The Best Bluetooth Boombox – Our Top 5 Recommended

The convenience of Bluetooth is a must for any speaker system. Leaving your phone attached is just not an option for most people, and why should they when so many have NFC or Bluetooth as standard?  Finding the best Bluetooth boombox available is a must and there are lots available.

Bluetooth technology can range from 5 feet to over 100 feet giving you the freedom to keep going and hear your music no matter how far away from the stereo you move. It’s not just the connectivity that’s important, in the best Bluetooth boombox you want good sound too and a good speaker produces rich sound and good bass without having to compromise.

Reviews of The 5 Best Bluetooth BoomBox

1. Ion Audio Tailgater (iPA77)

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  • This is actually the number one bestseller on Amazon for Bluetooth PA systems and is a very powerful speaker. It has an incredible battery life of 50 hours and also has AM/FM, a USB charger, microphone, and aux inputs.
  • This is ideal if you want a really loud sound and long life because it does not quit, and you’ll also be able to easily charge a smartphone or tablet without damaging the playback time too much because you could leave it on all weekend and it still be pumping out tunes.


  • This is a hefty beast and there’s no wheels or easy way to carry it. The Bluetooth is also a little unreliable and it will drop the connection if you move around too much. This is not a professional PA system but it is loud as a boombox as long as you’re not expecting PA level sound.

2. G-Project G-Boom

[amazon box=”B00CKYVYI6″]


  • This rather cute looking box has great bass and sound and it’s tiny which makes it ultra-portable. The speaker connects quickly and maintains a strong connection and there’s also an aux jack if needed.
  • The unit has a rubberized outside to protect from scrapes and drops and also has a built-in handle. The battery lasts about 6 hours which isn’t bad but still gets put to shame by the ION. There’s an impressive 18W of output but it starts to distort like the turtle-Shell when it gets too loud.


  • This is yet another speaker only option and while it is rugged it doesn’t have a remote so you can only change controls onboard or on your phone.

3. Zealot S6 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

[amazon box=”B01JUL8K88″]


  • The Zealot may challenge the difference between a simple Bluetooth speaker and a boombox, it has a good amount of bass and solid sound which means it’s ideal for playing music from your phone. It’s waterproof, dustproof, and has two drivers and a sub.
  • There’s an aux, Bluetooth, and MicroSD input which is great for playing your own music. There are up to 24 hours of playback and it’s splashproof. The Bluetooth is pretty steady and the sound is clear even at loud volume.


  • There’s no FM radio which might be a downside for some and while this might work for sitting on the side at the pool or on a rainy day it’s probably not suitable for a boat or somewhere that this could be a risk. It’s certainly not a bad option but like the Turtle-Shell it’s also just a speaker, just with a few extra inputs.

4. Outdoor Tech OT4200 Big Turtle Shell

[amazon box=”B00Z6S67BM”]


  • It has the latest version of Bluetooth (4.0) and produces 110db of sound. The Turtle-Shell works for 16 hours of continuous playback and can also act as a power bank to charge your phone or other small devices at the same time.
  • There’s also a microphone so you can use it as a speakerphone with voice controls and button controls built-in. The best of all is that it’s shower and splashproof.


  • When it gets close to the max volume the sound starts to become seriously distorted so it’s debatable if you consider the sound to really be over 100Db or not.
  • The battery life is also about a year and you can’t replace it so you have to replace the entire unit.
  • This is also really just a speaker as there’s no radio function or option for playing through anything other than aux or Bluetooth.

5. Sykik SP2091BT Bluetooth Boom Box

[amazon box=”B01AGVBOZC”]


  • This is fun looking and has a full color-changing light show optional which accompanies your music. There’s an LED display and multiple inputs like SD/USB input as well as the Bluetooth option and an aux jack.
  • There’s also a remote so you don’t even have to get up to change inputs since you can’t adjust from your phone. It uses AA batteries which is convenient for a portable system but doesn’t quite give it the longevity of the ION.


  • At only 13” long and 6” high this thing is actually tiny. It looks like a toy and the light show doesn’t help to dispel that. There’s no deep bass, no boosting, and the sound quality overall is average rather than rich. It does what it’s supposed to do and for the average music listener, it should work fine. The Bluetooth range is probably only about 20 feet too.

Final Thoughts:

For sheer power, the ION is a good choice but it’s still pretty basic. If you’re looking for just a speaker the Turtle-Shell or the G-Boom are both good options and about even in their performance. The Sykik offers the most fun options including lights and decent sound.

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