The Best Board Games For Adults – Fun For Couples, Groups and Friends

Board games are just for kids. Ever heard this before? Well, we’re here to prove that it just isn’t true. There are tons of amazing board games out there that are so fun for adults to play, so there’s no excuse anymore for not having that games night with your friends you’ve been promising.

But if you are going to have a games night with your friends, what kind of board game are you looking for? You could go for a board game that requires a little intellect, a little bit of strategy and cunning. Or why not go for something totally silly that is bound to make everyone giggle. If there’s going to be drinking at this game night, how about throw in a drinking board game too.

We know everyone has a different idea of fun, so we’ve tried to come up with a varied list of board games for adults that will give you food for thought and end in a fun and memorable evening.

Review of The Best Board Games For Adults

1. Carcassonne

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  • Type: Card Building
  • Players: 2 – 5
  • Play Time: 30 – 45 Minutes
  • Age: 7+

Carcassonne is a much-loved and revered card building competitive game. It starts with building the board. Each player chooses a tile that has a part of the French landscape on it. They place it wherever appropriate (roads joined to roads etc) and then you can place meeples there.

If there’s a city on the tile you placed, for example, you could place a knight there. Place a robber on the road or a farmer on the grass. There are more points for higher-level tiles and these points are added up once all tiles are placed to figure out the winner.

It is not the most exhilarating game, however, there is a fair amount of strategy to it. A lot of people call it a “gateway game”. You don’t need to be a hardcore gamer to understand but it’s not your average Joe of the board game world. It’s a great game to bring out when you’re having a chilled night in with friends, but perhaps not the one to bring out when you’re pre-drinking for the pub!

2. Cards Against Humanity

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  • Type: Card
  • Players: 3+
  • Play Time: 30 Minutes+
  • Age: 17+

Cards Against Humanity took the world by storm when it first came out. In a world where we are trying to become more and more politically correct, Cards Against Humanity did a 180 and sprinted in the opposite direction. It’s advertised as a “party game for horrible people” and they’re not wrong!

The game is simple. You get black cards and white cards. Each player has a bunch of white cards which are the words or phrases that you will use to fill in the blanks. The black cards have a sentence with a blank space, a question or a sentence with two blank spaces and each player has to choose from their cards and come up with the funniest (or most awful) answer.

Everyone then votes on whose answer was the best/funniest/rudest/most obscene and they get to keep the black card. Whoever has the most black cards at the end wins. What’s awesome about this game is how vague the rules are meaning you can alter them to how you want them. You can also play with a bunch of people, make it last as long as you want and make it into a drinking game.

3. Articulate

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  • Type: Teams / Word
  • Players: 4 – 20+
  • Play Time: 30 – 60 Minutes
  • Age: 12+

Articulate is a classic game that is popular for family gatherings, dinner parties, BBQ’s and basically anywhere that adults get together and want to have some fun! The game is simple; so simple that you’ll think it’s easy…until you play!

It’s a team game so there needs to be at least 4 people so that you can have 2 teams but one of the joys of this game is that you can have pretty much as many teams as you want. It’s great for when there’s a bunch of people around and it’s too many for a traditional board game.

The aim of the game is to describe a word to your teammate without saying the actual word. It sounds easy but trust me, once you get that timer going (you have 30 seconds to guess as many as possible) and you have all the other teams heckling you, it won’t seem so easy. You’ll be flustered and stuttering and probably say something stupid. Articulate usually ends with a room full of happy, laughing people!

4. Codenames

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  • Type: Cooperative
  • Players: 4 – 8
  • Play Time: 15 Minutes
  • Age: 14+

Codenames absolutely took Gen Con by storm which is interesting considering it’s such a simple game. However, just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s not Gen Con worthy. You will love it and love to hate it (especially if you’re the team leader).

So, how to play. You set out a 5×5 grid of tiles and split into two teams. One person in each team needs to be the team leader. They get a little grid that’ll show them where all your agents are, where the innocent bystanders are and where the dreaded assassin is! Each tile has a word on it.

The team leader needs to get their team to choose all the correct words that correspond with the agents but they can only say one word and one number. The word must be related to some of the words on the grid (but not the assassin!) and the number is how many words relate to it.

Watch as the team leader becomes increasingly agonized watching their team completely misunderstand their clue and almost uncovering the assassin. It makes for a tense, fast-paced game that can make or break your team depending on how competitive the crowd is!

Shut Up & Sit Down goes into a lengthy review on their experience playing Codenames. You can opt for one of the themed versions too, like Harry Potter or Marvel.

5. Scrawl

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  • Type: Drawing
  • Players: 4 – 8
  • Play Time: 30 Minutes
  • Age: 17+

Scrawl is genius. It’s so simple, kind of like the lovechild of Pictionary and Chinese whispers. You start off with a seriously weird Scenario Card. I mean these are things like “OAP Conga Line”, “Shaving a Llama”, “Freezing Your Own Head” or “Really Ugly Baby”. Once you’ve chosen your scenario you now need to draw it!

This game is even funnier if you can’t draw, so no need to worry about that. Once you’ve drawn it you pass it to the next player and they have to guess your scenario. On another clipboard, they’ll write what they think your scenario is and pass it on. The next person then draws what they’ve written and it goes on until it gets back to you.

By the time it’s come all the way around, your “Unicorn Rainbow Fart” is now a leprechaun on a slide (or something a little less PG depending on your friendship group!). This game is so easy to learn, quick to play, and just hilarious. It’s also a great ice-breaker game if you’re somewhere with people who aren’t great friends (yet!).

6. Tipsy Chicken

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  • Type: Drinking
  • Players: 3 – 9
  • Play Time: 30 – 90 Minutes
  • Age: 18+

If you’re looking for a board game for adults then you’re bound to come across some games that involve drinking. Sometimes a couple of drinks and a good board game can take a night from bland and boring to one you’ll talk about for months! If you and your friends are in the mood for 2 or 3 or 4 or 5…or 10 drinks, then Tipsy Chicken is the perfect game for you!

Basically, all you have to do to play is draw a dare card. If you want to, you complete the dare and keep the card as well as drawing a GOAT card. If you don’t want to do it, you have to draw a Chicken card and take the punishment!

You keep going around like this until someone reaches 13 points or someone falls off their chair, whichever comes first!


Board games are amazing for kids, but they’re also amazing for us adults too. They’re entertaining, social and sometimes really strategic and intellectual. Sometimes they’re not intellectual at all and are all about having fun with your friends and having a laugh and that’s okay too.

Whichever kind of board game you’re looking for, hopefully, we’ve given you some food for thought with these awesome and varied options.