charging dock and can be used cordlessly. So it gives you the freedom to move around while shaving, and also you can take your shaver on short tours without charger and cord.

You can also use these shavers with the cord plugged in. It means that if you have no battery at all and you required to shave, you can plug in the cord and use the shaver.

Braun Series 9 9095cc can’t be used with the cord plugged in and that’s why it is not a recommended model by Professional barbers. But Braun Series 7 799cc can be used with the cord plugged in and it’s a Wet Dry Electric Shaver.

Waterproof and Wet&Dry Technology

We prefer the electric shavers which are 100% waterproof and have advanced wet/dry technology. So you can use those shavers either on your dry skin or with Foam and Gel to get a smooth and irritation-free shave.

The earlier model in the series 7, 790cc was missing the wet&dry feature. Now that is available in the latest Braun 799cc. That is the reason we prefer 799cc over 790cc.

Automatic Program Selection

The shaver will select the shaving intensity according to your skin sensitivity automatically. Or you can choose the program manually.

Also, the shaver has 2 buttons which are ‘+’ and ‘-‘, you can press the + button to increase the speed of the motor to get the possible closest shave or if you have a sensitive skin you can decrease the speed of the motor by pressing – button to get a comfortable shave.

Electric Shaver FAQs

If this is your first time buying an electric shaver, or you are buying an electric shaver for someone else, you likely have several questions that you are wondering about.

Using an electric shaver can be a big change from using a manual razor blade or trimmer. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding electric shavers.

What’s the difference between a foil shaver and a rotary shaver? Which one is better?

This is likely the first question that you will have after browsing through the electric shaver options that are available online.

One is not better than the other – it really just depends on your own personal preference. Many brands actually make multiple models of both types of shavers.

A foil shaver head uses two very small blades that move back and forth, similar to the motion of scissors, but much faster and more precise. A foil shaver is shaped more closely to a traditional razor than a rotary shaver.

With foil shavers, you should always move in a straight line when shaving as opposed to going in circles. Rotary shavers, on the other hand, have three circular discs containing razors that spin around cutting your beard. With this shaver, you can work in circular motions.

Both types of shavers have their benefits and their downsides. Foil shavers are generally more powerful, particularly if you purchase a high-tech option with several different blades.

However, rotary options are better for conforming to the contours of your face and neck, since they don’t have the same hard edges that foil shavers do. Many people recommend rotary shavers for shaving the head and neck, while foil shavers are often the tool of choice for getting a close, smooth shave on your face.

However, most of this comes down to personal preference and the specific model of shaver, so you should test out both types before making a final decision if you can.

Do I really need an electric shaver? Can’t I just use a disposable razor?

This depends entirely on your personal preference and the type of hair that you have. However, if you’ve never tried using an electric shaver and are interested in how they work, it is worth it to give it a go and see what they can do for you.

Many people prefer using an electric shaver because it is much easier to get a close shave without irritation. When you use a disposable blade, you may find yourself getting bumps and nicks, particularly if you have sensitive skin or have to go back over the hair multiple times to remove it.

Electric shavers also make the general process of shaving much easier. You can go both with and against the grain of your hair, which is something that is very uncomfortable to do with a traditional razor blade.

This means that you don’t have to think as hard when you are shaving – you can just relax and remove the hair. Electric shavers also work much more quickly than using a disposable razor, and you are less likely to have to go back over the hairs multiple times.

Overall, if you have thick hair and like to shave often, then an electric shaver is likely a good investment for you. In the long run, you’ll save money on buying razors and you’ll be able to enjoy getting a great quality shave every time.

How do I clean an electric razor?

This depends on the specific type of shaver. Most shavers will come with instructions on exactly how to clean it. In most cases, you can just run the blades under the showerhead to rinse out all of the hair and debris that has gotten caught in between them.

However, in some cases, you will need to use a cleaning solution with it to ensure that everything has been removed.

Some shavers come with cleaning stations that do this job automatically. Although these razors are usually much more pricey, the cleaning station saves so much time that it is worth it for many people.

These cleaning stations will use a special alcohol-based cleaner to remove any hair and debris from the shaver and completely sanitize it. You will need to buy refill packs for the cleaner.

If I have sensitive skin, can I use an electric shaver?

Many people with sensitive skin worry about using an electric shaver, fearing that its power will be too much for them and that it will cause irritation and even nicks and bumps.

However, many electric shavers will actually reduce irritation when used correctly, particularly the more powerful models. Many times, the irritation is actually caused by moving the shaver in the wrong direction instead of the shaver’s power itself.

It helps to use a pre-shaving cream or oil to prep the skin and hair for shaving, and then to apply a moisturizer afterward as well.

How often should I replace my shaver?

This depends entirely on the specific shaver that you are using. In many cases, you won’t need to replace the shaver for years, but you may need to replace the parts at specific intervals.

Be sure to read the owner’s manual that comes with the shaver, as this will cover exactly when you need to replace the blades or the battery.

You should also always pay attention to the functionality of the shaver. If it starts losing battery life or stops working properly in any way, consider replacing it to avoid malfunction while you are using it, which could lead to injury.

An electric shaver is a great tool that every man should consider investing in. Particularly for those that shave often, or that have hair that is challenging to shave, an electric razor can really reduce the effort and stress that goes into shaving.

Electric shavers are very fast and convenient to use and are perfect to take on the go as well since they are battery-powered.

It is important to consider exactly what your needs and preferences are when choosing a shaver. There are many options at all price points, some of which are better for certain hair or skin types than others. The shavers we have covered here provide a variety of different shaving needs.