5 of The Best Built-in Gas Grills Money Can Buy

We’re happy that our readers are sticking by and enjoying our buyer guides for one of the best cooking equipment out there. So far, we have covered propane gas grills and natural gas grills. On top of that, we’ve probably given you an idea of the features that come along with the product.

When it comes to functionalities, both types of fuel do not really matter. Besides, most manufacturers offer conversion kits to allow owners to switch between what is available at any given time. Now, we’re looking at something entirely different, wherein buyers might have plans to integrate the assembly into a structure.

Therefore, we will be doing a quick overview of what to look for when shopping for the best built-in gas grill. As you’ve probably already guessed, these types of grills are unlike freestanding ones that are mobile.

Therefore, proper measurements will be critical in order to have a proper installation. Nobody wants to own an ill-fitting gas grill to stick out like a sore thumb when hosting an outdoor party. As such, you will notice that we will list the measurements provided by the manufacturer to help you out.

What Makes A Built-In Gas Grill Better?

In general, the type of gas grill has a negligible impact when it comes to function and performance. There are only two fuel types available anyway, and both are essential in order to cook your food. What will probably matter though is the design, the size, and the build quality.

Unlike freestanding models, built-in types do not come with lower section or cabinet, yet usually include the crucial sections such as the cook box, burners, flame tamers, cooking grid, and the lid. While it’s not necessarily better than its freestanding counterparts, owners have the option of designing an outdoor island or counter to house it for aesthetic purposes.

By far, its biggest caveat is that it will require a lot of work to properly set up. On the flip side, this would make for an enjoyable project for those of you who love the occasional DIY work.

However, depending on where you want to build it, it might require the help of professionals who can do the wiring, gas lines, and other utilities.

How To Get Started Properly When Handling A Built-In Gas Grill?

If you have been reading our previous guides, you most likely have a general grasp of what to look for in a gas grill. Now that we are dealing with built-in models, this guide will be tweaked with instructions provided by experts on how to safely and correctly prepare for the installation after you have purchased the model of your liking.

Keep in mind that some houses have outdoor kitchen spaces equipped with utility lines. If not, make sure to take care of it prior to purchasing your grilling equipment. Moreover, don’t hesitate to talk with your designer if you have one to come up with a look that will stand out, but not to the point wherein it seems odd in contrast to its surroundings.

Even if you are confident with your abilities, it always helps to get an external perspective from someone else before the work begins.

Location Matters

Extra precautions must be taken to keep your built-in gas grill away from materials that are combustible. Fire hazards aside, there should be a decent-sized space to accommodate the equipment itself and leave enough room so that people do not bump into each other.

This rarely becomes a problem unless there is limited space or if the area normally experiences heavy foot traffic during a gathering. Otherwise, it should be good to go wherever you have it planned as long as the appropriate safety measures have been taken.

Selecting The Gas Grill And Other Equipment

If you look at regular freestanding gas grills there are variants out there that sport several features such as side shelves, storage cabinets, ice boxes, smoker boxes, and others more. Thus, when choosing a built-in version, buyers can customize the encasement to include other equipment.

Some samples we’ve seen include a sink, fridge, cabinetry, and vent hoods among others. Please note that some manufacturers may even throw in some freebies to get you started. Be on the lookout for deals that bundle add-ons for more value for your dollar. Otherwise, pick out what you want in order to get started.

Don’t forget to consider several factors such as the number of people you will be grilling for at a time, the size of the primary grilling area, the number of burners, compatible accessories, and overall quality of the construction. There are brands out there that sell add-on accessories such as carts in case you want to turn it into a mobile freestanding gas grill on occasion.

It is likewise important to remember that this type of gas grill might end up secured in place once the installation is finished. Hence, verify the warranty coverage and never compromise quality over price. If possible, try to go for top-shelf brands and models with aftermarket support and replacements readily available.

Plumbing, Electricity, And Gas

In order to use your new built-in gas grill, it will need to be hooked up to your home’s natural gas line. Even if you prefer to use a propane gas tank, these next steps will be vital for proper operation. Since the grill is unlikely the only cooking equipment owners will put in, a power outlet should be handy and set above the countertop and below as well.

Now you can plug-in appliances such as blenders, rotisserie attachments, and even the grills lighting system or ignition to name a few. For food preparation convenience, a sink with running water can improve efficiency. Water supply and drainage lines must be prepared ahead of time.

Next comes the gas that must be handled by a licensed professional for safety reasons. Nobody wants to encounter leaks or exposed wires, which can be dangerous in some circumstances. Thus, it would give owners a peace of mind to have experts handle everything instead of messing around and putting themselves at risk.

Encasement and Outdoor Kitchen Island Or Counter

Your built-in gas grill will generate a lot of heat so it will need materials that will not deform, burn, or break when exposed to high temperatures. It’s a good choice to go with a metal frame instead of treated wood. This also reduces the chances of a fire hazard when the grill is in use

Furthermore, ensure that proper measurements have been listed to fit the grill, additional equipment, and access doors. Careful planning will yield the best results so get a head start before you even visit the store or browse online.

Check with your electrician, plumber, and gas company to have the appropriate extensions ready and accessible before the installation can begin. If you are mounting the grill to a counter against a wall or on the kitchen island, leave enough space as clearance for the lid and ventilation for certain appliances.

General measurements used by most contractors and DIY enthusiasts for the structure should ideally be followed. It should stand at least 36 inches high or a few inches more in some cases.

The depth could be about 30 inches or more if you have other equipment in mind in addition to the gas grill. As for the width, this measurement is entirely up to you according to the available space in your outdoor kitchen area.

Having extra storage space such as drawers and cabinets make it more convenient to have your tools within arms reach when grilling. Let’s not forget the countertop that doubles as your food preparation zone. Since built-in gas grills do not come with side shelves, allocate an area with a size that will cater to your needs.


Safety vents locations will depend on the type of fuel you plan to use. Most built-in gas grills that are connected to the utility line generally set the safety vent panels close to the top of the encasement. For propane gas models, it should be set as low as possible.

Speaking of ventilation, a vent hood should draw smoke away from you and your guests, which is why this should be considered if the outdoor kitchen sits under a roof. Otherwise, the open area should naturally disperse the smoke coming out of the grill.

In case you plan to add a mini-fridge or a wine cooler, don’t forget to verify with the manufacturer is it is rated for outdoor usage and designed with front-facing venting. Double-check the cutout dimensions required for a proper fit as well.


Before completely mounting your built-in gas grill, verify if everything is in working order. Test the burners, control knobs, and other features thoroughly. Keep in mind that certain models will be held in place by bolts, adhesives, or the structure itself.

If something is amiss or malfunctioning, this would make it easier for consumers to have it replaced or in rare instances, serviced by the manufacturer. If possible, testing should be done shortly after you have the gas grill and access to a fuel source and outlet.

Inspect the burners, control knobs, lighting system, rotisserie motor, and other functions. This precautionary practice will save you time and money from defects that can be spotted prior to installation.

The 5 Best Built-in Gas Grills Reviews

1. Napoleon Built-in Prestige Pro 665 RB

[amazon box=”B00LP57K7A”]


  • 86,000-BTU heating power
  • Five stainless-steel tube burners
  • Rear infrared burner
  • Motorized rotisserie system
  • Smoker Tray with dedicated low-BUT burner
  • Reliable Instant Jetfire ignition system
  • Interior grill lights
  • NIGHT LIGHT control knobs with RGB spectrum range of colors
  • SafetyGlow system
  • 9.5-mm stainless-steel Wave cooking grids
  • Dual-layer sear plates
  • Great warranty coverage


  • No flash tube backup ignition system in case power is out
  • Does not include freebies like some brands in the same price range

The first model to grace this new guide is an awesome built-in model from Napoleon that practically has everything you might need when entertaining a large group. If you have been following our suggestions on top, the encasement, counter, or island should be the ideal size to accommodate almost anything.

This item measures 25.25 inches tall, 41.75 inches wide, and 25.50 inches deep. Owners have five traditional burners at their disposal, a rear infrared burner, and a low-BTU burner dedicated for the smoker tray. The Built-in Prestige Pro 665 RB is rated at 86,000 BTUs. Thus, it should be versatile enough to handle most grilling tasks properly.

You have 666 square inches of primary cooking space with an additional 334 square inches for the warming rack. That’s a total of 1,000 square inches of top-notch grilling performance that can handle up to 41 burgers in one go. Moreover, it seems more than enough even for the biggest ingredients in your menu.

Dual-level stainless-steel sear plates keep the stainless-steel tube burners protected and keeps flare-ups in check. In addition to vaporizing drippings, this section distributes heat evenly upward to the 9.5-mm wave grill grates that produce a unique marking pattern on your food.

To give your guests a good show, make use of the included motorized rotisserie assembly spit roast poultry or a rack of ribs with the help of the rear-mounted infrared burner. If you find that the vapors rising from the sear plates are not enough, just throw some wood chips of your liking to the smoker tray and infuse heavenly aromas and flavors to whatever is grilling within the lid.

Watch the food sizzle even in low-light conditions thanks to the integrated grill lights. If that’s not enough, the control panel is capable of producing a dazzling glow with the RGB spectrum NIGHT LIGHT control knobs with an integrated SafetyGlow notification function.

On top of it all is the fancy proximity lighting that shines the brand’s logo on the floor.

Napoleon’s Instant Jetfire ignition system should offer a reliable start each time you fire up your gas grill. Your outdoor kitchen or grilling area deserves a capable and high-quality cooking equipment backed by a comprehensive warranty.

2. Blaze BLZ-5LTE2NG

[amazon box=”B00EXS0WF8″]


  • 5 commercial-quality 304 cast stainless-steel burners at 14,000 BTUs each
  • Stainless steel flame tamers with heat zone separators
  • Detachable warming rack
  • Interior grill lights
  • Illuminated control knobs
  • Push-and-turn flame-thrower ignition system
  • Flash tube backup ignition
  • Heavy-gauge 9-mm triangular stainless-steel cooking grids
  • Lifetime warranty of some components


  • No motorized rotisserie attachment included
  • The infrared searing burner should have been positioned below
  • No low-BTU burner for smoker boxes

The BLZ-5LTE2NG from Blaze is probably the sleekest gas grill we’ve seen in a while and that’s definitely a good thing. Most of the other built-in models out there look like the cook box assembly was just lifted off a freestanding model as a quick workaround. Hence, it’s great to see the manufacturer put some effort into its aesthetics.

This bad boy is listed at 21.25 inches high, 39.50 inches wide, and 25.75 inches deep. For a perfect fit to your structure of choice the recommended cutout measurements are as follows: 8.50 inches tall, 38.38 inches wide, and 21.25 inches deep.

Long-lasting durability is the goal, which is Blaze is using precision-cut 304 stainless steel components with a lifetime warranty on some parts to help buyers understand that they are paying for quality. Furthermore, the double-lined grill hood circulates heat when closed and protects the lid surface from discoloration

Rated at 14,000 BTU per burner, each one is manufactured out of commercial-grade 304 cast stainless steel. Multiplied by 5 for 70,000 BTUs plus another 10,000 BTUs from the rear infrared rotisserie burner for a grand total of 80,000 BTUs. Activation is done by the flamethrower ignition system which is integrated into the knob-turn motion of its illuminated control knobs

Just in case the mechanism fails, the backup flash tube ignition with crossovers will allow you to get grilling. It comes with 9-mm triangular stainless-steel cooking rods with a total grilling space of 915 square inches, which already includes the detachable warming rack.

Remove the heavy-duty cooking grids and peer inside to see the stainless-steel flame tamers divided into sections for each heat zone separator. Excess drippings, sauces, and juices that fail to vaporize on contact with the flame stabilizing grids are collected by the full-width drip tray for easy and quick cleanup after use.

Rounding off its feature set are the interior lights, which along with the light-up control knobs should keep you grilling well off into the night. Overall, The BLZ-5LTE2NG seems like another great built-in gas grill that delivers remarkable performance and value.

3. Coyote C2SL36NG

[amazon box=”B07BBWPY8G”]


  • Convertible and modular design
  • Illuminated control knobs and interior lighting
  • 304 stainless steel components
  • Flame tamers with ceramic briquettes
  • Bundled rotisserie kit and smoker box accessories
  • Infrared burners for searing and spit roasting
  • 90,000-BTU heating capacity
  • Cast stainless steel Infinity burners


  • Three burners only
  • More costly than other models with more features
  • Warranty coverage is shorter than other gas grills in the same budget range

Coyote might not be a brand that is quickly recognized in the grilling scene, but it does specialize in equipment and accessories designed for outdoor use. We have the opportunity right now to check out one of its built-in gas grills – the C2SL36NG – to see what we might be missing all this time.

One of the first things that caught our interest is what appears to be the product’s modular capabilities, while it is primarily marketed for consumers who want to integrate a gas grill into their outdoor kitchen, the company offers an optional freestanding cart just in case we change our minds.

As long as you have not pinned the cook box assembly into an encasement, island, and other similar structures, you can enjoy its convertible nature without much hassle. Almost all of its components are crated out of 304 stainless steel, which speaks for its durability even when exposed to the elements.

Without the cart add-on accessory, the C2SL36NG stands 23 inches high, 25.50 inches deep, and 35.50 inches wide. Just like we pointed out above, the proper cutout dimensions indicated by the manufacturer for a proper fit is 10.25 inches high, 20.50 inches deep, and 32.50 inches wide.

while the measurements might seem off, please note that these numbers are for the inner area of the cook box. Some sections appear to be intended to overlap, which possibly for aesthetic purposes. Don’t hesitate to verify it with your contractor or take measurements personally if you are going the DIY route.

This gas grill packs three Coyote Infinity burners that sit below a layer of heat control grids with ceramic briquettes for protection and heat distribution. There is one Coyote RapidSear infrared searing burner on the leftmost side, while another infrared burner is mounted at the back.

You have a total of 875 square inches of grill space which already a combination of the primary cooking section and the warming rack

The product specifications list the heating capacity at 90,000 BTUs but did not specify the values for each of the individual burner types. To wrap up its features are an interior lighting system as well as illuminated control knobs. Likewise, a motorized rotisserie kit and smoker box are bundled as freebies.

4. Weber Summit S-660

[amazon box=”B004BH7T5W”]


  • Six burners for more temperature zones
  • Infrared searing burner included
  • Motorized rotisserie system with rear-mounted infrared burner
  • Low-BTU smoker burner/smoker box attachment
  • Illuminated control knobs
  • Thick stainless-steel cooking grids
  • Can be converted to a freestanding gas grill
  • Dual access doors on lower storage cabinet
  • Handle-mounted lighting system


  • No interior lighting
  • BTU rating is on the low side for each burner
  • Requires batteries with no option to plug it in
  • No lifetime warranty on some parts

When talking about gas grills, a household brand such as Weber will most likely crop up every now and then. The name has been associated with great value and outstanding performance over the years. Thus, it would be odd for us to not to include a model from the manufacturer on any of our guides.

Since we are focusing on built-in gas grills, the model we are going to look at is the Summit S-660 a striking piece of equipment decked in stainless steel. Flexibility is the name of the game thanks to the wide range of burner types included with the assembly.

Unlike most built-in gas grills, this comes with a lower compartment with a double-access door. Upon installation, it might be easy to miss at a glance, but the lower section reveals that it might be originally a freestanding model that has been retrofitted to become a stationary unit. In fact, there are four swiveling casters – two of which have a locking mechanism available.

This is a great example of why you should understand the nuances of the product you have in mind before building the structure that will house or support the grill’s frame. For this particular design, it is intended to sit between two islands or cabinets. Thus, owners should refer to the manufacturer’s listed cutout measurements for a proper fit.

It stands 50.5 inches tall, 42 inches wide, with a depth of 31 inches. With the lid fully open, it adds roughly 8 more inches to the height. Meanwhile, the main grilling area is 624 square inches plus an additional 145 square inches for the warming rack for a total of 769 square inches.

The firebox houses 6 stainless-steel burners each with its own Snap-Jet ignition system. In between the 9-mm diameter cooking grids crafted from solid stainless-steel rods and the burners are flavourizer bars made form the same heavy-duty metal.

When it comes to grilling performance, each of the main burners is rated at 10,000 BTUs each, with a 10,600-BTU infrared sear station is located dead center. For the ultimate flavor infusion, we recommend using the motorized rotisserie attachment together with the rear-mounted 10,600-BTU infrared burner and the 6,800-BTU smoker box/burner combo.

All six of the control knobs for the main burners feature lighting elements in addition to the two handle-mounted lights. All of the electronic functions are powered by batteries, which might seem out of place for a built-in gas grill. Nevertheless, the Weber Summit S-660 is a robust model that might appeal to a lot of budding grill masters out there.

5. BeefEater Signature 3000SS

[amazon box=”B01DIRWBIK”]


  • Detachable beveled stainless-steel lid.
  • Removable warming racks
  • Tempered glass window
  • Integrated griddle section
  • 90,000-BTU output
  • 10-mm stainless-steel rod cooking grids
  • 5 solid cast stainless steel burners
  • Flame tamers
  • Angled control panel surface
  • Free cookbook


  • Piezoelectric ignition system
  • No illuminated control knobs
  • No interior grill lights
  • Warranty coverage not specified by the manufacturer
  • No heat zone separators

First off, we would like to point out the Signature 3000SS is not like any of the built-in gas grills we have previously reviewed. What makes it unique is the configuration of the primary cooking area. Instead of equipping it with full-width grill grates, BeefEater is converted the left-most section into a hot plate.

Let’s get started with the dimensions, which is 21 inches tall, 38 inches wide, and 23 inches deep. As you can see, it is slightly smaller than the others we have included above. Nonetheless, the size wouldn’t matter as this stylish grilling equipment is rated up to 90,000 BTUs.

Five of the solid cast stainless-steel burners produce up to 18,000 BTUs each for impressive grilling performance. Four are protected by a vaporizer grid reflector system, which seems to be just a fancy way to labeling its flame tamers. Everything combines to produce superior heat distribution to the 10-mm stainless-steel cooking grids and warming racks.

Meanwhile, the fifth burner sits under a 0.25-inch thick stainless-steel griddle, which is a great feature to have in case you need to fry certain ingredients or sear meats to lock in the juices. We were surprised to discover that it uses a Quartz Start ignition system activated with the knob-turn motion. It would have been better to use an electronic-type instead, for more reliable startups.

Another thing we like about the Signature 3000SS is the removable beveled stainless-steel roasting hood. In addition to the integrated thermal gauge is a tempered glass window to minimize the need to open for a quick visual check.

In general, we love what this built-in gas grill brings to the table, but it is missing some small nuances that would have made it even better. Spit-roasting poultry or other meats is likewise out of the question since it does not come with a rear infrared burner and Motorized rotisserie support.

BeefEater did not specify the warranty coverage, but the durable 304 stainless steel components and proper care should make it last for a long time. To get you started on your journey to grilling greatness, the company even throws in a free cookbook.

Final Thoughts

Once again, we had a difficult time choosing which of best built-in gas grills that are featured above stands above the rest. Price won’t be a factor since most of the models cost almost the same. Thus, it all boils down to the number of functionalities, build quality, design, and grilling performance.

Since we are dealing with models that require installation, The easier it is for DIY enthusiasts to assemble should improve its ranking. After double-checking and comparing the items, we are picking the Napoleon Built-in Prestige Pro 665 RB.

To be specific, the SafetyGlow system should be a standard security function that other manufacturers should look into. The illuminated control knobs change color to indicate which burner is currently being used. Red means it is active, while blue or any other color show otherwise.

When idle, owners can swap the color of the emitted light to create a dazzling visual flair for evening entertainment. Coupled with the interior grill lights, cooking in low-light would no longer be a problem.

Then there’s the 9.5-mm stainless-steel cooking grid rods that retain more heat for a more even cooking experience. Additionally, the bespoke Wave patterns of the grill marks should remind users of the brand whenever their bellies are calling for delicious grilled food.

Meanwhile, it can spit-roast food with the help of the rear-mounted infrared burner and the removable motorized rotisserie assembly. Finally, the Low-BTU smoke tray burner will infuse your meals with flavourful aromatic smoke from the wood chips that you love.

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