The Best Drinking Board Games For Tipsy Fun

Personally, I LOVE a good drinking game. Even if the night is feeling a little flat and people aren’t really in the party mood, a good drinking game can turn that around in an instant.

There are a few different types of drinking games out there; card games, physical activity games, regular games turned drinking game and then chance or roulette drinking games.

We’re going to try and come up with a comprehensive list for you with a little bit of everything so you can decide which drinking game is going to grace your next gathering. Well, I think you’ll all agree, it’s time for a beer before we go any further, right?

Reviews of The Best Drinking Board Games

1. Gutterhead

[amazon box=”B074G1R4N4″]
  • Type: BoardNumber of Players: 4-16
  • Play Time: 30-60 Minutes
  • Alcohol Type: Any
  • Drunk Level: 8/10

I LOVE this game. It has aptly been described as the naughty love child of Cards Against Humanity and Pictionary. You and your buddies have to split into teams. The first player draws a card and shows 1 member of each team.

They then try to draw the word and the first team to guess correctly wins and moves along the board, picking up a new card. The first team to reach the end wins. However, these words are not your average Pictionary words, they include things like teabagging, wet dream and morning wood. And those are just the ones we’re allowed to mention here!

You can play this game without drinking but the makers have kindly provided us with special drinking game rules too so you’re bound to have a great time playing this whilst getting tipsy with your friends.

2. Snakes and Bladdered

[amazon box=”B00KRGS44Q”]
  • Type: BoardNumber of Players: 2-6
  • Play Time: 20 Minutes
  • Alcohol Type: Shots
  • Drunk Level: 5/10

Ever played a classic board game and thought, you know what would make this better…alcohol. Well, I have…every time I play a board game. But that’s beside the point, Snakes & Ladders really does get more interesting when you throw 6 shot glasses on the board!

The general rules are the same but the ladders are now “Truth or Dare” squares and certain squares require you to down a full or double shot. Things could get messy! Instead of counters you move your shot glass around the board until you reach the end, or you can’t see the board anymore and everyone just gives up!

Overall, a great game to keep you occupied for a small portion of your night. Not a great “centerpiece” game as such but still good fun and usually everyone ends up having to do at least one shot. If you’re not trying to get “Bladdered” then just fill your shot glass with something weaker!

3. Beer Pong (Of Course!)

[amazon box=”B01CS9EV7S”]
  • Type: PhysicalNumber of Players: 2-4
  • Play Time: 20-40 Minutes
  • Alcohol Type: Beer or Alcopop
  • Drunk Level: 7/10

We couldn’t write about drinking games and NOT mention Beer Pong. It is the ultimate drinking game, so simple and yet so effective. You need a long-ish table to play this game. It gets harder the longer the table is so you can always increase the difficulty as time goes on.

You’ll set up your cups in a triangle shape, with the point facing your opponent. Fill your cups with your alcohol of choice. Depending on your setup, you could have 6-12 cups so choose your alcohol wisely; by the end of the game they’ll all be empty!

Then you have two ping pong balls and you take it in turns to try and get your ball in one of their cups. You have 2 turns each round. If you get it in a cup they have to drink the contents of that cup and take it away. The aim is for them to run out of cups before you.

There are always added rules with beer pong that can be discussed between your friends. A common one is if the ball hits the cup and rolls back towards you, grab it! This will give you a “trick shot” so you can have another turn but it has to be some kind of trick like eyes closed or under your leg.

This is such a simple game but SO fun and it’ll definitely get everyone at the party nice and tipsy. You can play in teams as well, taking it in turns to throw one ball each round and the added rules make it really interesting (and competitive!).

4. Tipsy Chicken

[amazon box=”B07W5P3GTD”]
  • Type: CardNumber of Players: 3-9
  • Play Time: 30-90 Minutes
  • Alcohol Type: Shots & Chasers
  • Drunk Level: 10/10

I haven’t personally played this game…yet, but it looks AWESOME. It’s basically a really messed up game of truth or dare that makes sure you get drunk AND make a fool out of yourself in front of your friends.

To start the round you choose a dare card; drink a cocktail concoction made by the other players, the other players have 30 seconds to put make-up on you that you cannot remove, things like that. If you complete the dare, you keep the card and the points that come with it. You then pick a Goat card and claim that reward for being such a brave badass!

If you don’t want to do the dare, you discard it and take a Chicken card. This is your forfeit for being, well, a chicken! The first person to reach 13 points wins! Or just play until you’re all too drunk to care!

5. Never Have I Ever

[amazon box=”B00N36C6BE”]
  • Type: CardNumber of Players: 4-12+
  • Play Time: As Long As You Want!
  • Alcohol Type: Any
  • Drunk Level: Depends on How Many Crazy Things You’ve Done!

Another outright classic is “Never Have I Ever”. Usually, when you’re playing though, the game can go a bit static if people can’t think of anything to ask. This Never Have I Ever card game removes the stress of thinking up questions and lets you focus on the important things; getting drunk and finding out all your friend’s secrets!

The game is simple. There are two types of cards; the Rule Cards and the Play Cards. The usual play is you’re dealt 10 Play Cards which all have a Never Have I Ever written on them. The first player takes a rule card and you have to complete whatever is on there. It could be something like “I get to pick any Play Card in my hand and get someone to answer it. If they are guilty they win the card”.

Each round you have the opportunity to win a Rule Card and the first person to collect 10, wins the game (and reveals a lot of funny secrets about themselves). If you’re not wanting to think about it, you can just use the Play Cards for ideas, put them all in a pile in the middle and take turns reading them out and everyone who has done it, drinks.

It’s a super simple way to get drunk and enjoy learning a little more about your party-goers!

6. Relaxdays Drinking Game Roulette

[amazon box=”B01822RM12″]
  • Type: RouletteNumber of Players: 2+
  • Play Time: As Long As You Want!
  • Alcohol Type: Shots
  • Drunk Level: 8/10

If you want a game that you can have around during a get together that requires NO explanation and gets people drunk, this is the one. It’s based on the popular casino roulette game except if you guess the wrong color the roulette will land on, you need to do a shot.

There’s room for 16 shots on here which can get refilled every time they’re drunk so there really is no end to this game. It also comes with two dice and there are numbers on each shot glass so you can add extra rules to the game if you want.

It’s not the most entertaining game but it definitely does the job and would be a good addition to a drinking games night.

7. Drinking Jenga

[amazon box=”B01E058FO8″]
  • Type: BoardNumber of Players: 2+
  • Play Time: 30 Minutes
  • Alcohol Type: Shots & Chasers
  • Drunk Level: 9/10

I personally have played this game FAR too many times but it never fails to get everyone in the party mood and having a good time! It is played just like regular Jenga except there are different rules on each block and whoever knocks it over, in the end, has to do a forfeit.

In this version, there are 60 blocks that have rules and forfeits the player MUST do. This is great for getting the drink flowing and removing the inhibitions of your drinking buddies.

Honestly, such a simple concept but so good! Trust me and give drinking Jenga a go.


That’s all we’ve got for you. 7 very awesome and very different drinking games. They all have their perks. You should just collect them all and have an epic drinking game night with your friends!

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