6 of The Best Coolers With Wheels – Practical & Easy to Haul

Coolers can safely store cold and even hot foods and drinks for prolonged periods of time. Those with wheels are harder to come by but are even more versatile.

So how can you pick ones that truly work for you? Here are the best coolers with wheels, and how and why to buy them!

Why Would You Need Coolers With Wheels?

You may already have an ordinary, non-wheeled cooler at home, or perhaps you just have never seen the need to purchase a cooler at all. But it can actually be a pretty good investment, especially if you like spending time outdoors. Here are a few reasons you may need coolers with wheels!


A large majority of individuals who go camping with family or friends may want to bring along a device that can safely store cold or fresh foods. A cooler is perfect for this purpose.

But to be able to bring a cooler over rough terrain, and potentially to locations only accessible with rough climbing effort, you’ll need one that is highly portable while still being large enough to hold a lot of items. This is where options with wheels come in.

Home Parties

Do you frequently host parties or get-togethers in your home, especially in your yard? A cooler with wheels can easily store drinks for guests while also allowing you to push it around to get to everyone.

It’s an easy way for guests to easily take what they want without you needing to run in and out of your house.

Simple Convenience

There’s no shame in wanting a cooler with wheels just for yourself and your family. It’s incredibly convenient. You can use it to safely and leisurely bring home cold, fresh items from grocery stores. You can also use it to store drinks or other items in an easily accessible way for your whole family.


In the event of an emergency, such as a natural disaster, power outages can cause food to spoil quickly. A cooler can help keep these items safe to consume for prolonged periods. In the event that you need to evacuate, a wheeled cooler makes it easy to bring food and beverages along.

Benefits of Coolers With Wheels

What good can you receive from a cooler with wheels? Is it really as useful as they say? Well, the many benefits indicate that your life will be improved by this investment. Here are those benefits!


It goes without saying that coolers with wheels are much more easily portable than non-wheeled coolers. While you can simply carry a non-wheeled cooler around, the addition of wheels reduces bodily strain and fatigue and makes the whole process more convenient.


Keeping food fresh is one of the main reasons a cooler can be so useful, as well as to maintain a pleasing temperature for cool consumables. Instead of bringing a box or container of these items around, transporting them in a cooler will ensure a lower risk of spoilage overall.


A cooler with wheels can be used for a huge variety of different purposes, and its easy-to-use wheels just add to its overall functionality. I’ve already talked about the reasons you might need to use a cooler with wheels; there are so many different purposes it can fill.

Features To Look For In Coolers With Wheels

Naturally, you have to make sure that you buy a good cooler with wheels that suits your unique needs and also meets certain quality requirements that make them worth the money. Here are some features to look for in coolers with wheels.

Type of Wheel

Most coolers with wheels can be divided into one of two general wheel types: those designed for outdoor terrain, and those designed for indoor purposes. Outdoor wheels are often larger and more rugged, while indoor ones are more dainty and small.

Buy a cooler with outdoor wheels if you play to use it for things like camping, hiking, and similar high-intensity activities. The wheels will be able to handle uneven ground, rocky pathways, and other similar roads.

If you’ll only be using your cooler in areas where the ground is paved, tiled, or smoothed in some way, you can opt for a type that uses indoor wheels. Do note that the wheels may become damaged if you attempt to bring it over rougher ground.

There are also wheels that fall in between these two types for a more balanced approach. These are the most versatile, though they may face wear and tear damage on rough terrain.


There wouldn’t be much point in buying a cooler that isn’t the right size. If it’s a cooler meant for just your family, smaller ones work best. If you often bring drinks for big parties or groups of people, go for something larger.

A too-big cooler, when not full, can cause its contents to move around a lot, jostling and harming them. A too-small cooler, when too full, will likely cause damage, spilling or breaking to both the cooler itself and its contents.


Harder coolers are good for items such as drinks, especially in cans and bottles. If you plan to fill the cooler with ice, a harder material will keep liquid in and serve as a reliable base for items to go inside.

Softer coolers are good for food items, or other items which may easily become crushed or damaged. However, take care to ensure that you don’t squish its contents by accident!


The most popular type of handle for a cooler with wheels is a telescopic handle. This is the kind that you can push in and out as needed, and it usually has an adjustable height. This is my favorite kind of handle to go for – it’s convenient because it can collapse and release whenever.

Many coolers have different types of handles. Standard basket carrying handles are very common. These allow you to easily carry the cooler if you want to, instead of wheeling it around. It’s up to you if this, or other handle types, will work best for you.

You should also pay attention to the handle height when you purchase a cooler with wheels. A very short handle means your back may hurt if you pull it for too long, while a very long handle could be awkward to tow.

Top Coolers With Wheels Reviews

1. Igloo Ice Cube Roller Cooler

[amazon box=”B002VQ9PU2″]


  • A locking telescopic handle allows for easy pulling
  • Handle height is adjustable
  • Comes with 4 cup holders
  • Made by a well-known cooler brand
  • Mostly leakproof for ice and cold items


  • Is not the best at keeping ice unmelted for very long periods of time
  • No transport handle
  • Wheels are somewhat small, causing instability, and they do not swivel
  • Cannot take a lot of weight on the lid
  • The handle may not be sufficiently durable

The Igloo Ice Cube Roller Cooler is a large hard cooler product that has a 60-quart capacity that can hold about 75 cans. It comes in a simple cubic design that is surprisingly ergonomic and is easy to lift, pull, and bring around. Its large interior provides a special space to store all your drinks and food, and an additional 4 cup holders are molded into the lid of the cooler.

This cooler uses a telescopic handle that locks easily, allowing it to be pulled along through a wide variety of different terrain. It is operated with the use of a push-button release, which allows you to easily control the length of the handle.

Its wheels are relatively small but still, do the job across rougher ground. I dragged it across rocky and uneven roads and found that it held up well, even though it could get unstable.

Though not designed as a serious expedition cooler, this product can keep ice unmelted and products cold, if packed correctly. It is lightweight in design, allowing it to be easily pulled around, carried, and moved as desired, though it does not have a carrying handle.

It is also relatively leak-proof, keeping your consumables safe within, and a drain plug allows easy emptying.

You can buy this cooler in two colors, red and blue. If you’re looking for a good, convenient cooler on a budget that is versatile and simple, the Igloo Ice Cube Roller Cooler may be a helpful choice for you.

2. YETI Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled Cooler

[amazon box=”B07FXMVMKS”]


  • Holds ice for extremely long periods of time, often up to more than a week, and it still continues to keep drinks cold after that
  • Very hardy and heavy-duty, making it great for rough outdoor expeditions
  • Wheels are resistant to impact and punctures
  • Easy to tow behind you thanks to curved design tracks
  • Heavily armored and very durable, making it very difficult to damage
  • Made by a well-known brand


  • The large bulky size makes it unwieldy
  • Very heavy, even when empty, making it difficult to move on your own
  • No additional accessories available
  • Very highly-priced (see are Yeti coolers worth it?)
  • Despite its heavy-duty nature, wheels are not treaded
  • May develop leaking issues

The YETI Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled Cooler is the brand’s first rolling cooler. It is made to be extremely heavy-duty, preventing it from sustaining any damage, even across extremely rocky, difficult, and wooded ground. This is due in part to its rotomolded construction, which acts as additional armor to this product.

This wheeled cooler uses an arm handle that is designed to allow you to tow it behind you when you walk, hike, or participate in other physical activity. This handle is made from welded aluminum and makes use of comfortable grips to prevent slipping and hand fatigue.

On top of all that, this cooler may be an excellent choice for those who need ice to last for long periods of time. This would have been pretty useful for me when I needed a cooler for a week-long camping trip.

This cooler is specially insulated, which makes it a good option for particularly long expeditions, as it can maintain a low temperature in scorching heat for days on end.

Meanwhile, this cooler’s wheels are made with never flat technology, which consists of a single-piece construction that is resistant to high impact and punctures.

These wheels also have designed tracks that allow the cooler to be easily pulled and turned in different directions. If you need a truly rugged and very durable cooler for difficult camping trips and are happy without the bells and whistles, the YETI Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled Cooler could be the best option for you.

3. RovR Wheeled Camping Rolling Cooler

[amazon box=”B07DRMJ99Z”]


  • Very hardy and heavy-duty, making it great for rough outdoor expeditions
  • An optional bike attachment (sold separately) allows you to trail the cooler behind you with ease
  • Extremely durable, protecting it from all sorts of potential damage
  • Pneumatic, treaded tires make it work well on all terrain
  • Numerous additional accessories add to this cooler’s versatility
  • Holds ice for long periods of time


  • The large bulky size makes it unwieldy
  • Very heavy, even when empty, making it difficult to move on your own
  • Very highly-priced
  • Condensation may form under the cooler if you place ice inside it

The RovR Wheeled Camping Rolling Cooler is a large, heavy-duty cooler with a rotomolded design that can hold 60 quarts of contents at once. Designed to work exceptionally no matter where you take it, wide treaded wheels on a pneumatic system allow this cooler to easily glide across roads, sand, trails, and more.

This cooler is compatible with a wide range of accessories, some of which need to be purchased separately. Personally, I’m a fan of coolers that manage to be as versatile as possible, and attachable items are a great way to do so. It can come with lanyard bolts, cup holders, dry storage, a cutting board, and much more. This cooler can also be brought with you attached to a bicycle!

A watertight seal and rubber locking mechanisms help to guarantee the foolproof protection of this cooler from animals, leaks, and the elements. For better portability, an easy-to-use towing handle can be used to pull it along on various excursions.

If you’re looking for a complex and very hardy, rugged cooler that you can bring virtually anywhere and are able to handle the heaviness and bulkiness of it, the RovR Wheeled Camping Rolling Cooler may work for you.

4. Coleman 42-Can Soft Cooler

[amazon box=”B006HFB7UY”]


  • Anti-microbial and resistant against fungus, mold, and mildew growth
  • Uses a removable liner that is easy to clean and pack
  • Seams are heat-welded to reduce the risk of leakage
  • Extra storage space available in additional pockets, a storage pouch, and bonus lid bungees
  • Despite the soft structure, the liner is hard and plastic so ice can be packed into the cooler, giving you the best of both worlds
  • Made by a well-known outdoor product brand


  • Handle does not lock, making it occasionally inconvenient
  • Wheels are somewhat small, causing instability, and they do not swivel
  • Does not roll well over sandy or dirt-covered ground
  • Supporting legs may not be particularly durable

The Coleman 42-Can Soft Cooler with Removable Liner & Wheels is designed for convenient portability to outdoor events, including sporting events, picnics and parties, and even camping. It has the capacity to hold 42 cans within a zippered main compartment. It also boasts 2 side pockets made of mesh, a front pocket, a storage pouch for dry goods, and lid bungees.

This cooler with wheels has a soft body, but can also be used for packing ice thanks to a hardliner that comes with the product. The double ability of this cooler is one of my favorite things about it – it’s not restricted to just one form. This liner is FDA approved, allowing it to be used safely with food, and the cooler itself is treated to be anti-microbial. To prevent leaks, this cooler’s seams are heat-welded.

This product uses a telescoping handle that is retractable but not lockable. Personally, I find that this makes it difficult to move around as the handle shrinks back down quickly. It uses relatively small wheels, but can still handle some rough terrain. Its structure allows it to be easily maneuvered in a wide variety of situations. Additional side handles allow for more carrying options.

This cooler is available in two colors, blue and grey. If you are in need of a low-cost cooler that is versatile enough to handle indoor and outdoor motion, and not for extremely treacherous terrain, you may enjoy the Coleman 42-Can Soft Cooler with Removable Liner & Wheels.

5. Clevr 80 Quart Rolling Cooler

[amazon box=”B072BW2HB6″]


  • Bottom tray adds an element of stability as well as extra storage
  • Extra accessories, such as a bottle opener, allow for even more convenience
  • Good height allows easy access without bending over
  • Sturdy and durable with a classy design
  • Lined injection foam allows for better insulation


  • The lid does not close tightly, so it may be easily opened when left unattended
  • Lack of lid closure means ice can melt quickly
  • Not suitable for any sort of rough terrain
  • Drain portion may leak
  • Color may fade with sun exposure

The Clevr 80 Quart Rolling Cooler is a simple party an event cooler that can hold around 70 cans or 50 bottles. It cannot handle rough terrain but you may find it to be a good choice for use indoors or in your backyard.

It is made from a durable combination of resin rattan, steel, and polypropylene plastic, which makes it sturdy and long-lasting. Its lid easily flips open and is entirely removable to give you more usage options.

This cooler is lined with injection foam insulation made from polypropylene. This allows it to keep cold drinks cool and ice unmelted for long periods of time.

Its wheels are relatively large for its overall size, allowing them to roll smoothly and provide stability as you push it around. Its friendly height also means that you and your guests can easily reach within without needing to bend over.

This cooler with wheels is a good mix of style and function, which I personally like when hosting gatherings. It comes in 3 colors all made with a woven rattan wicker surface, and there are also plenty of additional accessories that come attached.

As an example, this cooler boasts a built-in bottle opener, a drain spout for easy cleaning, and a cap catch tray. There is also a lower serving tray that can easily hold plates, mugs, and other items while providing a little added stability. If you need a cooler primarily for home purposes, especially for serving guests, the Clevr 80 Quart Rolling Cooler may be the best option for you.

6. VINGLI 80 Quart Wagon Rolling Cooler

[amazon box=”B07PDCWHFK”]


  • Large tires are easy to move across different terrain types
  • Highly versatile for indoor and outdoor use
  • Extra accessories, such as a bottle opener, allow for even more convenience
  • The lid can be opened from two directions for easier access
  • Caster wheels can be locked to prevent unwanted movement


  • Relatively niche design is unusual and may not be easy for everyone to use
  • May not be sufficiently durable for very heavy loads
  • Can be difficult to turn if very full or heavy
  • The lid is not foolproof and may be easily opened

The VINGLI 80 Quart Wagon Rolling Cooler is a hard rolling cooler with an unusual design. Primarily, it has the appearance of an indoor or party cooler for serving guests, but it also has large, treaded wheels that can handle rough terrain to a certain extent. These inflatable wheels make the cooler easier to maneuver unless it is burdened by very heavyweight.

This cooler with wheels can hold around 96 cans, and it can maintain the coolness of drinks in ice for around 48 hours. It uses a very long handle that allows you to very easily pull it along. Plus, a lid that can be opened from both sides can help you and your family or guests to easily grab what they want.

On top of that, this cooler comes equipped with useful extra features for added convenience and functionality. This includes a bottle cap opener, complete with a catcher for the caps, as well as a detachable pipe drain.

This cooler is available in three designs. If you are seeking a primarily indoor cooler that can also handle some minor outdoor excursions to the occasional beach or park, the VINGLI 80 Quart Wagon Rolling Cooler might be your best bet.


So, which of these excellent products should you go for? Personally, I have to tip my hat to the Igloo Ice Cube Roller Cooler. It provides more versatility across different terrain types compared to the other options.

It uses good wheels and a telescopic handle for easy maneuvering, it is made from a durable yet cost-effective hard material, and it has some good bonus features,

Of course, the product that works best for you depends largely on your unique needs and preferences. Don’t be afraid to shop around to compare the different products available until you find one that sufficiently suits your needs.